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Turn Your Fear Into Confidence With These Proven Ways

Turn Your Fear Into Confidence With These Proven Ways

By: Sneha Chaudhary

“Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.” – Bertrand Russell

In our life, we all had moments when fear stopped us from doing something. Fear can keep us from achieving great heights of success by distorting reality or being grounded in deceptions. Stepping up and taking action allows us to step beyond those worries. However, taking action itself, though, will inspire anxiety by moving us beyond our comfort zone. But that’s okay! Fear is the beginning of wisdom, and being challenged means we’re growing.

“To start something new, you have to leave something behind. There is a fear of the unknown. The first step is to overcome your fear.” – Rabbi Levi Brackman

Fear of defeat is the big fear that stands as the most significant barrier to progress. The issue is not a disappointment, which will make us stronger and more motivated, but the uncertainty that paralyses us from the action itself. We apply anxiety to things for which we need not have any strong feelings.

Stuff such as doing something different and not making it come out just as we expect, or getting reviews or critique, or speaking in front of crowds, or heights. None of the stuff is positive or bad either. It’s our mentality that creates anxiety and what we think about these things, and uncertainty is what keeps us from going on.

Stop the Self-Doubt

Holding a negative belief in mind that creates self-doubt and keeps you away from thinking bigger. Perhaps your closed one will judge you harshly, and you believed them. Sometimes chattering mind can make us think that we may not be qualified for a job when we are quite capable of tackling it – a mindset that keeps us playing small. Although, many women hold back on making a move until they feel like they already have most of the skills they require, whereas male counterparts often plough ahead without a complete skill-set in place.

The Takeaway

When effort is poor, we’re not worrying about the opportunities, we’re thinking about the responsibility. Don’t set your dreams like something you have to do or you’re forced to do. Set dream as a goal. If you want to achieve something that you’ve never had before, if you want to be what you’ve never before if you won’t do something that you’ve never done before, so change your mentality. And notice that your effort goes up when you look at it like, it’s up to you how to achieve it.

Be excited about the fact that you have an opportunity. Be excited that you have an opportunity to change your life. To life, you want to create.

Take Smart Risks

To take a smart gamble, you owe it to yourself. Bust the misconception that “I don’t have the skills available to take the work” and understand the truth: “I should improve or delegate what I don’t know.” Make a list of the skills you already have, the skills you need to improve, and the duties that can be assigned while applying for a role of more responsibilities.

The Cure for Fear

Initially, we all feel fear, but some people know how to overcome it. Therefore fear is not the problem that is itself; our reaction changed when we faced with it. Fear is motivational for some people. It causes a state of complete paralysis for others. From a place of strength, people who transcend fear perceive it. Instead of words like “nervous,” they use words like “excited” to explain the feeling. This influence keeps us in control of our thoughts, feelings and decisions.

Comparison kills Confidence

Comparison is the thief of joy. It’s the cheerleader of terror, then. When we compare ourselves to others, it weakens our faith and eliminates the emphasis on the specific qualities we have that enable us to thrive in life. When we avoid concentrating on our strengths, we tend to be led by our weaknesses. When we dwell on our shortcomings, we tend to feel that we don’t have what it takes to succeed. We’re beginning to fear failure, which prevents us from going forward. Remember, it’s all cyclical.

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