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Augmented Reality: An efficient solution to Conventional Learning Experiences

Augmented Reality: An efficient solution to Conventional Learning Experiences

By: Ashwathy Nair

The new era demands new technology as most of the business are totally dependent on technology to operate. The coming year will fully be reliant on the use of technologies as it is constantly evolving in order to make operations more efficient.

A great example to be put forward as an efficient solution is an Augmented Reality (AR), it is an innovative force that is rapidly getting emerged in multiple sectors such as real estate, manufacturing, gaming, healthcare, automotive, education, military, and retail. AR is aiding businesses to come up with new ideas of leveraging the digital world in order to improve the physical world.

With the help of Augmented Reality system, it bridges up the gap between virtual objects and the real world by overlaying digital illustration on a user’s view in the real world.

In sectors like Healthcare and Education, there is a significant increase seen in the usage of Augmented Reality. The technological advancement is increasing and there is nothing wrong in saying that AR has a high chance of being the future of almost everything.

Augmented Reality in Education

Traditional learning can soon get replaced by Augmented Reality in education. By allowing the operation of new and additional forms and methods, AR has the capacity to change the role and speed of studying. With this technology, the classroom can become more engaging and understandable. The AR technology in education will transform an ordinary class into an enjoyable environment.

The traditional method of learning is becoming a thing of the past. The education sector is becoming increasingly digitized and is driven by technology innovations. EdTech is the new trend and Augmented Reality is among the most significant development that is leading.

Several purposes can be served by using augmented reality in education, it helps the students to easily learn as AR makes education way more engaging and fun to learn. With AR, the students will be able to see digital characters as it provides virtual examples which help in providing an engaging experience.

Advantages of Augmented Reality in Education:

  • Access it anytime, anywhere

Augmented reality is made specially to be available remotely or to be accessible to everyone. It can replace textbooks, printed manuals, physical models, etc. and it provides less expensive learning materials.

  • Keeping students engaged

The modern generation would find it harder to learn through textbooks and blackboards, instead, they will go for online education. AR allows students to get engaged throughout the lessons and it makes learning both fun and effortless.

  • Learning that is more effective

Visualization helps students to grab things easily as it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, the same way AR helps students to learn through visualization. Instead of reading long theories, students can simply learn things more effectively.


Augmented Reality in Education would bring education to a higher level of engagement. Technology is the future of education as it has enormous potential. In the current time, the adoption of mobile technologies is increasing and AR is becoming more accessible and is being used broadly.

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