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B2C Systems Limited

B2C Systems Limited, Reaping From One of the Biggest Platform For Smart Cards

“To be honest, greatest motivation for me is to “Make it Large” one day. And I’m still striving hard for it and seek newer challenges in life to fuel my passion for excellence in everything I do”

Neeraj Saxena

Smart cards! As much as this sounds like an extravagant concept, the future is largely looking forward to its boom with respect to the current scenario. It does not just have successfully negated our dependence on papers but also made information available at exponential convenience.

The rapid drift of the global scenario towards a more technological bend has been largely the reason behind this demand exploitation of smart cards. In the coming years smart cards are going to infest every vertical possible and though still endorsing an embryonic stage, India will soon be witnessing a massive growth.

And from the basket of pioneers in microprocessor-based membership smart card concept in India, B2C Systems Limited, vouches by a strong hold on innovative methods and processes.

Neeraj Saxena, Managing Director, B2C Systems Limited,

He instigated his journey at a very young age of 20 and his Masters in Information Technology and Management with E-commerce specialization helped him enormously in setting up B2C Systems in the Millennium year 2000. He has succeeded in growing B2C systems strength to strength and create a niche for itself in the comprehensive automation of Social, Sports and Recreational Clubs with Membership Smart Cards.

The Stepping Stones

The brainchild of Neeraj Saxena and headquartered in Delhi, B2C Systems has been offering steadfast services to Smart Cards based turnkey Automation Solutions in Hospitality Domain, containing Hardware, Networking and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software entirely integrated with Membership Smart Cards.

They are striving hard to make it larger and become a trusted partner of choice for global businesses looking to ‘differentiate at the front’ and ‘standardize at the core’ through technology interventions. B2C Systems provides optimal solutions from Microprocessor Chips (RFID/contactless) to Application Management Systems. Being a technologically bent organization, B2C Systems develops IT solutions that outline corporate intranets and extranets, rationalization communication structures for their industries.

Neeraj faced a number of challenges and one of the major ones was to find the right talent to build his team, given the pool of opportunities interfering from overseas.

“I figure that the high employee attrition rate is yet not recognized as a debilitating factor by the IT industry. The youthful today are easily lured by the possibility of placement with startups without a care for long term career goals because of a abrupt rise in remuneration regardless of whether it may only mean a transient gain at the expense of a long term career trajectory.”     Added Neeraj

Building a worthy team is an inevitability, and then keeping them back is another task. Individuals today have developed a tendency to join with mammoth commitments but not dither at all in abandoning their job, without even serving proper notice periods and handing over, if they get a better prospect. Though it isn’t a sin to secure future but leaving the organization in the songbird is highly amateurish. This turns out to be a major issue representing a threat to the overall development of any company.

Further most of the Service Providers in the present smart card based solutions don’t have appropriate and adequate knowledge, neither of the domain nor of the technology innovations. Further they don’t consider the earnestness of the deployment of Smart Cards based Solutions which actually is nothing less than a paradigm-shift into the existing framework and processes of any company.

Why Opt For B2C Systems?

Built on the strong pillars of integrity, honesty, and re-sult-oriented Solutions to manage the business ofclients, the most important factor that differentiates B2C Systems from other players is the expertise and under-standing in the Membership based Clubs’ Domain functioning Knowledge, requirements and implementation challenges.

Various big players serving Hospitality Industry have failed to provide workable solutions in Club Domain, given that there are several domain-specific nitty-gritty which the HMS Service Providers fail to grasp and eventually the whole system deployment by them fails to produce the deliverables and expectations.

At B2C Systems, they provide Membership Smart Card Solutions, in a basic and cost-effective manner, by working with their present membership databases and replacing any existing membership cards, or incorporating secured databases.

Clients of B2C Systems

With a mission to provide solution-oriented IT and related value-added services to its clients, B2C systems have served numerous prestigious customers.

The list includes names like Defence Services Officers’ Institute (DSOI), Delhi Gymkhana Club Ltd, Civil Services Officers’ Institute (CSOI), Indian Naval Services (INS) India, PHD Chambers of Commerce, Dehradun Club (Dehra Doon), Airports Authority of India Officers’ Institute, Wheler Club (Meerut), Sapta Shakti Officers’ Institute (Jaipur), Seafarers Welfare Housing Association, Armed Forces Welfare Housing Association and many more.

The motivation of B2C Systems Limited has promptly been in the Club Automation Sector – “B2C_Digital Club”. It has made available backing to its clients to mechanize all the procedures within a Social, Sports and Recreational Clubs. Being the leading IT Solution and Service provider Company does not just mean being the largest but it does also mean being the unsurpassed in footings of consumer worth, customer facility, employee talent, and dependable and foreseeable growth.

Expansion Plans

The company has ideas to magnify itself Pan India trailed by spreading itself globally. “Well, in the era of technology, it is indispensable to keep yourself well-informed with all the revolutions and fresh expansions taking place in the sector. We try to be present at relevant conferences and exhibitions, internationally, that benefits in adding to the upsurge our prominence and network”, states Neeraj.

Very soon B2C Systems is coming with Handheld-based POS Terminals fully integrated with Membership Smart Cards and other functional Modules in B2C-Digital Club Solution for POS Billing, Access Control, and Smart Card Issuance/Charging etc. It is pertinent to mention here that till date, in India, companies are offering Handheld POS Terminals based solutions only in Non-Members, nonSmart Cards based locations like individual F&B Outlets.

With a mission to provide solution-oriented Information Technology and related Consultancy services to their clients, B2C Systems is on the path to building a reputation of being one of the most premier IT Solution and Service provider Company through robust and structured methodology, with gradual evolution from hard-work to smart- work culture.

“I have no reluctance in accepting that without the support of the team and of course my family I would not have accomplished whatever little I have at present.”

Neeraj Saxena



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