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Bionworks:- Bringing A Difference Into The World Of Healthcare Through AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare is projected to grow at an immense rate. AI can potentially improve healthcare by bringing up preventative medicine and new drug discovery. Integrating AI into the healthcare ecosystem has a huge set of advantages, including automating tasks and analyzing big patient data. This, in turn, results in delivering better and faster healthcare solutions, and at a lower cost.

We bring you a story of Bionworks that’s bringing a difference into the world of healthcare through its digitally advanced systems. Founded in 2016 to help large secondary and tertiary care hospitals tackle efficiency and quality-related challenges and to bring better patient experience by leveraging digital technologies, today Bionworks is a big brand name for its revolutionary services.


Bionworks focuses on building AI-driven enterprise mobility software for healthcare providers helping them incrementally mobilize their healthcare workforce and improve efficiency and productivity without having to replace existing IT software. Bionworks is a business to an enterprise company that offers cutting edge mobility solutions for large healthcare providers.


Bionworks offers a product called Healthplug which is workflow-driven communication, collaboration, and care coordination mobility solution. Through its mobile EMR and patient engagement apps, Healthplug improves staff collaboration, transforms patient engagement and enables process automation in hospitals.


The organization works for both the public and private sectors. Its solutions have been implemented in many geographies including the Middle East, India, South East Asia and the UK directly or through OEM partners. Some of their direct clients include Medanta Medicity, Artemis Hospitals, Emirates Speciality Hospital.

“Our solutions have been implemented in large public and private sector organizations in India and the Middle East through our partners. I subscribe to news feeds as well as make it a point to dedicate time every day to follow websites and key LinkedIn personalities for news articles. We also actively participate in well-known technology and healthcare events and engage leaders in the field of healthcare to understand and debate our next area(s) of R&D focus.” Chandrashekhar, CEO – Bionworks


The organization has been actively pursuing a growth strategy via OEM agreements with resellers and system integrators with complementary services and offerings.

We look forward to expanding into the US market in the next financial year as well as establish offices in Dubai and Singapore to service our OEM partners and customers in those regions.


The solutions have helped customers win numerous awards in innovation and quality excellence in India and the middle east.

We are very proud of remaining bootstrapped yet being able to achieve over a million dollars in revenue by the 4th year of our operation. We owe this to our partners and our customers who have always trusted us to do what is best for them.


The team continues to experiment with new technology and advances in cloud computing and machine learning every day to learn and leverage them to solve problems for its clients.

We have always believed that R&D was fundamental to our mission to use digital technologies to solve problems in Healthcare. We have dedicated members of our team evaluating how latest advances such as machine learning, Internet of Things, blockchain storage, smart bots can be solutionized for customers as part of our product offering.


The team of Bionworks found that integrating into a desktop or laptop-based electronic medical records into clinical workflows was a huge barrier for the digitization of healthcare and paper-based records could not be replaced. Bionworks set out to change this by bringing a comprehensive mobile-first enterprise solution to help hospitals leverage the ubiquitous smartphone ecosystem to drive clinical care delivery and their business processes.

The CEO Story: Mr. Chandrashekhar BC, Chief Executive Officer talks about his journey

“The focus of my entire career has been healthcare information technology. I started my career as a software developer in 1996 with MEDICOM, one of the earliest trendsetters in this industry. Subsequently, I moved upwards to hold leadership positions with iSOFT as the head of software products, and then to Computer Sciences Corporation (now known as DXC) as the delivery head for healthcare IT solutions for the Asia and the Middle East region.

With the understanding that many more problems could be solved if we used technology in the right way, I founded Bionworks in 2016 to build software products to help healthcare enterprises agile and efficient.

Our challenges have been different at every step of our journey. Overcoming the deep-rooted fear of failure, finding the right team, the right customers, ensuring cash flow to keep the business afloat in times of uncertainties were a few challenges. We have been fortunate to have had the unflinching support of our customers including Medanta and Artemis Hospitals who have been an integral part of our journey in helping us ensure that we are solving the right problems.

Today I work with my partners to make decisions on our strategy daily, I drive business development efforts, I engage our customers to help solve their problems, I work with my delivery team on the ground to guide and streamline their plans, I work with my engineering team on making decisions and finally with potential investors and partners to ensure business and cash flow.”


  • Be passionate about your pursuit. Only then will you be able to keep yourself and others inspired and motivated especially when times are bleak.
  • Ensure that you market test your solution early to ensure that you are solving a real problem and be ever ready to change direction.
  • Relationships matter. Identify the right customers and partners early in your journey and give them the focus.
  • Avoid the valuation game early in your journey. Focus on building your business around the right set of ideas and valuation will follow.
  • Finally, take advice including the above but trust your instincts.

Private or public hospitals, startups, and healthcare professionals are learning novel methods to incorporate AI into the healthcare eco-system. This speed will continue to grow as the world dives deeper into digital health. As the world blends into this new age of digitalization, we hope to save many more lives and create happiness around


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