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Available gaming platforms in 2023-24

Available gaming platforms in 2023-24

The number of devices is growing every year, and more and more devices support the ability to play online. However, with so many gadgets, deciding which one to choose can be challenging. 

Modern gaming devices are suitable for various travel or home entertainment needs. This article will be helpful to you if you are looking for a gaming platform for online 3 patti real money and slot games, cyber sports, and offline games.

Available gaming platforms in 2023

The most convenient option for online gaming – a PC

If you are going to immerse yourself in online games or want to become a cyber athlete, then your choice is a PC.

The PC is the leading platform for iconic online games such as LoL, Dota 2, and CS:GO. You can also devote much time to legendary MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft.

So how does the PC manage to be the premier platform for online gaming? First, this platform is simply more comfortable to play on. In addition, players have a better feel for the game using the mouse and keyboard, which gives them more opportunities to show their skills. Finally, the successful selection of the mouse, keyboard, and other devices will make the gameplay even more comfortable.

The best way to spend time in the comfort of the PS5/Xbox Series X

Gaming consoles are very popular with gamers. Unfortunately, they’re less comfortable playing shooters or strategy games, but this is your option if you’re a fan of FIFA or fighting games like Mortal Combat.

You can play these games both online and in the company of friends. Connecting the set-top box to the TV and sitting down on your favorite couch is the best way to meet Friday night after a tough week.

An excellent option for travelers – Nintendo Switch

Love games and travel? These hobbies can be combined thanks to handheld consoles. The most popular one at the moment is the Nintendo Switch.

This portable console can be a great travel companion. It can be easily put in a backpack and charged from your mobile phone. Plus, the Switch has perfect-quality games, many of which can be played online. And it is a great way to pass the time while waiting for a flight at the airport.

The apparent option for commuting is your smartphone. 

Also, an excellent gadget for online gaming is in your pocket. Almost all modern Android and iOS smartphones support great online games so that you can devote 10-15 minutes of your free time. Just an excellent option for those who need to get to work.

Online games are also an opportunity to make money.

Only a few people know online gaming is a way to make money. However, Cybersport has become so popular that bookmakers have begun to accept bets on the matches of various tournaments.

For example, modern online casinos accept bets on the leading eSports disciplines – WoW, Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, FIFA, and many others. 

Cloud Gaming

Recently, cloud gaming has been on the rise. Everyone is talking about the prospects of gaming in the cloud, and the most significant technological giants are vying with one another to launch their services, promising impressive speeds and the highest picture quality. But, is it true that in the future, we will give up PCs and consoles and play on any device without thinking about upgrades and problems with equipment? 

First of all, let’s talk about what the “cloud gaming service” is. In a nutshell, it is the ability to play operating the management of distant servers. From the user’s intake instruments, a signal is obtained, processed on the server, and dispatched around as a picture.

Therefore, you don’t need a solid computer to recreate challenging plays, just a quality Internet and any device with a screen.

Available gaming platforms in 2023

In practice

It all sounds great, but how is cloud gaming doing? Right now, as of the end of 2022, things are good, but it still needs nuances. Technology has many pluses as well as undeniable minuses. Among the first:

  • You don’t have to think about upgrading your PC, and in general, you can get rid of a bulky and noisy box under your desk;
  • no need to keep several gaming devices at home, trying to cover and strategy with MMOs, exclusives from Sony, and games from Microsoft;
  • No need to waste time downloading and installing games: the launch is instantaneous, and no free space on the hard drive or SSD is consumed;
  • You are free to switch between devices: start playing on your laptop, continue on your TV, and take your smartphone or tablet with you when you go on a long journey;
  • You can play with maximum graphics settings.

As for the disadvantages of cloud gaming for PC, the following problems can be noted:

  • High requirements for the user’s Internet bandwidth. The 10 Mbit/sec bandwidth that some companies claim is the minimum, at which the picture will fall apart into squares, the sound will stutter, and the character in the game will respond to keyboard commands with a delay of several seconds. Therefore, a comprehensive channel of 50-100 Mbps or even more is not desirable but necessary;
  • Large traffic volumes are consumed by cloud gaming. Transferring several gigabytes of data per hour of gameplay is expected in the cloud. If a gamer does not use unlimited bandwidth, he can exhaust his allotted quota in record time. However, even with limitless billing, providers clearly will not be happy about the increased load on the network, as a result of which they will start to cut the speed of the Internet mercilessly;
  • Long queues for an opportunity to play. With the release of a major blockbuster movie, lines inevitably form at the cloud servers’ entrance because their capacity is often insufficient to let in all comers at once. Therefore, instead of being immersed in the coveted game, you will have to spend from several minutes to several hours waiting;
  • High ping in remote regions. 

Is it worth giving in to the hype and giving cloud gaming a chance right now, when the technology is not yet as firmly established in the industry as those who promote it want to present it to us? In general, yes: it is a viable alternative to gaming PCs and consoles, capable of giving a pass to the world of video games with minimal effort and relatively low costs.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that certain peculiarities are outlined above. However, a similar list of pros and cons can be picked up for more traditional gaming devices so that there is no unambiguously winning solution. But the appeared variety of options allows gamers to choose.

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