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Yashmit Human Resource Management Services Pvt. Ltd

Yashmit Human Resource Management Services Pvt. Ltd

Unmatched Human Resource Solutions

Written by: Kriti Anand

The business world is teeming with talent and potential. Companies seek executives capable of developing new talent so that they can translate their skills into value. There is a growing need to identify suitable staff and executives, which is where Yashmit comes in. Known for its turnkey recruitment projects, Yashmit HRMS is expanding its presence across different industries and work sectors.

Through extensive and focused research, the organization assists corporations in hiring suitable executives, provides outcome-oriented solutions and delivers a myriad of other Human Resource services. Yashmit commenced operations in 2013 with the primary capabilities of Industrial Drawing Solutions and Industrial Occupational Health and Safety Training services.

Mr. Mahesh M R, the company’s Managing Director, is in charge of its overall management. He has dedicated his efforts into leading and growing Yashmit and helped it reach where it is today, working with a team of committed and skilled core members of the firm. He has overseen the company’s progress ever since its inception. His emphasis on loyalty and commitment and an approach to managing the company as a close-knit family has ensured its unprecedented growth.

Yashmit HRMS is a company that is fully equipped to assist enterprises ranging from start-ups to established corporations ready to take the next step in attaining the pinnacle of success. Here’s a look at the prestigious company and its history throughout the years.

Company At A Glance

Yashmit embarked on its journey with the primary objective of providing comprehensive HR services across diverse industries. Initially headquartered in Hoskote for a span of two years, the company focused on delivering services such as Factory License, Drawings, Factories Registration, Liaisoning, and Registration under ESI, PF & Payroll. Subsequently, Yashmit relocated to Lakkasandra, a more accessible city location, where they expanded their offerings to include Recruitment and Training services along with the existing portfolio.

After three successful years, the company moved once again to Wilson Garden, where they established a spacious office and extended their services to include Onsite Emergency Plan, Safety Audit, PCB-CFE, CFO & HWM. This period also witnessed the inauguration of Isha Management Services, specializing in Contract Staffing. Four years later, Yashmit shifted its base to Jayanagar, a central location in the city.

During this time, they expanded their reach by establishing IMS Transport and opening branches in Maraimalainagar, Chennai, and Isha Management Services in Mysore-Nanjangudu. Moreover, Yashmit ventured into new service areas such as the Supply & Installation of Fire Hydrant systems, ETP & STP, and established a branch in Hyderabad dedicated to Recruiting & Staffing. Presently, Yashmit continues to operate from Jayanagar, constantly striving to meet the evolving needs of its clients and providing exceptional HR solutions.

Yashmit is one of the leading Consultancy Firm for Turn-Key Hiring Assignments (Recruitment) in IT, Non-IT, manufacturing and other sectors, Factory Compliance, KSPCB liaison, Industrial Safety Audit, Industrial Safety Training, Payroll, Labour Laws Recruitment, Training and development, Employees’ Provident Fund, and Employee State Insurance. Yashmit strives to satisfy the prompt multiple services of statutes that employers are required to follow, in a hassle-free manner.

The company works with a wide range of clients from various industries and economic sectors. It excels at providing services to a vast number of private, public, and undertaking establishments and industries to the extent that meets or exceeds their maximum expectation and level of satisfaction.

They have provided exceptional services to over 1500 organizations in a number of industries, including but not limited to manufacturing, automotive, food and beverage, fast-moving consumer products, textiles, and chemicals, among others.

Owing to their network and collaboration skills, they are able to maintain strong relationships with their clients, interact with them on a regular basis, and deliver successful services to them. They provide consumers with high-quality, value-added professional services.

Work Culture And Core Values

Yashmit HRMS believes in the importance of collaboration, both internally and with clients. They value solid, long-term relationships built on mutual trust within the team as well. The one-of-a-kind leadership style of Yashmit is what sets them apart from the rest and motivates them to reinvent the human resource landscape.

At Yashmit, they employ the following strategies to align the employees with the vision of the company:



Time Management

Work Execution

Lateral Delegation

Apart from the commitment to offer best-in-class human resource management services, Yashmit fosters a healthy working environment for its employees and embraces cultural principles that provide consistency and direction, supporting and guiding them to make decisions and actions, fueling the workforce and helping them reach their full potential.

Their strategies to keep the employees content and motivated include:

  • Decision-making for an organization for better growth
  • Immediate plan of action for projects
  • Freedom towards work and helping employees grow along with company growth
  • Challenging work as a driving force
  • Transparency
  • Humility

During the course of the past decade, the company has catered to the HR needs of more than 1500 clients across Karnataka.

With a vision to become the region’s most trusted leader in Industrial Safety Audit, HR consulting, and every other domain that falls under its key competencies, Yashmit is soaring towards its success with dedication and commitment.

It has considerable experience dealing with a variety of clients that has enhanced the firm’s capacity to ensure quality deliverables in every human resource-related arena. Through the utilization of a wide range of innovative strategies, Yashmit seeks to cultivate human relationships, encourage people to realize their full potential, and enable corporations to embrace the most talented individuals.

In stride with the company’s ideals, the team understands the “human” in human resources. When it comes to providing value to the customers, they believe that the focus should be on being as consistent as possible and providing the exact solutions they need, rather than deviating from what was asked for. As trusted experts and advisors, they provide their clients with the support they need while making important decisions.


The firm understands human resource management as a systematic strategy to improve employee performance and satisfaction by paying close attention to hiring, training, deploying, and overseeing people. The word “human resources management” for them refers to a strategy approach to properly staffing, onboarding, deploying, and supervising an organization’s workforce. The purpose is not just to hire people at different positions and call it a day, it is to improve both staff performance and employee experience. It is to help create a culture where employees find their best fit and perform their very best.

Yashmit has undertaken Turn-Key Hiring Assignments in multiple sectors, and with every client, they have succeeded in helping the businesses stand and flourish throughout the years

The Managing Director, Mr. Mahesh recommends emerging entrepreneurs to have a goal-oriented approach, be passionate towards their work, adapt to the changes in the market, and plan and work accordingly.

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