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Asha Chemicals: manufacturing products for every cleaning need since 1992

Asha Chemicals: manufacturing products for every cleaning need since 1992

Founded in early 1992, Asha Chemicals have emerged as one of the preferred partners in Cleaning Products. Asha chemicals is a 27-year-old company that is into the manufacturing and marketing of Home hygiene Cleaning Products based in Bangalore, Karnataka.

The products range from Floor cleaners, Toilet Cleaners, Bathroom Cleaners, Kitchen Cleaners, disinfectants, and all kinds of household chemicals. The brand name FLOROMA is a household popular name in the retail market in South India. Competitive pricing, fastest turn-around time, monitored processes and quality products have made it a preferred choice

“We have products catering to every cleaning need of not only homes but hospitals & institutions. Products are manufactured under the strict supervision of quality standards from procurement to delivery. Formulations are developed in- house R&D Lab by Chemists with clear knowledge of the subjects. We have automated our complete process of manufacturing, filling, capping, sealing, labeling & packing using machines” says Mrs. Asha, the founder of the company.

The team follows a strict and meticulous multi-step Quality Control Procedure. At each step of production, the company runs a Quality Check Procedure to make sure the end product is of impeccable quality. The product goes through a final detailed QC procedure before being dispatched.

Speaking on the quality front, Mrs. Asha believes, “We are able to sustain and grow in the market only because of the constant quality of the product. Quality of the products is made better consistently by our R&D chemists, who try to incorporate eco-friendly materials so that the final products are achieved with less stress on the environment. Marketing is the strength of our organization. We have a wide network of super stockists and distributors supported by the sales team.”

It all started with a modest capital of 4 lakhs, borrowed from Karnataka State Financial Corporation and State Bank of India. She was only 24 years and her husband was 29 then. It was a big risk to take at that age as they had yet to start their family & also had to support 3 siblings to educate. However, they decided it was now or never.

“We rented a small shed of 2000sqft, set up the machinery to manufacture black disinfectant Phenol, which was widely used then in households, hospitals & everywhere. We hired just two people, a father, and a daughter. I came from a technical background and I had a thorough knowledge of the product and machinery. My husband is experienced in the marketing field and believed we could make the venture successful.” recalls Asha

Although it was started with a modest amount of capital, Asha chemicals are growing fast in every aspect to meet the demand of the fast-growing Industry. Supported by a strong team comprising people with relevant technical, quality, marketing experience, Asha Chemicals believes that a clean and hygienic environment is a major contributor to good health which brings in higher productivity.

“We strive to provide excellent cleaning products to satisfy the challenging needs of our customers. Our customers are evidence for our achievement” believes the founder.

She had worked as a chemist & microbiologist in manufacturing & quality control in the chemical and food industry. This has helped her a lot in bringing out new product development and also improving the existing product.

The founder opines that “R&D is the core of any industry. Today in this fast-changing marketing conditions and technology. Change is the only mantra for success. We need to be ahead in understanding the customer requirements and present our product in the market in the best possible quality at the least price.”

Ensuring safety during the COVID pandemic, the company has protected all its employees under the ESI scheme for their health issues/hospitalization, which also covers their family members. In these times, the company has introduced several products such as Hand Sanitizer for the consumer market, disinfectants, antiseptics solutions for hospitals & health care at a very reasonable rate.

Going forward the company aims to establish brand FLOROMA in the PAN India market and export its products to other countries along with the new Pharma Division products such as Hand sanitizers, Disinfectants, and Antiseptics.

As a social responsibility Asha Chemicals donates chemical products free of cost to various charitable organizations like old age homes, orphanages, schools, and hostels for the handicapped to name a few. The company has also created a fund to support children of our workers to pay fees for schools & colleges during the beginning of the year.

In its journey of twenty-seven years, the company has a brand value and has been accoladed with multiple awards. To name a few are:

Woman entrepreneur of the year” for the state of Karnataka BY KASSIA(Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association)

Best vendor for the year” 2017 By Metro Cash & Carry

One of the fastest-growing industry in Karnataka for the year 2020 By FKCCI(Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and industries)

Being the only company in this segment with 6 automatic lines for production in South India.

Completing successfully 27 years in this business and still growing is itself an achievement because it’s quite a task to compete with Multinational brands and their huge marketing campaign because of the huge capital & funding they have.

Here’s a thought of wisdom from the founder advising young people aspiring to build on their dreams

“Business is like a cross country race for an entrepreneur. You won’t see any results for a long time but still, you have to keep doing what you got to do and keep yourself ahead in the game. It might look very difficult, you might feel it’s impossible but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it. If you keep running without looking back, the journey will be an amazing one and you will never regret anything. So in business, we have to survive to fight another day to emerge as a winner”    



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