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An acclaimed name in the intellectual property industry

Written By- Mehak Malhotra

Intellectual property is one of the most substantial and considerable components for delivering quality services and products to consumers. It is intangible asset that provides a vital apprehension while starting a business venture. IP consists of multiple assests like patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs and geographical indications. Through this exclusive edition, we are going to illuminate the work of ANS IP Management Services, a highly-regarded and celebrated firm in the industry

ANS IP Management Services is a prominent intellectual property service provider rendering patents, trademarks, designs and coprights concerned solutions in India and worldwide. Their exclusionary approach lies in the services comprising, patent search, patent drafting, preparing responses to office actions/ examination report, FTO searches, Invalidity searches, and patent valuation. The company fosters its services to various well-recoginized Multi-national companies, small and medium scale enterprises, start-ups, educational institutions, technical colleges and individuals. The team comprises patent attorneys and agents holding expertise in patent registeration procedures in India, US, European, Malaysian, Australian, and New Zealand jurisdictions.

The worldly-wise board of directors, The CEO and Patent Attorney, Swati Burde Tiwari and The COO and Patent Agent, Abhishek Tiwari have worked adeptly for the proliferation of the company. The team has the most efficacious and exceptional services ensuring their brand name to stand out in the market. With services like Worldwide patent search, patent drafting and filling, international patent filling, patent litigation and national phase, ANS IP secures a vigorous position in the industry.

The company renders an extensive amount of services. Few of them are enlisted ahead :

  • Patent (Indian IP) – A patent is an exclusive set of rights granted to an investory by the state for a certain amount of time in exchange for detailed public disclosure of an invention.
  • Trademark (Indian IP) – A trademark is a preminent sign, design and expression that identified products and services of a specific source from those of others. Any legal-entity, business organization or individual can own it.
  • Design (Indian IP) – A design is the model prepared for the execution of a system like architectural blue prints, engineering drawings, business processes, circuit diagrams and sewing patterns.
  • Copyright (Indian IP) – Copyright is a paramount factor that helps the creater to get acquainted with their exclusive rights to its use and distribution for a specific time period. It is a form of intellectual property as patents, trademarks and trade secrets.

Maintaining a perpetual assessment of formal errors, upgrading the knowledge accordingly from available resources and improving the work quality incessantly is the only approach that helps any organization to grow. Services like INDEA and Protect & Project are their solely developed business model for protection of multiple ideas at a minimum cost.

Acquiring extended knowledge about the respective domain is cardinal. By keeping up with latest understanding of the industry and market trends, a leader can master his teammates. The CEO, Swati Burde Tiwari ensures a productive communication with her fellow employees to stay well-updated about the IP industry. She has launched a portal to expand the awareness of patent field in India. Along with that, the company initiated IP Kosmoz to create awareness amongst Indians about intellectual property rights.

The company guide its clients towards patentable and enforceable product development. They have launched a software and online platform, “APPatent” performing autonomous analysis of a technology and preparing an automated report with relevant competitor patents. By far, it is the most economical tool available in the market. It facilitates the option of start-ups and education institutions to file patents at comparatively lower cost and higher efficacy rate. The team streamlines the research direction of the clients through Invention Development Assistance (InDeA), enabling them to save big on research and development.

While the universe was confronting the covid-19, ANS IP stood still by an incessant approach to innovate the products. Their major clientele comprises innovators, research institutions and R&D firms. They receive persistent queries for national and international fillings on account of their established market clench. Besides, with the ease of online networks, it was considerably simpler.

The company constructively invests on marketing techniques like online marketing and development of contemporary tools. These methologies give a unique interpretation to cardinal sectors like Patent and trademark calculator for international patents and accords allowance the company to succor a better communication with the clients and industry.

The company’s APPatent platform is categorically designed to render exclusionary services when attorney is exorbitant. They have also been adorned by various achievements and accolades. Along with procuring enormous amount of attorney firms, the firm has successfully sustained a position as one of the few IPR firms that file patent in more than 40 countries.

In near future, the company aspires to persuade the inventors in India towards more than 1,00,000 patent filling annually. The team at ANS, holds a strong eye to accomplish a distinctive category amongst India IPR firms. The leaders of the company believe in encouraging and become the guiding light for Indian innovators to expand global horizons. Withal, they aspire to welcome global innovators to India, ameliorating the patent ecosystem.

Every aspiring entrepreneur should cogitate with a wider approach, discover innovative solutions to address global issues and protect it through Intellectual property rights. An elemental strength and belief is all that is needed to sustain a monopoly of our product range across the world, escalating India economy and making it the country of our dreams.


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