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When a child is born, it becomes the fascination of every parent to dress-up their toddler, with a classy look. Urbanisation and globalisation have significantly affected people’s preferences, especially about clothing. People have become more concerned with quality, and are focusing more on comfort, durability, artistic designs, etc. and when it comes to kids clothing their quality consciousness goes up by a notch! The rising demand has made people focus more on foreign brands, which are hard to get.

Realizing the need, many innovators have arrived the market with a collection of artistic dresses, but still, the international standards were missing. This abundance laid an innovative opportunity for Chandni Agarwal, founder of Little Tags – A creative e-commerce platform, having a choice collection of kids clothing, crafted by recognized global brands and renowned designers.

Chandni’s entrepreneurial journey started, after her marriage, to be specific right after her first toddler was born. Being a passionate person, it was difficult for her to find the choicest clothes, for her child and most of the time it had to be imported.

“Kids are an extension of our personality; as such, it becomes important to groom them as we groom ourselves”. Says Chandni.

This stimulated her motivation to devise a brand that can dazzle the Indian market, with an aesthetic collection of designing apparels, evidently, Little Tags was introduced in the industry. Incepted in 2017, the brand has welcomed some of the best designers and brands around the world, under one umbrella. In a short span, Chandni is foreseeing to launch another brand ‘Little Tags Luxury’, which will only include international luxurious brands.

“My Brand is a product made out of a mother’s love”, says Chandni. The bond between parents and their toddler is the purest relation in the world, Little Tags ensures, with every product this bonding becomes more sound. But, urbanisation and globalisation has introduced an outrageous competition, So how do Little Tags stand out? During its inception, the market had an abundance of luxury apparels for kids at cost-efficient prices.

This void laid down an eventful opportunity, for Chandni. Within 3 years, She has welcomed 140 brands and 25 national and international designers. Little Tags has grown into a one-stop-shop having casual wear, traditional wear, party wear, and much more. The brand has a special category Mini-Me – Look alike designer clothes for parents and children tailored specifically to occasions. Other than these, the brand has a significant number of grooming accessories and eyecatching homecare products as well.

A clear understanding of customer preferences and provider’s potential gives a brand a better edge in the market. On the same note, Little Tags makes a portfolio of every individual designer on sales capacity, feedbacks and new ideas in the product. In-depth research on customer’s behaviour further, helps in addressing the market changes. The analysis helps in categorising products as mundane, seasonal or occasional. This data eventually helps in upscaling the quality of products.

The desolation created by COVID-19, has severely affected the operations of organisations, but for Little Tags, it hasn’t. Floating on the e-commerce platform, gave it an upper hand. Also, challenges don’t stop people from buying clothes and when it comes to kids the demand actually rises. Little Tags was able to sustain its business leveraging on this reason. Even in self-isolation, many people addressed to various occasions like birthday parties and giving their children the charming look was indispensable. This kept Little Tags in the loop, meeting their customer’s demand, and overcoming the pandemic challenges.

“We’re a team of passionate people and having an independent work culture, keeps us connected at all times”, says Chandni. A brand made with love needs to have an adept team, with the same level of enthusiasm. Little Tags enjoys the expertise of 30 talented people on board. Every employee is qualified with optimism and is encouraged to grow their productivity. Chandni being a woman, further pushes for passionate women as it makes her business stronger and puts up a profound image in the market.

Little Tags has a very harmonious work culture. Chandni being the sole leader maintains complete transparency with her team. She engages in face-to-face discussions to resolve individual issues and also to churn out their true potential. The congenial bond helps in maintaining a growing atmosphere and a ‘charitable team formed with love’. Chandni proudly shares that not a single employee has ever felt discouraged or left alone, in the last 3 years.

With 3 years, of growing business, Chandni has become an example, for many women who wish to break through the orthodox nature of society. Belonging from a traditional Marwari family, it has been arduous maintaining a balance between work and life. However, with sheer will and dedication, she has grown her business. Her brand’s quality has been widely commended by customers, helping her gain a substantial presence across the country. Many of her customer’s testimonials say, “she can make any festival/occasion special”.

Adding to that, Little Tags has grown from 5 brands and 3 employees to 140 brands and a team of 30 people. They started the journey in the e-commerce platform and are foreseeing to grow in the retail space so that people can touch and realize the quality upfront. During the COVID, the office staff often went out of their way to complete deliveries, which further attributes the quality.

After building a significant presence in India, Little Tags foresees to build supply routes to foreign countries. The brand is already approached, by customers from Posh countries like Dubai; within a short span, the brand is aiming to start its exports. Besides this, Little Tags is looking forward to bring new brands and grow more on the digital space.

“Don’t be afraid, what you truly aspire lies just beyond what you fear”. Chandni Agarwal


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