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If an item was offered for sale at a discounted price a decade ago, it would raise doubts in the minds of customers. But now, with the advent of the value retailing idea, that behaviour has altered. There has been a notable shift in their purchasing habits. Customers have been pickier in recent years, seeking high quality and low prices. The origins of value retailing may be traced back to the market recession when creativity was critical to surviving the downturn.

Consumer shopping patterns had shifted as a result of the recession, resulting in negative growth in the retail sector. Consumers limited their purchasing expenditures and preferred to purchase products during clearance sales and promotional offers. As the globe emerged from the crisis, consumers who were accustomed to purchasing items based on discounts and special offers continued to do so.

“The consumer, not the product, is at the centre of value retailing. As a value retailer, you must create an excellent description that is tailored to the customer’s preferences. Then present a narrative on how it added value to another customer. This is the crux of value retailing” MANOJ KHEMKA MD & Founder

The revival of retail and larger size value retail concept stores were aided by this. This paved the ground for the rise of a new retail trend known as value retailing. Value retailing is a large-format shop model that sells branded items and accessories at a discount. In the consumer shopping list, value retail maintains a high priority, and sales for factory stores and off-price items continue to increase.

Baazar Retail has been a part of the value retail model since 2002. It is one of the Eastern Region’s oldest and fastest-growing value retail concepts. Baazar Retail is a forerunner in Eastern India’s value for-money retail construct.

Images Retail Awards named the firm the “Most Successful Value Retailer in East India’’ 3 times. The founder, Mr. Abhishek Khemka steers –

“People from the middle and lower-middle classes are served by us. We earn their trust by providing them with the highest quality available at an affordable price. We also offer a speedy and effective customer service department that handles consumer comments and complaints.”

Currently, Baazar Retail runs 85 shops across the states of West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Tripura, Assam, and Odisha, with a total retail area of 6 Lacs sqft. Men’s apparel, Ladies’ wear, Children’s Wear, Accessories, and Household goods are available at Baazar Retail. “To guarantee that our branches run smoothly, we utilize Ginesys software and Wooqer. Both of these software offers comprehensive technological solutions to organizational demands and ensures a seamless operation.”

“Baazar Retail has a VPN (Virtual Private Network) system that connects all of its shops and keeps employees up to date on sales inventories, ensuring effective supply chain management.” explains the founder.

Manoj Khemka: He started his professional journey with a nominal salary. His ambition nurtured a dream to contribute to Society by providing quality apparel at affordable prices. He envisaged a dream of a large retail chain. In the year 2002, he embarked on this ambitious venture. “Back when our company was first invented, our biggest competitive advantage was “value-retail” where we provided the best quality and affordable prices. However, as more competitors entered this market, we shifted to “organized retail” which became our next competitive advantage. Hence, we have never had a single, statutory competitive advantage and we have always kept on evolving.” says Manoj.

Abhishek Khemka: A first generation entrepreneur & the current CEO, he has more than 15 years of quality experience in ‘value for money’ garment retail industry and is related to the company for more than a decade. Apart from his successful business career, he is actively engaged in various charitable and social welfare events all across the nation and is well connected with the reputed names in this field. Baazar Retail displays a fabulous shopping experience rates than branded goods.

High-quality product outreach and need, as well as supply chain management, are critical to the operational success of value retail businesses. Because the stores serve the tier-II & III sector, the product category caters to regional demands. Considering India is a varied country, different ethnicities have distinct festivals for different seasons. For example, while the south of India celebrates Onam, the north celebrates Baisakhi. Value retailers follow these specific criteria, to provide the section with the most desirable items that are in demand at the time. This makes the festivals more special and occasions more lively and fun.

As the founder steers, “We first get to know our audience by connecting with them, and then we answer their wants and expectations by offering them the required items at a reasonable price. We are constantly exploring new methods to satisfy consumer expectations via innovation and creativity.”

When salesmen say that an item is compact because of the material, or that it is sturdy and much less likely to damage, or that discoloration won’t set in because of the superior fabric finish, those are known as value claims. Those services and products provide the shopper with something smoother to touch, something that is more durable or appears newer for a prolonged period. If a potential consumer values those characteristics, he/she will purchase them.

“The quality of our products and services is important in all we do. We establish reasonable goals for ourselves to ensure that everything we do is executed to the best of our abilities. Our internal Quality Program is focused on ensuring that our products meet a stringent set of requirements, which includes listening to customer feedback and going above and beyond the specific standards.” quotes Mr. Khemka.

The brand has been recognized several times in its lifespan, and the quest for excellence. Some of these accolades include:

“The Best Brand Award” on 18th March 2021, in addition to the “Best Organised Retailer” Award at Times Business Awards, 2020.

Mr. Khemka and his team are constantly working hard to create value for their products, value that customers can feel and recommend to others as well.

“We intend to widen our reach so that we can cater to people, all across India. We also intend to launch an e-market very soon, bearing in mind the convenience of our customers.” He says.

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