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It is no doubt that a pleasing appearance plays a prominent role for a person. In any appointment, meeting or even social affair, physical appearance and likeability builds better connection and communication. An elegant look, attractive physical features underpins confidence and a strong personality in a person. Ultimately, it helps in building a harmony between the outer self and inner qualities. And these things mean a lot for today’s generation, especially women. But, looking beautiful often comes at a price.

Only using skin care products in daily routine isn’t enough. Sometimes, a woman needs advanced beauty treatment to get the look she wants. Technologies have reshaped the beauty treatment realm over the last few years. Advanced skin care, hair treatment, laser therapy, etc. have become very popular. Even in India, these services are highly acclaimed, particularly among the elite. Absolute Clinic is a modern and sophisticated treatment facility for such cutting edge services.

Recently, our magazine had an opportunity for an interview with one of its co-founders Neha G. Rokde. In the ongoing discussion, the young director talked about how Absolute Clinic came into existence, what makes it preferred and much more. The below story is an ideal excerpt of the conversation.

Absolute Clinic, as the name suggests, focuses on a person’s overall appearance. While it does serve an elite clientele, the Clinic ensures its services are value for money. It addresses the most pressing cosmetic concerns and assures a complete rejuvenation of the person. Its specialities encompass Weight management, Body Shaping & Figure Correction, Instant Body Sculpting, Pain Management, Body Polish, Skin Resurfacer peels, BB Glow Treatment, Permanent make-up, Anti-Ageing, Botox, Fillers, Full body Laser, Laser Hair Reduction, Hair Transplant, PRP, Derma Roller-Scalp, Meso Therapy and other comparable procedures.

The procedures and treatments are done by a team of experts, including skin specialists, Nutritionist and dermatologists. The Clinic believes in ‘Success is within yourself’. It seeks to instil confidence and happiness in people through its best-in class therapies, thereby keeping the motto.

Dr. Bharati Patil started the clinic in Bhosari, Pune, as a small venture to give skincare and hair care treatments. Such highquality therapies were uncommon in that region at the time, and she aspired for practical use of her talent and passion. Seven years later, in 2021, Dr Bharati met Neha, a slimming expert with past experience in clinical therapeutics and the wellness industry at an international level.

Their diverse experiences made them aware of the region’s enormous potential. While the location was a suburb, it had numerous High Networth clients, who would prefer this kind of solution. Furthermore, the area lacked innovative clinical technology and a proper business model for these therapies. Cognizant of these, the duo transformed Absolute Clinic into a fully-fledged facility of advanced cosmetic treatments.

Absolute Clinic is the first of its kind in the region; its solutions are weaved throughout the Cosmetic grooming range. The fact that Bhosari houses several eminent personalities, Absolute Clinic envisions delivering aesthetic slimming treatments at an affordable rate. Doing so, it is progressing on its mission that says “Absolute is adding care to your Beauty and Health”.

From ideation to re-imagination, Absolute Clinic had quite a transformational journey. Dr Patil’s passion and vigour are etched into the heart of Absolute. She has raised it as if it were her own child, allowing both of them to mature simultaneously. She is now a director, founder and a doctor. She visits the facility mostly to treat patients and provide consultations.

Absolute has seen significant talent and technological advancements under her and Neha’s leadership. The clinic now has a well-structured business model, including clinical experts in distinct specialities, state-of-the-art infrastructure and diverse critical treatment lines. At the clinic, they are all further trained and prepared for treatments. It also has defined management panel managing prominent roles, such as Centre Sales Head, slimming head, Beauty head, etc. In simple words, it has an execute-ready business framework.

Moreover, Dr Patil and Neha has a big heart for customer satisfaction and does a continual follow up for patient’s results. This particular quality differentiates them from others in the same arena.

“Until she’s satisfied with the results and learns that all concerns have been met, the Clinic doesn’t leave the patient,” affirms Neha.

Unlike other clinics that offer packages rather than personalised treatments, she personally follows up with customers for two months to ensure they are properly treated and happy. This end-to-end follow up system plays a prominent role when treating elite clients, including Celebrities.

However, the dynamic duo is not the only bearer of the burden. The clinic is supported by five pillars – Dr. Bharti Patil (Director & Founder), Dt. Neha G. Rokde (Director), Dr. Dhananjay Patil (Director), Mr. Gaurav Rokde (Director) and Shekhar Chavan (Business and Admin Head). Dr. Dhananjay is in charge of all R&D. Mr. Gaurav is in charge of marketing as well as hair transplants, while Mr. Chavan is in charge of accounts and finances.

R&D is the catalyst behind the majority of Absolute Clinic’s internal developments. It not only aids in the acquisition of new technology and resources, but also in planning the clinic’s future in line with the market trends. It has a modernised infrastructure, including imported technologies and will continue to do so as new trends and practices arrive.

Instead of following old patterns, R&D assists in staying on the path of the future. Absolute Clinic also aligns itself with modern marketing methods. It is associated with a marketing firm responsible for spreading its word throughout the Digital space (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) and across the region.

“Absolute’s environment is completely healthy for patients and staff,” claims Neha. When asked how the clinic maintains its ambience, the Slimming Expert recalls Dr Bharati once more. She acknowledges that the clinic is an example of what the Good Doctor is. She manages patients and looks after staff as well. But, as she works primarily with patients, the culture and staff are overseen by Neha. While their roles are intertwined, everyone works together to create a productive culture. Neha believes that having well-trained employees makes it easier to populate them in a healthy environment.

Additionally, it prioritizes nurturing and upholding this culture. All the employees hired are thoroughly checked for their personality, training and experience. Most importantly, they are checked for underlying traits, like body language, posture, interaction, politeness, etc. Because the service they provide is quite an investment, it assures that no stone is left unturned.

Only a few months in the business, Absolute Clinic has made considerable developments already. It has spelt out many treatment lines – all of which are accustomed to surfacing anyone’s hidden beauty. And every treatment line has seen a good number of satisfied clients. “We are appreciated for our Alopecia treatments, Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, Skin Care and even Laser Hair Removal, which marks our strive for excellence,” shares Neha. Moreover, where many brands offer packages and finish off with a short validity, Absolute Clinic stands for wholesome patient care and satisfaction.

Sitting on these developments, the re-imagined Clinic has also planned for expansion. In the near future, it aims to flourish into metros to establish new branches and franchises too.

“Be honest and open with your customers. Promise them less, but give them more. Also, continue to learn new things. Finally, ensure a professional level of emotional attachment with customers in order to maintain relationships.”

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