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ATP STAR :- Expert institute for IIT-JEE & NEET

ATP STAR:-Expert institute for IIT-JEE & NEET


I IT-JEE & NEET is one of the most famous and aspired examinations for students who want admission in IITs & Medical colleges all over India. Students face a tough time in finding the best coaching institutes and preparing for this examination. Further, the Monopoly of few coaching centres in the industry has created big loopholes like expensive courses, irrelevant syllabus coverage and an over-pressurized mindset for students.

ATP STAR ( Zuvin Eduventures Pvt. Ltd.) was brought to this world with the sole focus to obliterate these barriers and give JEE & NEET aspirants access to cost-efficient courses comprising of genuine and relevant content, excellent coaching with the expertise of Best Faculty from Kota – Coaching hub for Lakhs of JEE & NEET aspirants


ATP STAR was founded in Kota, Rajasthan by Mr.Vineet Khatri with the primary focus to fabricate a proper training methodology for IIT-JEE & NEET aspirants. With years of experience and expertise, Kota is termed as the primary educational-hub for IIT-JEE & NEET training and ATP STAR has unrolled the region’s accredited training methodology across the nation through cost-efficient courses. For that, they have authored a brand ‘ATP STAR’, which gives complete access to the company’s product and services that they have laid down for the applicants.

The company has conceived many out of the box measures that differentiate it from its competitors such as their focus to ‘leave no one behind’. The company provides the equal of emphasis on its each and every student and ensures relevant content throughout its course module so that nothing stays out of the syllabus. Their product and services further scale them as an innovative foundation in the region:-

  • ATP Online Test Series (AOTS): The company proudly asserts itself as the cardinal organization that has brought 1ST Video test series in India. The main USP of these test series is that they come with detailed video analysis providing the students with an interaction with the subject on a digital platform. The digital platform ATP STAR is devised with target-oriented study materials that come with customized chapters. The website is synchronized with artificial intelligence and after completion of each chapter, the AI designs the chapter-oriented test series. This methodology further gives the applicant the benefit of adaptive learning.
  • Study Materials: The influence of technology has evolved ATP STAR into a user-friendly app earlier being only a website. The company has installed some of the most furnished brains from Kota as their faculties, who are to be termed as the ace of their verticals. The study materials consist of video lectures from these faculties at a very affordable price. After the completion of each chapter, the students are bestowed with Daily Practicing Problems (DPPs) and question banks, which are focused on the need for revision & practice for the students.
  • Kota Classroom Courses: This concept is recently implemented by the company and is being initiated on 21 January 2020. 100 applicants from all over the nation are selected according to their JEE Main performance in January and are enrolled for classroom training sessions at their centre in Kota. These classroom sessions are further recorded and uploaded in their online study materials for students studying online across the nation. The video lessons provide a complete atmosphere of classroom training, as they will be viewing faculties conducting face-to-face sessions. These online sessions play an essential role for learners who are not able to attend them physically thus building an interactive relation with the candidates both physically and virtually.


The company was brought into the industry by Mr Vineet Khatri (Founder & CEO of ATP STAR) in 2019. As a remarkable graduate (B.Tech) from IIT Roorkee who honed his specialization in the field of Organic Chemistry, Vineet stands as one of the Best Faculty in India. Vineet Khatri popularly known as “VK sir” in Kota was HOD in Bansal Classes, Kota. It started with his Youtube channel ‘Any Time Padhai Academy’ in 2016, Mr Khatri took the first step towards utilizing his specialization in training aspirers, but on a broader prospect; he knew this wasn’t enough. After two years of promulgating his knowledge through his video contents, Vineet realized that the candidates aspiring to appear in IIT-JEE examinations were lacking resources and proper access to a platform from where they can receive the efficient training and prospective preparation required to crack the assessments. Based on this, Vineet aimed to structurize the organized training mechanism that will be cost-efficient, relevant and focused on the syllabus, highly intellectual and interactive with everyone. These ideals brought forth his ‘Social Entrepreneurship’, which evolved the legacy of ‘Any Time Padhai academy’ into a systemized format ‘ATP STAR’ through which it focused on unfolding the regional expertise across the nation.


“It all started with my first step ‘Any Time Padhai Academy”. Mr Khatri acknowledges that his initial step was extremely fundamental towards laying down the foundation of his brainchild. Through his two years of utilizing youtube as an educational platform, Vineet built a connection with these aspirers through his creative content and authentic learning methodology, which aided in formulating a modus operandi for the further business prospect. He knew that people will acknowledge and eulogize the one they can mentally connect with. Also, being an active member of the social media platform gave him the knowledge of the aspirers which required a disciplinary setup.

