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5 Things You Should Never Search on Google

Written By: Yashika Sabharwal

5 Things You Should Never Search on Google

Things to not search on Google to stay safe online

In most of the cases, ‘Google search’ can be the greatest helping tool in finding something you need. However, sometimes it can also work against you. It is also not a big deal that in the arena of the internet our privacy is greatly questioned with any kind of social movement.

For example, if a person is trying to Google search their own name, most probably they will get stumble upon some unpleasant results like plenty of same names but weird search. Sometimes there are bad photos of you, outdated information related to you, and some other irregular search.

We at Business connect magazine made a list of things you should refrain from Googling.

1. Do not search for your bank’s online banking websites on Google Search

In the time of fraud and fake misleading, try to avoid online banking directly by Google. It is highly advisable not to do a Google search for finding your bank’s online banking website, until and unless you know the exact official URL of your bank i.e. real web portal. Make sure you always enter the official website or URL of your bank’s online banking portal to access the right website to stay safe in your financial search.

This is advisable because chances of hacking and phishing have increased drastically by which if you ever enter your bank’s login ID and password on a not real website that may just be misused and clean your funds. So, before taking any step to financial outlook of services look twice and even thrice for real official links before filling the details.

2. Do not search for customer care numbers of companies on Google Search

The social media is full of active frauds and bad IT professionals, so these fraudsters post fake business listings and customer care numbers as they are maintaining fake call centers over the real one. It is always advised to look after the product you are using as only on it, the real and final customer support number is mentioned.

It is advisable because, on some websites at Google search, they make gullible people believe that these are original customer care numbers for their product and get easily scammed by them. Customer service number in the Google search is one of the most common scams on Google in today’s corrupted scenario.

3. Do not search apps and software on Google search to download them

They bloom in the IT sector gives wings to Application Development and a lot of software making technologies. By this a lot of local and fake apps makers born. For avoiding the fake

For mobile apps in android phones, always search for apps on official application stores or Apple store if you are an iPhone user. Like Google Play for Android is best for real apps similarly App Store for iPhones is considered the original source of downloading. Searching apps on Google might lead to fake app makers who made the apps in name of famous apps. Some of the pirated apps are installations with malware content and can corrupt your personal data.

4. Do not search for medicines or medical symptoms on Google Search

Do not make Google your doctor. It is always advisable not to skip the doctor and search on Google with your health problems. A person should never rely on Google search information on Health; to know about a disease while you are sick don’t make Google your doctor. Also, it is very dangerous and unprofessional as it searches the immature means of medicine. To gain medicines based queries or the information skip Google and see your real doctor.

5. Do not search for personal advice and guidance on finances and stock market

Always avoid searching for advice and guidance on personal finances and websites for advisory on the stock market. It is advised to ignore the websites for financial news and stock related advice guide. Some of the news is not updated and contains a lack of trust in financial matters. You will always come across numerous web pages and fancy guides to improve your financial credibility but these are so unreal and not maintained by professionals. Some of them are just meant to gain views from Google Search and their own means of profit.

These financial guides related to Stock market are not meant to give you real glance on what’s going on in the real stock market. So always go for reputable government stock finance news because they are the only real information provider for the financial market.

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