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 As we can see the weather is scorching nowadays. March was exceptionally hot, April is equivalently hot as the previous month and now we entered the month of May when the sun feels like burning and the rays of it directly fall on our body skin and that is the reason why we feel so hot. The country has already suffered from four heatwaves and this year extreme heat is noticed at the beginning of the summer season of march and the heating effect of the sun is going on a steady rise, till the last week of June.

This heat can trigger exhaustion, bring confusion, heart attack, eye irritation, sunburn to the skin, skin cancer and also cardiovascular and respiratory diseases which may also become fatal for our life sometimes. That is the reason why we felt the need for some cooling machinery that can help us to survive in this scorching environment by cooling the air around us. But before taking any purchasing decision to finalize a new air conditioner we have to be very careful about the faults, troubles and causes that can bring damage to our lives.

As today’s market is full of technological products and flooded with plenty of options present out of there in the market so now it is up to you what is your need, what the things that you are looking for in your product and for your ease and convenience. Below are given the five things that we should keep in mind before buying a new air conditioner so that can provide us with the best relief they are given. These five things also help the customers with no prior experience in selecting the right air conditioner for their home.

  • Efficiency – Energy efficiency is one of the most important parameters to be noticed when making a purchasing decision. As the efficiency of any cooling system, it takes 30% to 50% less energy to give the same amount of cooling as comparison air conditioners made in the mid-1970s. Like in case if you have 10 years old air conditioner after replacing it with a newer one you can save up to 20% to 40% of your cooling energy cost. As the newer models are more effective and efficient. So energy efficiency is measured as using less energy to give the same result. It is worth buying a newer more efficient model as they are less expensive to use and are more efficient in turning hot air into cold, and in lower energy bills. The efficiency of AC is not only essential to provide you with the best cooling effect but it also saves your money whenever the electricity bills come as it decreases the energy cost.
  • Tonnage – Tonnage is important as it refers that how much heat an air conditioner unit can remove from a room in one hour. One ton of air conditioning can remove 12,000 British thermal units (BTU) of air within an hour. A 1.5-ton system in a house required 3 tons to stay cool. Tonnage in simple words means for every square foot of the space room needs 20 BTU per hour. If the tonnage of an air conditioner is too high it means it is oversized AC and is too powerful for the normal space home. The ideal choice of an AC for a room measuring up to 150-160 sq. ft is a 1-ton window Ac or 1.5 ton split AC. The tonnage is necessary as the more tonnage the air conditioner unit is rated the more heated air it can cool down. The more tonnage Air conditioner means more work it can do which results in higher energy bills so to save yourself from the high cost buy that air conditioner which is energy star certified.
  • Quality of air- This is the parameter which is important to save you from any health-related issue. We take Oxygen from the air present around us so for our good health and hygiene, it is necessary that we inhale should be clean. For that safety purpose, it is the major task to select an air conditioner which does not have any aeration or air exchange defect, Proper ventilation is required with the best quality filter present in it. Because the air filter in the Air conditioner is responsible for trapping and eliminating the particulates before they come into your indoor air. If the filter is not performing well and it gets dirty or clogged leading to microbial growth and can put your health at the risk. The dust that gets entrapped in the filter and the filter is not that capable to remove that dust on its own will always entangle us in the situation of AC fault and makes us busy to maintain it every time. We have to spend a lot of time and money on its maintenance if you don’t get aware in the starting when you are making the purchasing decisions.
  • Speed- This parameter can affects the whole working of an air conditioner. The speed of the fan of Ac regulates the cooling as faster the speed faster is the cooling process. AC with variable speed technology refers to the type of compressor used in it. The compressor represents the heart of your air conditioner or heat pump system so if it performs well the whole AC will perform well. It decides the cooling capacity of your AC system. If they’re in the AC is present the variable speed compressors which means it allows a unit to run at any speed ranging from 30% to 100%. On a humid day, low speed is more effective and removes more moisture because of the slow air movement through the cooling machine. On other days except for the humidity day, the AC fan should run on high to give you a better experience and makes you feel more comfortable. The speed of the fan in AC appliances decides its capability to cool the surrounding air present indoors. The speed parameter is controlled by a resistor activated by the bowler fan switch. If the fan AC does not work it is due to a fault in the bowler motor or resistor.
  • Type- split or window- This is the important parameter to be noticed while buying an air conditioner as it defines your AC system. The tonnage measures the capacity or the ability to cool the AC but the splits and window are designed as areas they are getting fixed. Likewise in split AC, it is designed to mount high so it can cover a larger area or space on the other hand the window AC is designed for smaller rooms to circulate the air and convert the hot air into the coolest air it is generally placed in the corners of the room and it throws its air only in the bottom space up to the normal height of a person. The split AC is generally the major choice as it transfers air throughout the larger space and the cooling is also advanced. The window AC comes in cheap as compared to split AC. In the split AC, the compressor unit is located outside and can generate a lot of noise which can cause a little disturbance for others but not for you. For larger space homes split system AC is the best choice.

The summer makes you realize that your home machines and ceiling fans are not that sufficient to provide you with the coolant that your body needs and the machine that is already present in your home is no longer up to the job of keeping you and your comfort throughout the hot weather so it’s your responsibility to take care of them and also be aware of good quality products.

And before becoming fooled by any machinery fault it is better to check them before so the above given Five things will help you to take you towards your right choice of air conditioning appliances. It becomes easy to survive this summer after buying AC in homes it circulates the air, filters the air and also removes pollutants so we can inspire fresh and cool air.

Here is the list of the five things to keep in mind when buying a new air conditioner for your home.

  1. Efficiency
  2. Tonnage
  3. Quality of air
  4. Speed
  5. Type- split or window

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