Venturing on social media further gave them the opportunity to learn about emerging innovations, trends and technology, competitors and domain leaders. Based on that, the company has furnished ‘ATP STAR’ with the complete state-of-the-art innovation, which suffices the need of every student and also gives the company a standardized brand look in the digital market and social media.


ATP STAR was constructed with innovative trends and technologies to overcome the prevalent practices in the domain. Relevance to need is one of the prime focus towards creating content for the company. To innovate the ongoing academic practices whilst keeping the students’ need in accord the company successfully standardized their coaching platforms.

Organizing a focused customer base, increasing the weight of their study materials with syllabus-oriented chapters and test series, Focusing on a proper lesson plan with relevant topics are few examples of implementing quality and innovation in the academic practices of ATP STAR. Their standardized processes further ensure that no topic gets skipped due to transition in the faculties and quality remains the same.


“The prime marketing tool that has aided us to grow is our Youtube Channel” asserts Mr Khatri. ATP STAR, which replaced its predecessor ‘Any Time Padhai Academy’ has incubated over a million subscriber. To maintain subscriber base and further grow the quantity, the channel is daily rejuvenated with new contents so that the bond between the student and the company does not rupture.

The channel also works as a platform of pre-planning market strategy. From 3 months earlier to implementation, it keeps the subscribers and students updated about any courses that are being planned through free videos. This generates great hype inside the mind of these learners whilst giving the company the time to build a suitable framework for the course and a proper client base for the same. Also, the company showcase about ATP STAR on various websites through digital advertisements to increase the number of installation of their app.

Deliverance of trust and quality through their training and content has aided ATP STAR towards maintaining a huge client base. By providing efficiency as they promised, the company has ensured that their prospective customers refer and bring more aspirers under their umbrella. In the coming future, ATP STAR is focused on renovating its operational structure by providing complete course details on their websites and further incorporate the admission procedure to increase the convergence.

The company is furnished with all the modern technologies to stay abreast to the emerging trends in the industry. Hardware like biometrics, CCTV Cameras are installed in the organization so as to monitor the activities of each and every one. Also, they have installed an Employee Registration System through which it verifies their employees’

Other than this, their app is furnished with the latest AI and Machine Learning technology making it one of the most trending apps in Google Play Store with a 4.5 Rating on it. The company has ventured on the specialization of a very talented web & mobile app development company based in Gujarat. The flawless formulation and supervision of that company have been a prime asset behind the trending of the ATP STAR app in its domain.


What started with an individual and a youtube channel grew to a team of varied verticals. Within a short period in the industry, ATP STAR has grown to a team of 15 members consisting of managers, faculties, etc. Being a compact team, the company has ensured a very transparent communication between all the departments. All decisions are taken on a collaborative manner. The CEO himself consult with his co-faculties and sometimes with the entire team before executing a decision. There is no strict hierarchy maintained in the company, all information from Mr Khatri flows to his colleagues through his manager. Everyone has the authority to approach the upper echelons with their concerns. This entire collaboration ensures team building and growth eventually creating a holistic ecosystem.

In addition to these, the company organizes Sports events and Office parties to celebrate their achievements or milestones. For e.g. on occasion of 50k+ successful installation of their app the company hosted an office party. These activities keep the employees very enthusiastic, meticulous towards their work and further aid to their sustainability.


Within a short span, ATP STAR has achieved more than a million subscribers, which the company believes is one of their biggest milestones in this competitive market. Other than that, their Android mobile app has more than 100k installations in its 1st Few months of launch

Mr Khatri himself holds an unparalleled position in teaching Organic chemistry with more than a decade of experience and have mentored around 10K to 20K students at Bansal Classes, Kota Teaching many IIT-JEE Toppers Viewing his involvement in social media further justifies him as one of the most followed and admired persona in his vertical.


The company is looking forward to many progressive initiatives. They are in the process of creating a framework on its website and mobile app to solve student doubts. Conducting a session and solving quarries simultaneously utilizes more time and the complete content remains unfinished. To deal with this issue the company is planning to install an assistant faculty who will always be available to answer the student’s doubts through the app without hampering the class flow

The company further wishes to venture more on digital publishing. By decimating the prevalent practices, the company is in the process of putting all the offline study materials into their website and mobile app in an innovative and interactive format, which will act as a self-sufficient system helping students to study and finding solutions for their problems. Through this approach, the company is taking one more step towards being completely digitized


“Always stay focused on what you want to achieve. Move ahead with positive energy and never give up on your dreams. Always have a backup plan for everything and try to do something good for society, because if you are able to build a good relationship with the society on emotional terms then your business will start booming and eventually you’ll see your business becoming a significant business model”. – Mr Vineet Khatri


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