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Akiva Medical Devices


Registered in 2017, Akiva Medical Devices has made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers in India. The supplier company is located in Imphal West, Manipur and is one of the leading sellers of listed products.

Akiva Medical Devices is listed in Trade India’s list of verified sellers offering supreme quality of Medical Products, etc. Clients buy in bulk from Akiva for the best quality products and services.

Company Overview

Akiva Medical Devices was established on November 27th, 2017, by Mr. Shanker Sharma with quite a small amount and very few tied-up companies and distributors. At its initiatory stage, Akiva sold just three products of medical disposable such as guidewires, catheters, PTCA Ballon and other interventional consumables. It began as a small team of three people and is now a global enterprise. Mr. Sharma expanded this company by being on a constant lookout for exposure in exports, where he found two to three customers. Starting the export aspects in February and March of 2018, the company reached a six-figure revenue soon after. By March-April of 2018 and 2019, Akiva Medical Devices made major progress and was hired as a distributor for Novamed Medical Systems B.V., Belgium. The company acquired a distributorship as an importer across all over India and SAARC countries.

The product list of the company after this development jumped from three to twenty-one. They marketed in PAN-India and other nearby countries like Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. Their reach also spread out to major economies like China, along with Nigeria and Kazakhistan.

By July and August, they were offered a distributorship by another major enterprise, All Medicus Co. Ltd. SMBG (Sugar Monitoring Blood Glucose). The brand known as Gluco Dr. In India, Akiva has branches in Hyderabad, Maharashtra, Delhi, and Imphal. In 2018, Akiva opened a subsidiary of a Chinese company, Perseverance Medical Technology (Tianjin)  Ltd.

Their client list includes a number of major hospitals, retailers, distributors, and wholesalers.

Akiva Medical Devices is a quality driven organization offering a wide range of Medical equipment: infusion fluid warmer, Interventional Cardiology Equipment, surgical cautery unit, cholesterol analyzer within the preset time limit, etc.

The organization offers items and administrations for vascular interventions, anaesthesiology, concentrated consideration prescription, implantation treatment, medical procedure, and therapeutic building and serves both, emergency clinics and specialists’ practices.

Their Complete Procedural Kit makes Procedural all the more simple to deal with, having more than 200+ Solutions pack for various systems.

They are searching for moderate medicinal services, and offer a wide scope of items with powerful quality.

They have up their sleeves best innovative items and high-end clients for basic access.

With the medical industry-changing even more rapidly than compared to other industries, Akiva Medical always tries to keep up with the new, innovative, technologically advanced products. The uniqueness of Akiva Medical Devices lies in their assurance to never compromise with quality. Quality with reasonable pricing is the key to Akiva’s popularity. They keep acquiring new products that arrive in the market and make them available for their clients at the best possible price.

The R&D team at Akiva Medical Devices always stays on the lookout for newer products. Through intensive research, they estimate the potentiality of products, the scope of the new product in the future, and the figures associated with the product before acquiring them for further distribution. The team calculates the percentage of advantages and disadvantages of any given product in record time and works with them accordingly and at a fast pace.

Technology plays an important role in the manufacturing process of medical devices. In marketing, however, it is to be used by doctors and patients and cannot be sold online. The digital involvement for the sale of products is hence minimal for purchase of distribution or retail purpose. The use of advertisements, too, is limited, since the run of the product is determined by the experience of doctors with the equipment. Life-saving purposes of the products make it mandatory for the product to be a hundred percent satisfactory before they acquire value in the market.

Workings of Akiva

Akiva Medical Devices is a private and freely claimed organization. Inside their regions of business, they endeavor to be the favored accomplice for the two makers of restorative gadgets just as end-users in the human services area. Akiva Medical Devices is the producer for Interventional Products and Accessories in various pieces of therapeutic gadgets. Their worldwide deals power works out of ten deals workplaces in Europe, and Asia. They supply medicinal gadgets to clinics and opposite end-clients. All individuals from their devoted deals group have a therapeutic foundation.

As of now, Akiva Medical Devices has a team of twelve to fifteen people in marketing, of which maximum positions are acquired by women. By virtue of their stronger work ethics, Mr. Shanker believes women to be more productive at their work.

Mr. Shanker makes it a point to provide due appreciation and support to the members of his team. His appreciation to them is extended even in case of them making mistakes, as he believes that even in mistakes there are lessons to be learnt.

With the start-up industry proliferating extensively, the prospects for an increase in competition for Akiva seem likely. Entrepreneurship show a 75% growth through SMSE (Small Medium Start-up Enterprise), and Mr. Shanker welcomes this change. According to him, competition symbolizes progress.

For any entrepreneurship, the primary struggle face at its inception is that of funding and investment. Akiva medical Devices started with an amount of seventy thousand INR and a single laptop. Within three months, however, with luck, grit, and determination, the company approached a turnover of eight-figure in two years.

Mr. Shanker was awarded the Indian National Achievers Award, and Akiva Medical Devices was awarded the Start-up 500 Award for its rapid evolution. Mr. Shanker was also nominated for the Fourth MSME Award. However, to him, his major achievements are the reputation he earned for himself and his company, the strong network of doctors, technicians, etc that he achieved, the satisfied customers and pan-India distributorship.

Future Plans

Akiva Medical Devices plans to come up with an online pharmacy application for iPhone and Android, called My Smart Pharmacy. The beta version of the app is scheduled to be released by December 2019. The digital app would work as a platform where hospitals or patients can directly contact vendors, and be aware of trending prices and other such information.

Akiva Medical Devices also has plans to give a hand to emerging start-ups. The upcoming distributors that don’t have money but have good sources, often fail to make deals with hospitals that demand an advance credit. Akiva buys products for them and sells it to the hospital. In this process, they get entry into the field, and the hospital gets its credit. Akiva shares margins in their profits, thus financing them in a non-traditional way.

Akiva Medical Devices thus proves through its methodology Mr. Shanker’s words: “Business is not a science, it’s an art.”

Message from Shanker Sharma  TO NEW ENTREPRENEUR

To start a new business or enterprise their only three things require

  1. Principle
  2. Practise
  3. Patience


  1. Principle of ethical business. loyal to your customers be transparent and innovative.
  2. practice about your business what you know to practice it all profession require practice even if it is doctor, lawyer, Charted Accountant or any other similar business also require practice, which in case your knowledge and experience
  3. Patience is the most important key, if there is no patience you cannot handle problems, once you understand to be calm in the worst situation and have patience, you can build your own boat in flood
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