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Public relations is one of the most crucial and flexible forms of mass communication. In order to inform and communicate with the public, potential clients, investors, partners, employees, and stakeholders—and ultimately persuade them to maintain a positive view of the organisation, its leadership, products, and political decisions.

A pioneer in the digital PR sector, UCHIT Media Services is acknowledged as one of Maharashtra’s most results-driven public relations firms, reinventing the digital communication segment and making waves in the domain. UCHIT Media started its remarkable journey in 2012 to offer all kinds of media as well as advertisementrelated services to its clients. It is known for its magnificent determination to resolve the drawbacks of the media and PR industries and provide media publicity to deserving people with good work.

Driven by its inspiring vision of becoming the most reliable and specialized communication agency in India for emerging and rural markets alike, UCHIT Media has been serving its marquee clientele which includes prominent organizations like Aditya Birla Educational Trust, Sudarshan Chemical Industries, Suryadatta Group of Institutes, Army Institute of Technology, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, The Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of India, MIT Group of Institutes, Maharashtra Tax Practitioners Association, Mukul Madhav Foundation, Gravitus Foundation, Indian National Youth Congress, Republican Party of India, Bharatiya Janata Party, Student Welfare Association, Trinity International School, Kothrud Sanskritik Mahotsav, Ramelex Group, Finolex Industries, Raisoni Group of Institute, Pune Vidyarthi Gruha, etc.


Jivraj M. Chole, the company’s co-founder and executive director, is responsible for his venture’s current resounding success. Before founding UCHIT Media, he had more than eight years of exceptional experience in journalism, working for reputable companies including Daily Sakal, Daily Kesari, and MIT Group of Institutes, Pune.

Jivraj had encountered many people and organizations during his time as a journalist who, despite doing a lot of good work in the social, educational, and other fields, were unable to reach the general public due to a lack of media and PR expertise as well as their inability to afford high advertising costs. Then there were those who depended entirely on good PR, even though their real work profile used to say otherwise.

Jivraj M. Chole with the co-founder Reshma Jivraj Chole established UCHIT Media with the objective of addressing these issues in the media and public relations sectors and giving deserving people media attention for their hard work. “Uchit” is a term that means “appropriate” or “correct” in Hindi and Marathi.


UCHIT Media began with just 10–12 clients and has dramatically increased to more than 1000 clients in just 8 years through their persistent efforts and their clients’ great word of mouth. The company, which began with just one employee, now has 5–6 employees, as well as some freelancers in several parts of Maharashtra. Strategically located in Pune, the firm is actively operation in some of Maharashtra’s other districts as well.

There was an era when people preferred word-of-mouth marketing when they used their everyday conversations to promote the sale and use of a product or organization.

Today, because of ever-evolving advanced technology, even the PR industry’s overall story approach has transformed. Every company is now striving to promote or publicize their goods. It all began with media management and consulting in the major cities. Nowadays, the traditional PR approach is more reliant on social media and digital media. In order to defend, improve, or grow reputation through the media, social media, or self-produced communications, PR constructs narratives.

UCHIT Media effectively addresses all media and advertising-related needs while raising the bar in the PR business with its comprehensive, all-encompassing strategy. The cutting-edge public relations agency has made inroads into a variety of industries, including industrial, political, cultural, entertainment, educational, and health, and is proud to be affiliated with many illustrious organizations, businesses, and people. The company has consistently developed in order to steer and maintain control of the rapidly expanding media and communications sector.


Some of UCHIT Media’s distinctive traits include giving the best media counsel, suitable planning, and effective handling of press conferences. The company has strong relationships with a number of media outlets, including Hindi, English, and Marathi newspapers, TV, radio, YouTube channels, and others. It also specializes in inviting celebrities and members of the media to special programs and press conferences so that the clients get the results they want.

The company adopts a content-oriented strategy and looks out for the public perception or reputation of its clients by ensuring favorable media coverage across all platforms. With the help of its knowledgeable and experienced staff, “UCHIT Media” has proudly served the requirements of numerous organizations, including Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, Lions Club, and others, and has managed numerous significant events, including the “Maharashtra Kesari,” wrestling competition, Satara Half Marathon, Silver Jubilee of Pune Navratri Festival, Bandhuta Sahitya Sammelan, Pune-Pandharpur Wari, and others.


UCHIT Media has been experiencing a tremendous rise in revenue, expansion, and popularity since its inception. By improving their solution offering, bolstering their brand presence, growing revenue, and extending key relationships, they will continue to innovate digital transformation and propel growth. Further, Mr Chole is specifically planning to expand the company outside of Maharashtra and into all districts.


“Considered one of the most result-oriented public relations companies in Maharashtra, the firm’s goal is to provide services to every noble cause”, stated Jivraj M. Chole.

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