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YUJ Designs is one of the few successful User Experience Design Consultants from India that primarily focus on user experience design and its impact on people. YUJ Designs was founded in 2009 by Mr. Samir Chabukswar & Mr. Prasadd Bartakke, with the aim to solve business problems through a human-centered approach. The absence of UX awareness & maturity of design in the Indian context motivated them to enter this market as a pure-play design company.

Humanizing technology through their progressive, user-centered design solutions, YUJ has created a reputation in India and abroad. They are known to deliver solutions that make business sense and ROI for customers, users, and product developers. This trait has made them one of the strongest contenders to be the best UX Design Company in the market.

Punching above its weight

The overall experience of a person’s interaction with an application or a product – User Experience- is critical to the success of any product. In this digital day and age, the key to success is to attract, engage, and delight customers using your company’s products. YUJ understands this and uses a blend of cognitive psychology, design thinking, innovation, and engineering to create delightful experiences. They aim to provide easy-to-access technology and make the user’s life more convenient by providing them a connected physical and digital experience.

Mr. Samir Chabukswar says UX design is the differentiator of today and tomorrow. It is a science that can make impact on millions.

Headquartered in Pune, YUJ Designs has clients across the United States, Europe, India, and APAC regions. Their clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, software product companies, and other UX mature companies. 70% of their clients are B2B, Business Enterprises like supply chain, BFSI, and technology, and the rest 30% are B2C, e-commerce, IoT connected technology, and start-ups. The domains they work in are varied (60+), and since UX design is domain agnostic, and they want to keep it that way.

The company has received attention and recognition from the western world for their research-based design approach, which is quite unusual for an India-based company. The company has offices in Sunnyvale, CA, USA and Pune, Bengaluru in India. YUJ employees also work at client locations across all major metro cities in India.
They have so far worked on 2000+ projects, of which almost all have met an astounding business success.  Most of the products they have designed have garnered a return on investment between 2x-5x.

Their company provides on-the-job training to its employees, using Mr. Prasadd and Mr. Samir’s prior experience with US-based companies. They rely heavily on market and individual research to frame problems presented to them accurately and accordingly present the required solutions to their clients. They have brought the scientific and consultative approach to India that is prevalent in the western marketplace.

Growth Mindset

More than mere designers, YUJ Designs believes in working as consultants, who dig deeper into customer’s problems and provide them with long-term solutions. Mr. Prasadd metaphorically explains it as curing the disease at its root, instead of just treating surface-level symptoms. They provide clarity of business model to the customer, who is more often delighted with the consultative approach rather than a superficial service approach.

They take pride in the designs they produce which are informed through data sources. They are hailed as one of the Top 5 UX design companies in India, have been recognized by Silicon India, have featured in the list of Top 15 Global Companies on the Clutch website, and have been marked “The Company of The Year” by CIO magazine. They have built a reputation not just for themselves but for India in UX Design Industry worldwide.

A good leader is the one who creates a team of confident high performers who can be the torch-bearer of the brand promise. YUJ Designs exemplifies this example. The company provides an environment where the employees are given the freedom to express themselves, take up initiatives, learn and grow.

An organization with a horizontal hierarchy where the employees are intermittently recognized for their achievements and given ample opportunities to develop their core skills further. Instead of being a leader-driven company, YUJ Designs is driven by the values and high-standard work produced by the employees of the company.

Charting new Pathways: 10x impact

Despite facing several challenges on the way, like the market in India not being ready at the time of their inception, with customers not being UX mature, UX design being treated as an afterthought, etc.

YUJ Designs paved its way to success. Although, Mr. Samir hopes to bring back the culture of design that existed in the Indian history, and products to be tailored according to the Indian psyche, with the design being the foremost element in it. Design is all about thinking, and is the backbone of decision making, according to Mr. Prasadd. YUJ Designs helps in solving problems, including real-life problems, as its basis is thinking, planning and research.

The aim of YUJ Designs in the future is to create a 10X impact through design at one-tenth of the cost. The founders hope to take the company to the next level, not just by increasing its revenue and size, but more through the impact of design. Ultimately, YUJ Designs hopes to bring human-centeredness to technological developments. And provide connected physical and digital experiences. It is their ability to create exponential value that separates them from the others in the market.

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