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Today, interior designing has acquired so much eminence among the commonalities that everyone aspires to own a home with well-furnished interiors. For the professionals in this space, interior designing is a sheer blend of science and art to enhance space indoors that can eventually lead to the mental and physical well being of the individuals by stimulating positive vibes in the environment. Everybody seeks a comforting home environment that can be in absolute harmony with their mental frequencies.

To attain this, the skilled interior designers pay immense attention to research, efficient planning, and conceptual development to make a difference here. And when the quick-paced urbanization and evolving lifestyle have become a common scenario, interior designing also foresees gargantuan growth opportunities in terms of business values. Especially in India, interior designing projects are mushrooming with the light’s speed, stimulating more and more ventures to set foot in the space.

Here, Business Connect depicts the triumphs of Aeiforia Constructions — a unicorn venture indulged in the interior designing domain. The company has flagged it’s steadfast reputation in the niche market with its unparalleled and sustainable offerings.

Aeiforia is an extraordinary brainchild of a husband-wife duo—Ar. Pragya and Ar. Bhupendra — who are architects by profession. The cornerstone for the company was laid in the year 2005, but it took its formal form by unleashing it’s full potential in the year 2011. The following next year i. e 2012, was quite exciting itself as the business became registered with ROC while attaining the title of being a private limited company.

The company’s name is a fusion of two Greek terms put together—AEI & FORIA to make “Aeiforia”. Here, AEI implies Sustainable whereas Foria signifies Forum. Nonetheless, Aeiforia was conceptualized with a unique vision to create some exemplary breathable and spacious work stations. Keeping in sync with this exclusive motive, the dynamic enterprise has now formulated a separate in-house design where its sheer convergence is on researching and developing bamboo based commercial furniture. This out of the box product will avail inbuilt plant for air purification.  Aeiforia is not just another business venture aspiring to rule the market, rather – it is an endeavour to make a sustainable change.

“Our designs will promote green products and cleaner interior air, thereby ensuring the health and well-being of the occupants. We are campaigning to save water, and other resources, with our innovations like RO residual water storage tank, etc,” reveals Pragya, about the company’s core mission.

Aeiforia’s in–house construction resources and minimal dependency on any outsourcing processes bestows it with a competitive advantage in the respective industry. This independency grants their clients with some high-end interiors in cost-effective manner. It is their unrivalled strategy to effectively impart value-added services to their clients.

Talking about the forte of the company, it primarily lies in its exclusionary sustainable approach and versatile capability. Moreover, the absolute indulgence of its IGBC and LEED accredited professionals in the team grants them with a upper hand in the industry. Their expertise allows them to provide various kinds of civil, architectural and interior solutions from ideation to execution. Be it building a workplace or plug and play with one, their iconic interior solutions are keeping them well ahead of the curve. And above all, their specialization is the provision of turnkey interior design packages that the company delivers in a swift and reliable manner.

So far, the company’s fascinating success story has grabbed eyeballs across the business community. It has facilitated a successful completion of major projects for some mega corps like Sony, Signify, Bharat Petroleum, MSME, DXC, Rites, Continental Carbon etc etc. Apart from this, the enterprise has also been an integral part of Govt sector where it bestowed the clients with lucrative business values by completing BPCI Command centre and making them tender winners for IOCI and HPCI multiple projects at pan India level.

Moreover, their adored clientele is the foremost priority to them. The Company is always making ceaseless attempts to make a distinction for the clients in most sophisticated manner.

“Our adept team of top-notch architects and engineers always tries to go extra mile to ensure clients comfort and satisfaction, and even provide services beyond the boundaries of the contract. Clients are demanding but for us it’s an honour to deliver those demands and in turn, act as partners to organizations rather than just act as a third party. This is the secret to our escalated client retention,” quotes Bhupendra.

To be relevant in the game by being in sync with the market trends is instrumental in their mega success. Despite the reigning chaos caused by the global pandemic across the nation, the firm was able to give a final touch to its major project for Sony in Haridwar, within a record time of 1 month. Be it taking the safety measures into deep consideration or being in sync with the technical advancements in the construction segment, the company has made a holistic effort to be an unequalled player in the domain.

Recently, they have pioneered an in-house 3D printing and virtual reality software that allows the clients to imagine and redesign the spaces and designs way before their establishment on the ground. Making justice to its reputation of being a turnkey solution provider, the company thoroughly follows the ethos of EHS by heart once a project is handed over to it. From ensuring the construction sites with utmost safety gears or equipment to grant the workers with ESI and PF for their secure future, Aeiforia is leaving no stone unturned to be a prominent service provider.

As Aeiforia foresees a radiant future ahead, it is in constant pursuit to become a leading industry player alongside widening its purview. In this direction, their efforts will be empowered by some pervasive technology that will also assist them in making a huge shift towards the current trend of digital marketing. For the next five years, the leading figures of the company are determined to ensure its presence in the market, with an unfaltering presence as a tech-driven MNC while expanding their service wings across the globe in newer geographies. The skilled teams at the dynamic organisation have girded themselves up to propel the company towards an exponential growth.

The core business philosophy of the company is drawn from the words of Rick Fedrizzi, Founder of U.S, Green Building Council,

“Green buildings are a hallmark of economically sound business decisions, thoughtful environmental decisions, and smart human impact decisions.”

In an outright adherence to this novel idea, Aeiforia has become determined to shape its projects as per the ‘go green’ standards, at some reasonable cost marking. While addressing a multitude of environmental related issues, the firm is significantly contributing towards creating more-energy efficient and sustainable workplaces for the corporate industry.

“We thrive to bring in nature and use natural light. We move more towards daylight and water conservation to save the environment,” cites Ms. Pragya.

Their inclination towards developing green properties was stimulated within the minds of the Founders after late Hon. APJ Abdul Kalam enunciated the need for green builds in green building congress 2005. Since then, their commitment to create green properties became adamant and unwavering forever. From offering air-permeable spaces with low VOC component and higher oxygen supply inside the workplace to managing the electricity consumption, their out-of-the-box tactics to bring out the best from the least number of resources are matchlessly commendable.

Apart from this, Aeiforia has also commenced a new business venture known as Aeiforia Plus (professional linked useful skills) that aspires to impart beneficial skills to professionals and students via online education mode. Their insightful CSR initiatives are praiseworthy in a number of ways, that are beyond any doubt creating waves of changes across the world.

“At Aeiforia we are committed to make every design of ours green. Our primary concerns are-efficiency in time enhanced communication and producing satisfying work. All our works are ‘swift, sharp and reliable’.

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