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Paving The Way For Organic Farming: Krishi Bio Science Pvt Ltd

Paving The Way For Organic Farming: Krishi Bio Science Pvt Ltd

Written By: Kriti Anand

About The Company
With the brand name of “Ameedhara Organic”, Krishi Bio Science Pvt Ltd aims to promote organic farming in Gujarat and all over India. The main purpose of establishing this company was to bring a revolution in organic agriculture and help the struggling farmers of the nation to get maximum organic agriculture production from their farm. Krishi Bio Science specialises in working on the base of organic farming. The company’s main activities include organic Farmer Training, farm certification, Cattle Certification, Organic Trade Certification, Organic Processing Unit Certification, Agro Tourism as well as Organic Farm Produce Lab Sampling, Packing & Marketing. They visit farm to farm across India for their projects and meet farmers to discuss their farming probabilities. They then attempt to solve the issues the farmers face through meetings, seminars and group discussions. KBS tries to educate farmers on how to cultivate farms and also suggests them to do farming in an organic way. They ensure that their visit at the farms proves to be a boon for farmers. They try to contact the farmers who are unaware of organic farming, and educate them about it and its demands.
Since they themselves belong to rural and poor farmer families, the members at Krishi Bio Science believe they can do something for the rural area farmers who are unable to get basic facilities required for farming. It is with the support and cooperation of a dedicated managerial team that KBS is succeeding in its altruistic mission:

The Management Team Krishi Bio Science Pvt Ltd

Sr No Name Qualification Designation
1 Mr. P. K. Ghevariya MSc. Agri Founder & CEO
2 Dr. V. V .Mayani PhD. Agri Sr. Technical Advisor
3 Dr. K. B. Kathiriya PhD. Agri Sr. Technical Advisor
4 Mr. B. N. Vaghasiya MSc. Agri Jr. Technical Advisor
5 Mr. R. M. Kachhad MSc. Agri GM (Agri Production, Sales & Marketing, Certification)
6 Mr. M. B. Kavad MSc. Agri Manager (Agri Production)
7 Mr. Jayesh M. Jinzala MSc. Micro Manager (R&D)
8 Miss Madhvi V. Miyani MSc. Micro Asst.Manager (R&D)
9 Miss Twinkal J. Sabhadiya MSc. Micro Asst.Manager (R&D)

The most important concept to understand when dealing with externally publishing farming services is exactly what is it responsible for handling as well as what it is NOT willing to do. Throughout the documentation, a product will be referred to often and it still might seem like the concept has been glanced over or not clearly understood. The company has to involve its peers in every aspect of the company to ensure that there is no confusion between KBS or the farmers or any of the associated members. KBS therefore involves farmers who are connected to the business in laying out mission statements.

Ground Reality of Farmers
Mr. Parshottambhai K. Ghevariya, the founder of Krishi Bio Science, believes that it is not just the money that motivates the farmers to work with them. His idea has become more than just a business over the years.
Extension educators from the Upper Junagadh conducted a project to explore what makes the beginning of farming successful. The project consisted of a series of eight interviews with farmers of different types and sizes of lands across the region. Participants had from one to fifteen years of farming experience. Two Upper Junagadh organizations that purchased local farm products and sold them retail to the public were also interviewed. Funding for travel was provided by the Junagadh SARE Professional Development Program. The project was designed and conducted following the guidelines of the State Agriculture Universities Gujarat. Goals of the project were to gain better understanding of how farming has impacted newer operators in the areas of economics, family relationships, community involvement and general lifestyle. After gathering input from the farmers and organizations, responses were summarized and common themes were identified. Farmer responses were compiled and common response themes are listed as follows:

● Economic success included achieving financial “break-even,” not having to work off-farm and receiving earnings comparable to alternative employment opportunities.
● Farming has enhanced family relationships and brought families together.
● Farming resulted in an increase of community involvement for some farmers, but not others.
● Farming as a lifestyle becomes the main focus and requires full commitment, often at the cost of recreation and other positive activities.
● Most farmers have not stuck with their original plans and have benefited from being flexible. Some have never had a business plan.
● Most farmers reported unexpected outcomes, including weather problems, change of enterprises and unexpected equipment needs.
● Big challenges include finances, weather and labor.
● Big successes include achieving full-time farmer status, personal satisfaction and farm business growth.

Following these and similar studies, and having seen his grandfather work as a farmer, Mr. Parshottambhai decided to lend a helping hand to the agricultural labours of the country. He states, “Once I have reviewed our progress and identified the key growth areas that Krishi Bio Science wants to target, it's time to revisit Krishi Bio Science’s business plan and make it a road map to the next stages for their business. It's sensible to review current performance on a regular basis and identify the most likely strategies for growth.”

Highlights Of The Company
Krishi Bio Services offers several products that qualify for organic certification. Many different types of products are eligible for organic certification, although some products do have more stringent certifying criteria than others. That said, individuals looking to break into the organic industry have plenty of product choices to choose from. Even better, most product sectors of the organic industry continue to grow. Consumers really do want organic products.

Food and Beverages: Almost all foods and beverages, with few exceptions, can be certified organic. Additionally, organic certification guidelines for food are well laid out, so it's easier to deal with organic food and beverage certification than it is to deal with other certifications. That’s good news, especially since organic food sales are growing at an impressive rate. Food and beverages that can be certified organic include whole fresh produce, grains, pulses, spices and more. Processors and handlers may also manufacture organic food items. Mango, banana, lemon, pomegranates, grapes and several fruits that are of the finest quality are included in it.

Krishi Bio Services attributes its success to everyone who is involved with this enterprise in work, especially employees of the company. It’s simplistic to conclude that money is the prime motivator driving entrepreneurs, the top-performing entrepreneurs are often more passionate about their products or services. More specifically, they have a committed belief that their business idea – whether it’s a problem-solver or a money saver – will bring important benefits to customers.

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