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Entrepreneurship is not a destination but a journey; not only measured by revenue but, also the number of satisfied clients across the globe. Over the last two decades, India has seen the growth of many notable innovators, whose inventions generated a great impact in the society and also elevated the country’s name in the globe.

Entrepreneurship has become a prominent career choice for this generation. Moreover, with the revelation of govt. programmes like Make in India, Digital India, etc. the country has seen a radical growth in the numbers of start-up initiatives. Under the banner of entrepreneurship,  Digital Technology has brought a huge revolution in the entrepreneurial arena. The platform has proffered a set of cutting-edge merchandise, with which many innovators have built a sustainable foundation, creating their landmark.


ALIQAN Technologies is a self-sustaining, comprehensive, digital solution provider, crafting sophisticated solutions to fulfil their client’s needs. Primarily, they specialize in the development of digital solutions like Mobile Application, Web Development, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Gaming and Digital Designs, and Software Testing. In addition to this, they also deal with Corporate Training and Staff Augmentation/Contractual Hiring.

ALIQAN Technologies is the brainchild of Mr Iftkhar Ali, MD/CEO and was conceived in 2014 at the Okhla Industrial Area of New Delhi. Mr Ali has garnered over a decade of expertise, in the IT arena, growing a huge corporate network. Due to substantial knowledge and leadership skills, he had in-depth cognizance, of the renovations he needs to make to facilitate the needs of clients. To-date, ALIQAN has completed 6 years of successful business and has acquired remarkable names in its client base.


The main USPs, behind ALIQAN’S growth, are its team trained with tech-upgrades and cutting-edge services, conceived over the years. Primitively, they started their operations with Web Development; but, with time has covered many other specializations of the digital sphere. All this was achieved within 5 years from inception and that too with positive growth. “We started with very basic services in the IT industry, but now we are actively working on new verticals with an increased focus on the latest technologies and IT Strategy consulting,” says Mr Ali.

Presently, ALIQAN Technologies has inculcated all the digital advancements like IoT, AI/ML, Blockchain and Cloud Computing to devise client-oriented solutions such as Inventory Management & Goods Receipt, Mobile Issue Tracker, Warehouse Management, Weekly Status Report (WSR), Work Manager, End to End Human Resource Solution, and much more. To stay abreast of further technological updates, ALIQAN organizes bi-monthly meetings to understand market trends and incorporate them as per requirement.


“Disability is just a matter of perception”. The quote reflects the indomitable journey of Mr Ali. During childhood, he was diagnosed with Polio; but, that did not make him obsolete. Instead, the impairment ignited a spark in him to overcome the hurdles that lay ahead in the journey. After completing his disciplinary education, he secured 10 years of professional experience, in different roles like Business Analyst and Operations – Director, in many notable organizations like HCL, TCS and IMS. Regardless of having a noteworthy career, Mr Ali wasn’t satisfied; he was rather passionate about, building an ecosystem not restricted by his physical disability. After completing an MBA from IIM, he was filled with grit and determination to idolize his structure, leading him to establish ALIQAN Technologies.

I knew that I was great at multi-tasking, managing and implementing things. Thus, the obvious choice was Entrepreneurship,” Mr Ali asserts proudly.

However, entrepreneurship was no overnight success. Initially, Mr Ali started with projects that earned him a meagre success and went for a few months. Additionally, he was facing logistics issues, which obstructed him from getting distant clients. But with time he was able to hire and install resources to attend to farther clients in virtual and close meetings. ALIQAN Technologies has served many notable players in the industry like HCL, Wipro, Indian Air Force, Shiv Nadar Foundation, Landmark Group, Allizhealth, The Football Link and many others.


Throughout his business, ALIQAN Technology has always shown transparency and never ventured to false commitments. It has maintained a friendly yet professional approach, towards its clients, building a progressive relation and a trustworthy business model.

On another note, Mr Ali nurtures his employees by treating them like a family. The world is still in a panic due to the COVID-19 outbreak and to keep the employees safe, ALIQAN has provided “Work from home”, as well as “Salary on time and no salary cuts”. Employees are the backbone of an organization and to corroborate that Mr Ali has built a holistic relationship with his team. His employees are integrated with a pleasing attitude and proficiency in the domain. To keep their skills optimal they are subjected to various training sessions. He maintains a common mantra for employees and customers “Even if things go sour, Your goodness will never go unrewarded,” in context of life and business.


The entrepreneurial journey of Mr Ali is further empowered by the person he is in real life. From the inception, he always believed that the profound inspiration, behind his ongoing progress, is his parents. To commemorate their efforts, he derived the name ALIQAN by combining his parents’ name. Mr Ali deliberately leads an active lifestyle. His day begins by 10 AM, scanning through e-mails and prioritizing his work for the day. Dealing with a global client base, his work routine generally covers 12-16 hours. He has a great interest in reading books and watches documentaries of other entrepreneurs to stay motivated.

The entrepreneurial path is a road less taken but, is the only road, giving self -recognition. As said before, Mr Ali is a great “Passionpreneur” and always believes, working on your terms is the only way to achieve your forte. His entrepreneurship was bootstrapped right from the first day. He never approached for funding opportunities and has built progression, through sheer will and hard work. Mr Ali loves creating opportunities out of challenges, as it brings him a fulfilling experience and motivates him to envision bigger achievements.


Be passionate about what you do and don’t let failures affect you or stop you. Life will always bring challenges for you; but, it’s your perspective that’ll help you win. Lastly, always maintain a balance between your work and your personal life.” –  Mr Iftkhar Ali

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