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Bugsmirror: Committed to notifying the highest level of privacy and protection of your data

Bugsmirror: Committed to notifying the highest level of privacy and protection of your data

Written by-Avishek Singh

You would never have dreamed of leaving the house door open all day for someone to come in. Consider the machine in the same light. Maintain strict security around your network access and personal info, and don’t leave any windows or doors open for an intruder to enter.

As cyber criminals grow more advanced and sophisticated, their attack tactics become more complicated and sophisticated to avoid detection. End-users must take appropriate security precautions to deter an intruder from obtaining access to sensitive information, causing financial damage, hurting important clients, or harming their own reputation.

For companies, the effects of data breaches can be damaging, both in terms of financial costs and in terms of credit risk. Smaller organizations that do not have the tools to react to and recover from the effects of data theft are especially at risk. 60 percent of the small companies that are under threat will be out of business within six months. However, the effect of identity misuse goes beyond the direct financial impact on businesses.

No system is flawless, and Bugsmirror insists that collaborating with qualified security experts is critical in finding any technology’s vulnerabilities.

“We believe privacy and reliability to be the central features of any software. Earning and maintaining the interest of our customers is our top concern, so we are committed to notifying the highest level of privacy and protection.” says the CEO, Mr. Aman Pandey.

Bugsmirror is an IT company based in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. The company was legally registered in January 2021 but has been working on the project for the last 3 years and Aman Pandey, a graduate of NIT Bhopal, is the founder and CEO of the firm.

The Making of Bugsmirror
The CEO recalls the entrepreneurial journey of the company in the business world.

“Our business path has been very complex. There were companies that unnecessarily accused us of plagiarism claiming that they had already reported the bug that we reported. Later we were congratulated by Google’s members for reporting that bug thus proving that there are many suppressing agents.”

The CEO adds “From the very beginning, our vision has been to entrench our organization as the best security bug-finder. Data theft has become a major issue in recent times, where applications consciously request permissions that may not concern their operation and often also take data without permission using vulnerability in the operating system, and hence I strongly believe that the next world war could be due to data and privacy breaches. In this mission, our R&D team is working persistently to keep people’s data and privacy secure.”

In order to support all aspects of start-up companies and other self-employment practices, especially in technology-driven areas, the government has developed a system under NITI Aayog known as SETUs (self-employment and talent utilization). Mr. Pandey highly credits the Indian Government in providing all the support and help to grow and thrive as a company. He says, “Recent policies sanctioned in the budget 2021 and many others are supporting start-ups like ours which has helped many aspirants and visionaries to become entrepreneurs and make their business successful in a short time.”

An Inside look at Bugsmirror future plan:
The future of the company looks dazzling bright.

“ The pace we are expanding into the future seems very dazzling, with the firm worth nearly Rs 1.6 crore, and is working very optimistically to raise the value to nearly 25 crores at the end of this fiscal year. The arrival of smartphones and their integration into our worldly life are still vulnerable to fraud, with our most important data stored on smartphones and Android is an abyss and thus offers many possibilities for detecting glitches, hence our study and constant work hold a successful future”.

Want to know more about this promising company? We had a conversation with the founder to bring you some exclusive insights on who they are, how they work, and what they believe in. Here’s a quick glimpse.

Believe in Research and Development
R&D is still an integral and most important aspect of any company regardless of the form of organization. We are purely research-based firms, who gather a deep understanding of the security systems of the aforementioned companies, just as our name suggests.

Perceiving Leadership
Leadership is a position of great responsibility and is a very arduous job. Leadership can be defined in many ways but we tend to keep it very simple. We believe leaders are the ones who guide their delegates to a successful journey and teach them in such a manner that it feels like we are the ones who did it.

Work Culture
It is important to flourish a start-up financially and employees are the ones who help us achieve everything. Work culture is utterly value-driven. We keep our timing very agile. Employees are allowed to work whenever they want, giving them an extra edge. Being a start-up, we have a 6 day work week. From the very start, our work culture has kept zero communication barrier between the masters and the apprentice, which has helped us to commute suggestions effectively and efficiently and at every timekeeping room for development. As leaders we try to keep the ambiance very calm and cool, trying our best to reach optimum content among the employees.

Words of wisdom
There can be profuse of factors that can lead to a successful entrepreneur but two character traits that we think are important are diligence and persistence. As wisely said by venerated Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam “failure is the first attempt in learning”, Success doesn’t come overnight and if it does it is ephemeral and hence it becomes important to keep working onwards, upwards, over and again. The above two traits will make every entrepreneur’s journey propitious.

Everyone thinks that to be successful we need to be smart but being smart is a congenital property that cannot be influenced but we can always work hard to achieve our goal. As said by highly admired Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam “to shine like the sun first burn like one” and so If you think you can do better, give it more time, Do it as meticulously as no one can, and success will knock on your door.


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