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Giving wings to your imagination

Written By- Mehak Malhorta

Over the last decade, there has been a sea of change in the Design and Architecture industry. It has metamorphosed from being a subset of real estate sector to an industry in itself, generating employment and contributing to the country’s GDP. In this exclusive edition, we are going to illuminate a high-end designing establishment, ARCLAIN Design Studio.

ARCLAIN Design Studio is one of the most flourishing names to be reckoned in the design and architecture industry. With years of domain expertise, the brand has established itself as a credible one-stop destination for all designing needs. ARC stands for “architecture”, LA for “landscape” and IN glorifying “interior designing”, these are pillars on which the edifice of the brand stands.

The brand has many world-class spaces to its names, which exemplify a balance between luxury and sustainability. Over a short span, the team has created a name in the sector and a loyal clientele by working with renowned brands. The company operates on a simple motto ‘Quality always supersedes quantity.’

The firm has diversified its work into various projects. Taking a glance at some of their key projects:

  • Hatti Kaapi (at BIAL Airport) – The conceptualisation of this outlet was based on a traditional south Indian copper coffee cup (Dubara). The vision was to design a flagship store at Bangalore Airport with a conventional yet futuristic outlook.
  • Subway: The outline was to present the freshness of a sprouting green mushroom store. For Subways’s fresh and forward approach
  • Samosa Singh – Through this project, the team delineated a new concept of triangle samosa, replicating the original “Samosa”.
  • Organic Mandya – Design encapsulates the idea of bringing organic village look with sustainability and modernity together to expand the horizons of organic food and develop a doorstep delivery platform for the masses.
  • Indian Trading Co (coffee, tea and spices) – ARCLAIN created a design with ship and starry night ceiling using laterite stone to revitalise the spice route of Vasco Da Gama.
  • Toycraft (LEGO & Disney store)– With tremendous hard work, the team designed an outlet out of the yellow LEGO block in a mere space of 80 sqft.
  • Indian Trading Co (Art & Artefact)- The company sketched a contemporary style embracing Indian art and artefact elegance.

ARCLAIN design studio started its journey in the year 2013. Khanjan Patel as The Principal Designer and Karun Muthanna as The Principal Architect were the brains behind this phenomenal inception. Khanjan hailed from a familiar background where his grandfather was a furniture designer and his father, a celebrated interior designer.

Thriving to take forward the remarkable family legacy, he enrolled himself in one of the pre-eminent universities of Australia to learn design. Gradually, he worked as an Interior designer in Melbourne. Khanjan’s journey of five years in the country took his ground-level knowledge to set a whole new mark.

On another note, Karun had an inclination towards design and scenic landscapes from the very beginning. His intrigued taste in the field motivated him to set foot in the world of architecture and design. He spends over six years in Australia, first studying in the finest universities of Melbourne and later working as Junior Architect for leading Australian design firms.

While both the founders were busy learning traits of the trade, their mutual interest landed them into a pleasant coincidence. They met through a common goal, which led to the germination of ARCLAIN . Shortly after, Khanjan and Karun returned to India and kick-started their venture with a zest of delivering exceptional design and architecture.

The founders believe there is immense scope for Interior designing in India. In this day and age, buyers are more aspirational than ever. Looking at the residential facet, people want the finest of designs for the home. They are well travelled and privy to some of the finest experiences in design and architecture. Fairly evident to say, anyone spending hard-earned money on their dream property would want a luxurious living experience. This refined taste has changed the perception and future of designing in the country.

It has expanded the scope of interior designing and architecture. Unlike the old times, people are willing to invest in innovative and comfortable living. At an operational level, the industry is no different than others. It has its share of shortcomings and advantages. However, what sets it apart and ahead is the uniqueness in nature. Design is beyond its sphere. It is a science that involves multifarious aspects like optimum utilisation of space, ergonomics, designing, etc.

“Sustainability, User-friendliness, and Minimal maintenance” are the key mantras followed by the entire team of ARCLAIN. With diligence and utmost dedication, the firm has attained a prestigious benchmark over the years. The brand has introduced several interesting concepts in the market with its modernistic approach. It has collaborated with many clients, from residential, commercial, retail stores, hospitality to individual assignments.

Every organisation must upgrade and pace up with the changing market trends to retain and vigorous clientele. Only by persistently evolving with proposals and originality can one sustain clients’ faith and trust in the long run. The company truly believes in this and keep a tap on the latest trends and innovation in design, technology, material and processes.

Continuous research and development, adopting advance technology play a vital role in the growth of any organisation. At ARCLAINs, it is always on top of their priority list. The company has a dedicated R&D team working to incorporate timely and necessary upgrades. It exterminates errors and gives a better approach for the future.

The key to the magnification of every enterprise is to conduct regular research that helps to sharpen the skills and learn new things. People’s preferences, choices in terms of design and architecture are ceaselessly growing. Accordingly, the company keeps pace with the latest trends and technology in the market.

Another important pointer when talking about scalability is the employees of the organisation. They are the true assets of a company. A content and happy employee brings ten forth of productivity in work. ARCLAIN believes that cohesiveness and transparency are essential for a brand’s success. They encourage their team members to share their views and ideas without hesitation or doubt.

The Founders, Khanjan Patel, Principal Designer and Karun Muthanna, Principal Architect, have a remarkable entrepreneurial journey so far. They have carved a niche place for themselves in the world of design and architecture.

Their passion and years of dedication, perseverance, and determination have taken ARCLAIN Design Studio to new heights of fame and recognition. They have only one message for the budding and aspiring entrepreneurs,

“There are no shortcuts to success. Hard work, passion, and dedication are irreplaceable. Good ideas are always simple but endearing.”


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