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APSA Infracons

APSA Infracons

A pioneering startup in the “Green Energy” sector


Written By- Mehak Malhotra

India ranks amongst the top countries in the global renewable energy sector. The industry has always been an integral part of the country’s growth. Over the years, many startups are working towards the protection of the environment by means of green energy. In this premium edition, we are going to highlight the work of one such startup, APSA Infracons , aiming to provide the finest quality by the modernization of leading-edge global technologies in the market in desired time.

APSA Infracons is a progressing name in the industry to deliver the best power solutions by innovation and integration of leading-edge global technologies. It strives to ameliorate the quality of life by utilizing green energy design and development. The company is specialized in imparting a process-centered approach that fosters innovative services while ensuring safety, Quality, optimum cost-efficiency and accountability in-tact.

They particularize in a vast range of services like Various Substations, Power Transmission lines, Solar projects, Industrial projects and Electrifications, Railways, Consultancy services, Scientific New Research etc. Being accoladed with highly-regarded and respected mentions like “Ethical Alliance Anti-Bribery & Corruption Specialist Certification”, “Certificate of community services” and considerably more to mention, APSA Infracons is gradually creating an eminent mark in the industry.

APSA Infracons holds a strong edge with the worldly-wise knowledge and experience of its key officials. With years of share in the industry, they help the company to run effectively

  • The founder and CEO, Er. Arun Kumar Dash retains opulent expertise of more than 25 years in the domain. He has worked with eminent multi-nations like TATA Projects, LLOYD Group, NCC, ECI, Aster, SEL, MEIL for Business development & tendering, Contracts & procurement, Project planning & monitoring, Project execution, Design & Engineering and Supply chain management. With diversification in enormous sectors of the industry, he procures a proven track record of successfully managinging & Completing humongous multinational projects in the Energy sector
  • The Design and Engineering consultant, Er. Sarat Chandra Misra who is also an Ex-Chief Engineer takes charge as a consultant in Electrical Projects. From beginning the work foundation in 1967 to 2002, he has come a long way in serving the market with his levelheaded nature and skills.
  • The project director of the north region, Wg CDR B.P. Singh, a former Command Armament Officer in the India Air Force has served the nation for more than 30 years. He was actively involved in superintending the operation of weapons in the KARGIL war and acquires an extensive acquaintance in telecom, transmission lines, and substations. He has track record of completing many power projects in different states Pan India.

The company substantially believes in taking up new challenges and projects upfront and bravely. The team invariably works to synchronize with the technological advancements and changes by delivering the demanded projects as per the market trends. Most recently, The Ministry of Steel started new research on the High-concentration iron ore slurry transportation pilot plant project along with NMDC, Hyderabad & CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar. The idea of the research was to come up with a solution that transports high concentration iron ore directly in the pipelines to the steel industry. This will perpetually save water, time, cost, and a reduction in pollution caused by on-road transportation.

The Ministry of Steel, in collaboration with NMDC (National Mineral Development Corporation), gave the project (New research in pilot scale) to the CSIR-Institute of Minerals & Materials Technology to conduct exhaustive research on Highconcentrated iron ore slurry transportation. Subsequently, APSA Infracons was selected in online Global tender process and had been awared by IMMT- Bhubaneswar on turnkey basis. APSA Infracons stood up to the project and with immense hard work & diligence of the entire team, gave a successful completion of the project in Bhubaneswar, Odisha inspite of challenges faced due to Pandemic COVID-19 & Lockdown/Shutdown. Consequently, talking about technological challenges, the company believes in exploring its strength in all the facets including electrical, mechanical, civil, and instrumentation engineering.

R&D is vital and holds the utmost importance for any enterprise to grow in the industry. Being a start-up, the company performs effectual Research & Development throughout. The team keeps up with the contemporary knowledge and market trends to sustain the brand name amongst others. They earnestly pay undivided attention to the government and its orders. The CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) incl all other clients is highly satisfied with the quality and well-timed delivery of services. The company strives to maintain the analysis of market demand and design & develop the products accordingly

The firm makes it certain to provide splendid and exclusive services to its clients. By working for more than eight years in TATA projects, The CEO & founder, Er. Arun Kumar Dash has become inveterate with the idea of providing only quality services and products to the clients. He adheres to the belief of grooming his teammates about the importance of quality in an organization. To this ideology, the company never compromises the standard of services. They offer a quick replacement in case any delivered product stops working to its best. On top of that, they also conduct timely customer surveys to ensure client satisfaction and build a strong alliance with them.

APSA Infracons used a unique and enthralling way to approach the market. As the company was new, it lacked awareness and accreditation. To that interpretation, the company’s key official Er. Arun Kumar came with the idea of putting forward his hard-earned years of expertise and knowledge ahead, and win over customers and their faith. His credibility and regard in the industry gave a great start and prestige to the company, and ever since then, they have been forging towards the ladder of success and expansion through cumulative hard-work and presentation of the company.

The company gives credence to the notion of maintaining a healthy and cohesive work environment for the employees. A contented and motivated employee assists in enhancing the brand value and work outcomes. To boost the morale of everyone working to the best of their skills and efforts, the company conducts a quarterly ceremony to reward the employees with performance-based incentives after the successful completion of every project. Their work and integrity are also cherished with annual / half yearly increments and recognition.

CEO, Er. Arun Kumar treat all his employees as his own family members and adopt a unique friendly culture, where no Boss & Subordinate in day to day work. Besides, the company also lends a hand in providing interest-free personal loans to the employees. It keeps them concentrated in work and aside from any kind of tensity

The goal is to attain customer satisfaction through dynamic design and optimum quality while keeping the cost-efficiency in-tact. By 2024, the company aspires to become the leading EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) player in the energy sector by remarkable performance and delivering ground-breaking projects
over its competitors.

“One should lay the foundation with a purpose of the nation’s future and betterment as opposed to personal satisfaction. We must stay united and work in conjunction to serve our country, leading it to the world’s largest economy one fine day quotes ” The CEO and Founder, Er. Arun Kumar Dash.


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