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ATD Money satisfactorily facilitating the lives of millions by quick loans

ATD Money satisfactorily facilitating the lives of millions by quick loans

Based on our new data and graphs, today ATD Money is enjoying with its expanding realm of satisfied borrowers, as continuously our borrower list is increasing at a very high speed. This does not only suggest that we are growing but it also suggests that ATD money is helping many young professionals by just encashing their financial emergencies.

Many Payday Loans have been distributed by the ATD Money- a venture of ATD Financial Services Pvt. Ltd till the present date, celebrating with thousands of satisfied borrowers and more. Specially, we as a fin-tech service provider believe in facilitating the lives of many new young working professionals and salaried personals.

Due to instant change in technology and the latest innovations in the financial industry, many positive effects have completely changed the loan process via fin-tech service providers. Now borrowers can ask for quick cash loans or salaried loans in a very easy and convenient manner. Might be the contribution of all this should be the result of Digitalisation in India, but actually it’s a boon to all loan seekers.

Now getting a loan is very easy, anyone can ask for a loan by just applying on ATD MONEY Loan apps, through your smartphone.  Application in mobile phones plays a very significant role in our daily life, they had facilitated our life in such a way that we cannot think of our life without these mobile applications.

Today we are satisfied as we are providing unsecured loans to all young professionals who are willing to do business but were unable to start their business idea because of financial issue, now many are young entrepreneurs because we facilitate and finance their business idea without any collateral.

“Our main motto as a financial service provider is to facilitate the life of working professionals/salaried people, as to manage their lifestyle because in this fast age always, our youngsters spend their monthly income to manage their expenses and they get unable to reach their next pay date. To make all working professionals more capable than before we welcome every loan seeker in every condition.

As our generation is, fast and considering their habit of taking instant decisions our applications also provide them instant loans. We do this all at a very low cost; we provide them low-cost loans with minimal documentation, lowest interest rates, and zero file charges. All the process of applying and approving loans is 100% online and hassle-free”, said FCA (Dr.) Manoranjan Mohanty, CEO of ATD Money.

Something about ATD Money

We are a fin-tech service provider, located in Delhi and providing the salary loans, payday loans, cash loans, business loans, unsecured loans, immediate cash loans and many more to all salaried employees. We facilitate their lives by providing loans without considering time, as our application is capable of providing them loans anytime by just clicking the apply button from their mobile phone. The main fact about services is that we provide loans to them without visiting banks and signing a bulky file of documents.

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