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Entrepreneurship certainly stands as one of the key innovations for the development of a nation, both economically and technologically. In India, Govt. initiatives have empowered young innovators to conceptualize their ideas to increase economic and industrial development, regional growth and employment opportunities, and societal development through advanced technologies. Under the domain of entrepreneurial development, “techno entrepreneurship”, stands as a voguish trend. In the last five years, techno-entrepreneurship has been highly empowered by digital technology. Many tech-innovators have used the platform to devise products and services, leading to the prosperity of many individuals, firms, regions, and nations. In short, technology has created a new era of consumers; in a few years, technology will prove to be the turnkey for creating a better world. Such is the belief of Mr Vishal Adsool, a seasoned leader and founder of Equations Work It Services Pvt. Ltd.


Equations Work is an IT service firm delivering a wide array of solutions with digital technologies such as IoT, AI, Mobility, and AR & VR. From the inception, Equations Work had the opportunity to work with trending startups and many Fortune companies, to devise products that could shake the market through technology and innovation. This helped Equations Work acquire a leadership seat in the market and garner rich IT experience, eventually creating a niche for themselves. Their software solutions are implemented by notable verticals of the industry, across the globe namely, Automobile, Aviation, Heavy Engineering, HR-Tech, eLearning, and Health-Care. With almost a decade of experience, Equations Work has created a strong stature in the IT arena and are working meticulously to become a “Preferred Technology Partner” to the growing start-ups and Fortune companies. The company has grown to a team of more than 100 members and is known for its pioneering solutions over the globe.


Mr. Vishal Adsool is a serial entrepreneur as well as a tech investor in multiple companies. He is also an award-winning tech-architect, experienced in working at MNCs with exposure to several Fortune 100 companies. During this professional stretch, Vishal was able to introspect the need for digital transformation services for these firms. With a Masters’s degree in Computer Science and rich experience in the technological sphere, He further comprehended that potential technology is a prime factor to elevate the world on the next level. This made him establish Equations Work. Primordially, the company focused on devising products; but, with time become a Center of Excellence for Product Innovation and Delivery for Outsourced products. Afterward, Mr. Adsool ventured on a startup in the B2B space for 2 years and then moved on exploring how modern technologies can help the business to create impact, especially AR/VR technology. Although predominantly the platform AR/VR technology was used exclusively by big brands Mr. Adsool wanted to avail make it reachable for it to small firms, passionate innovators everyone, etc. With that mindset, he devised Experizer – A no-code approach to craft AR/ VR modules, giving rich and immersive experiences for marketing as well as learning & development.


Before attaining new heights, Equations Work was a self-sustained firm with a small investment. “Having bootstrapped the company with a little capital that was self-induced through Savings, I started building up a product initially back in 2011,” says Mr. Adsool. He started with a good product; however, saw a big failure at investing in marketing & sales, gradually failing the product. However, this failure didn’t break him and within a short span, he got his company back on track by modifying it to the server the masses as an IT service provider.

From there on, Equations Work started getting recognized more prominently. Mr. Adsool wanted to test and surpass his limits; as such, he brought several close and trusted friends on-board to boost the performance and put the company on hyper-growth. With this partnership, Mr. Adsool had his first boom of $1Million. In the time ahead, Equations Work hired and implemented experienced resources from many startups over MNC’s. “In my honest opinion, working with a startup for a year is as good as working with an MNC for 3,” asserts Mr. Adsool. He believes that working with startups gives better transparency, exposure, and access to disruptive technologies. It further develops the skills for surviving the constant transitions in the market, eventually making one Jack-of-all as well as Master-of-a-lot! On another note, R&D is a prime factor to stay abreast of contemporary patterns. With nine years of experience, the company has learned that staying updated with market trends, helps in learning about the landscape and rectifying mistakes with perfection


Mr. Vishal is a dynamic personage with the capability to handle multi-disciplinary functions in an organization. Equations Work as a company does not have a single person in sales. Its entire business has been harnessed from the personal relations of the founder – Vishal Adsool as well as through word of mouth. His area of concern includes Sales and Strategic partnerships and maneuvering the company’s functions to optimal levels. Apart from this, he also oversees all other functions from Delivery, Quality to Human Resource. He is a hands-on developer and usually loves to take over projects and even reports to the Product Owner daily during scrums. This gets him in-depth knowledge of his team’s productivity and further helps to assess the trends of the technological landscape while interacting with prospects.


Equations Work has garnered a team of close to 100 members from notable startups, prestigious universities and renowned tech companies. The company has maintained a flat hierarchy and deliberately focuses on evaluating talent based on R&D skills rather than just academic merit, helping them churn out the choicest people from the bunch. The company receives over 4000+ internship applications form all around the world each years, out of which only 6 to 8 candidates become part of the company. Each employee understands the company as a whole and shows a remarkable performance. The company works with the notion “Sharing(knowledge) is caring”, which helps them build a harmonious culture and low attrition rate. Mr. Adsool proudly says, “We exist because of our Human-Capital and that is our real strength. Each year we carefully find a centroid to ensure happiness in all directions from all the ends of the triangle – Company Vision, Human-Capital, and Budgets.” Further to keep this team motivated, Mr. Adsool analyses the monthly and yearly goals and shares the achievements with his team members. This gives the employees a good recognition for their efforts. By satisfying clients, every employee fulfills their aim in the organization. These achievements further help in kindling their effort to do more

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