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Amazon Prime Vs Netflix

Written by : Avishek Singh

Amazon Prime Vs Netflix

With the launch of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotter, movie watching experience has never remained the same. Over the last five years, Indian smart phone buyers have increased maximum in the world. With this rise in number of buyers , the content consumption of the mobile devices have skyrocketed. And in this country of millions, the undisputed top three leaders are Netflix, Amazon Prime.  Others like Eros Now, Hotstar, Voot, Jio Movies have been holding the secondary spots.

Let us see who wins the race on different parameters.

App Interface: Amazon interface varies from device to device with the best experience on the Fire stick. The web interface is available as a section within amazon’s online store rather than its own stand alone experience.Without doubt Amazon prime offers a seamless experience but you need to type out the complete thing and then search.

This makes it comparatively a little off demand. Netflix provides a better real time experience which saves your search time. It has better in-built features and is a lot user friendly. All users can have unique profile. Even Kids can have their own profile so that you can manage your content.

App Interface Winner: Netflix

Multiple users profile: Amazon does not offer multiple users profile. If you have subscribed, someone else can not login using your account details. On the other hand Netflix offers has high as eight users to login at the same time with the same id. This move has resulted in a huge popularity where people can divide the cost among of subscription and enjoy the movie experience.

Multiple users profile: Netflix

Cost of subscription: When it comes to cost, amazon offers you a monthly subscription starting at Rs.199 per month. Yearly subscription can be done at Rs. 999. Additionally if you buy prime membership you get other benefits like fast and free delivery, early availability etc. Netflix offers you a monthly membership of minimum Rs. 500 with no high definition resolution.

Cost of subscription winner: Amazon Prime

Play Back Experience: When you choose to play a video on Amazon prime, you can see a beforehand details like what amount of data will be consumed at a chosen resolution, availability of subtitles in English and other languages, common reviews for the movie. All this makes prime watching experience a thumbs up.

Netflix is equally good in business as it offers one to select your video quality. If you plan to watch a serial, it tells you if all of episodes are available for a selected show. Both these masters have indeed mastered the art of video streaming service.

Play Back Experience Winner: Draw

Content: Netfilx has a lot more TV shows which you won’t find anywhere. When it comes to Bollywood, the number of movies are limited. The content in Netflix is uncensored. Amazon Prime too offers a very good collection of content. If you are looking for Bollywood movies, it maintains a fairly ok list. Amazon prime of late has included stand up comedy in its collection. It has been done for Indian viewers.

Content Winner: Netflix

Quality of streaming: Both these apps have taken special care of ensuring that they can run high definition videos at a very low bandwidth. Both of these apps offer us on app download feature. However, Amazon has much faster rate of on app download .

Quality of streaming: Draw

Without doubt Netflix has more subscriber than any other present in the market. Be it app interface, real time search, quality of content and much more, Netflix offers you the best entertainment around the globe. It’s a well built and thought out application which is loved for every single reason.

If you are looking for a budget yet world class experience with HD quality videos and great downloading speed, Amazon prime is one of the best in the market. You think of a movie, name a comedy act, they offer you most if not everything. Moreover, buying a prime membership offers you much more than just a movie watching experience.

Try out your first month free subscription on both these apps and feel the magic of entertainment.

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