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Written By- Indranil Roy

21st Century is a period of automation, advancements and innovative thinking. Using technology and ingenuity, Companies are ideating new concepts that address global impediments. But the surging global warming is an impediment yet to be mitigated. Studies reveal that emissions from factories account for more than 50% of the greenhouse gases. And an alternative to emissions is yet to be born. But what can’t be stopped – can be controlled.

Technology integrators have developed Gas Analysis equipment that ensures efficient combustion reducing emissions of pollutants. Then there are safety issues for large Industries handling explosive flameable gases. And finally the product quality and process optimization also need accurate and continuous measurement of the gases.

Adage Automation Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer of Gas Analytical solutions with – a robust presence in the global market. Headquartered in Goa, the Company homes over 200 engineers and has strong roots in 11 locations across India. Adage follows the Govt.’s Make in India philosophy and aims to mitigate the dependency in overseas imports for high-end Gas Analytics solutions & Technology. Its fervid team and robust grip on technology make it a go-to provider for high-quality analyzer solutions.

Founded in 2001, Adage is an ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified Company favoured for its strong pedigree in developing customized Gas Analyzers across industries. Throughout its stint, it has amalgamated R&D and technology with intelligence to contrive trendsetting developments. Adage is the first to introduce Tuneable Diode Laser Gas Analyzer Technology to Indian Cement, Power, Steel and Fertilizer industries.

They also designed one of the strongest and advanced Cement Kiln Inlet Gas Measurement Systems in the world. Its robust potential in research and technology, helps it develop a range of products from small system components to large ex-proof analyzer shelters with HVAC. Adage is one of the rare all-in-ones fulfilling the analytical requirements across diverse segments.

Adage’s heritage is headed, by Abhijit Chatterjee (MD & CEO), a leader with strong credentials in industrial aspects. As the mastermind, he derives his expertise from a long-standing experience and industrial edification. Under his aegis, Adage consistently strives to be a preferred brand for all its stakeholders. Walking the extra mile, it has formed an aesthetic ecosystem that engages employees to work on a common goal – creating customer delight.

With R&D and innovation in its heart followed by collaborative excellence, Adage has established a PAN India presence. It has offices in eminent cities namely Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Jamshedpur, Vadodara, Surat and Vizag. Furthermore, Adage has grown roots in developed countries like the USA & UAE with wholly-owned subsidiary companies.

Whether its technological integration, research or keeping the employees engaged, Adage is guided by ‘Transparency’ and ‘Trust’. Every deliverable is assured to provide optimal satisfaction that fosters trust. Contrarily, modesty among the leaders and employees ensures transparent communication which propels individual as well as organisational development. As Abhijit says,

“We are in the business of niche technology and our collaboration with a deep investment in R&D keeps us separated from the crowd”.

The deep inclusion in R&D has helped in developing field-proven solutions With GC, NDIR, Paramagnetic, FID, TCD, UV, CLD & Laser-based Continuous Gas Analyzers & Systems for diverse industrial applications Refineries & Petrochemicals, Cement Plant Solutions, Steel Plant Solutions, Power Plant Solutions, Chemical Plant Solutions, Fertilizer Plant Solutions, and Typical Gas Conditioning System. The Company is partnered with some of the world leaders in Gas Analytical Solutions; the alliances foster new development in products & solutions. The partnerships also strengthen their industrial footprint. Adage stands pride for having clearly the largest service networks in India and one of the largest in the entire world.

Adage invests a substantial amount of resources towards technological implementations. Despite being in a niche business, Adage has global competitors that drive it to introduce new innovations. Besides the competition, technology also helps in upholding an adept quality. It has a state-of-the-factory and an attached repair centre that ensures products not only reflects customer’s needs but further exceeds them.

RRC LAB: The Repair and Calibration Centre of Adage is a technological milestone. It is here – the excellence and quality in operations, are insured. From Calibration, testing, repair to simulation trial, the Lab is fully equipped to perform everything. Adage comprehends the criticality of downtime, therefore, even if it’s a newly repaired part, it ensures it comes from a genuine OEM and backed with Adage’s standard spare parts warranty. The RRC Lab is a one-stop-hub for the entire Sub-Continent also the driving force behind Adage’s stellar stature. This is one of its kind in India.

Since its inception, Adage has anchored its business on three core pillars: Innovation, R&D and Team Spirit . As mentioned before, Adage has a collosal team spread across diverse geographies. Nevertheless, there is an eventful and well-knitted culture that keeps the Company on a growing trajectory. Transparency and trust keep everyone integrated and responsible for their actions. The teams are constantly encouraged to attain external skills that fuel individual development. Abhijit further adds,

“Every team member has a defined path for growth and personal development. We evaluate and guide them from time-to-time so that they achieve their objective. For me at the end of the day what matters is how happy they are ”.

The flexible culture enables respect amongst team members, and everyone works the leader’s mindset. There is a complete delegation of taking independent decisions at various levels. To sum it up, Adage deeply endeavours in creating a happy work culture and happy employees. It names itself as the first in India to set up a dedicated Department of Happiness.

A renowned author, once said,  “An Entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploit as an opportunity”.

The rising demands for products and solutions have an integral role are surging the emissions from factories. But being in industrial emission monitoring, Adage is constantly playing a prominent role a better & greener environment. The Company takes part in initiatives of the ‘Pollution Control Board’, and are committed to mitigating emissions in India.

Through its odyssey, Adage has been applauded for upholding a major responsibility in the industry. It is conferred with the prestigious ‘India’s Small Giants Award’ in 2018, by the Ministry of Industries, Govt. of India. Adage has been conferred with many more awards in International Conferences. It is the 5 times winner of the ‘Best Success Story Award’, in the Siemens IPAC in Germany.


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