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Auxilo Finserve Pvt. Ltd.


Auxilo Finserve, with its aim of making it possible for students to study abroad with up to a hundred percent cost coverage arranged within the shortest possible time, is no less than a dream come true for many deserving students. This innovative project was launched in 2017 by Neeraj Saxena (MD and CEO), and has a number of truly stimulating education loan offers up its sleeve.

With customized education and education institution loan, Auxilo Finserve enables students as well as schools to “dream big!”


Auxilo Finserve Pvt. Ltd. is an NBFC registered with the Reserve Bank of India. The company’s focus is on providing easily accessible education loans to deserving students for higher studies in India as well as abroad.

The company does not just make higher education accessible to all, it has made it more convenient than ever. The loans they provide are tailor-made to suit every client’s specific educational requirements.

They endeavor to give education a promotion with their Education Institution Loan (EIL), which can be utilized by schools to enhance and develop infrastructure, services, and offerings. They cater to K-12 schools, boarding schools, primary/ pre-primary schools, as well as coaching centers. Auxilo has a range of products to serve the financial needs of educational institutions and thereby improve the education landscape of the nation. With offers and products like Loan Against Fee Receivables, Infrastructure Loans, Construction Loans, Loan Refinance, and Land Loans, Auxilo has left no stone unturned in their pursuit to raise the bar of education in the country. Auxilo Finserve is a blessing for students wanting to pursue higher education in India, and even more so for those interested in exploring opportunities abroad. The company offers the widest country coverage: whether it be the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, or Ireland, Auxilo expands the boundaries for aspirations. They understand the dynamism involved in overseas education, thereby bringing a suite of features that make Auxilo the perfect partner to help conquer all the challenges. It offers Loan Structuring, that helps mitigate unexpected costs of living abroad and be prepared for the experience financially.

The company also provides Pre-Admission Funding, which is extremely beneficial for deserving students.

Higher studies in an India that boast of world-class institutions are nonetheless a logistical nightmare. However, the complex admission processes, rising costs and inflation, and financial constraints are navigated easily with the help of Auxilo Finserve. With its in-depth knowledge of the industry and its commitment to making it all effortless for students, Auxilo Finserve is the best choice when it comes to education loans. The company not only customizes the loans as per the client’s needs, but it also takes the extra steps to reduce stress for the students and their parents. They offer unique benefits for students interested in studying in India and abroad, such as multiple co-applicant facilities, flexible repayment plans up to ten years, to help reduce the burden on your finances and so on.


Initiatives like Pre-Admission Funding, Flexi-Repayment, etc have made Auxilo Finserve stand out among other education loan providers.

With its hassle-free system of management that helps students acquire loans in merely four steps:

REACH: Reach out for loan counseling where they understand the student’s requirements and give out solutions.

APPLY: Submit the loan application, with minimum documentation and admission details.

LOAN STRUCTURING: They verify and validate the documents and tailor-make an offer best suited for the student’s needs.

GET FUNDED: Once the offer is accepted by the student, the loan can be disbursed.

Its unique initiatives work to make education accessible for those in need, and especially for those with talent. The customized education loans and flexible repayment options make the loans truly helpful for individuals and not another burden to repay at the end of the day. The education loans are potentially based, with the underlying aim to provide a chance at education to those who deserve.

As Mr. Saxena puts it, “Our mission is to enable the freedom of financial access across the country by building inclusive financial algorithms and models that shall look at potential financing rather than the usual route of pure-play credit financing,”

The company is not just devoted to the students and their education, it also pays special attention to being a new-age organization with holistic work culture. Auxilo understands that a well-motivated team makes for a well-functioning company, and has policies that make it convenient for the employees to work there. Flexible timing, smart-casual dressing, and provision for emergency and mandatory leaves are some of such practices and policies. They are in true sense a group of young entrepreneurs wherein the average age of employees is not more than thirty-two years. Nearly a quarter of the workforce are women, and their effort is to increase this number as they grow in strength.


The Vision of Auxilo Finserve is “To be a fair, valued & profitable institution with a healthy portfolio of happy customers.”

Their aim is to be an altruistic institution driven to support the educational needs of the country. Without education, the contributions of individuals for the growth of the country and society can hardly be maximized.

Auxilo believes that it’s the right of every student to avail of quality education. The company tirelessly works to fulfill individual dreams, and along with it aide the development of the nation on the whole. Its commitment towards uplifting the education sector is reflected in the unprecedented standards of quality and dedication with which the company works.

“Auxilo endeavors to influx finance to catalyze aspirations. Our core philosophy extends into our financing matrix that comprises three major components: Aspirant, Aspiration & Access.”

An aspirant that is deserving and motivated, with dreams that won’t let them sleep, deserves access to a quality education worthy of their talent and spirit, and it is Auxilo’s motto to make this possible for them. It has never backed down from traversing the extra mile to meet the requirements of its clients. Auxilo Finserve has become one of the foremost organizations that make it easier for the youth of India to gain access to education.

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