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Chauhan Law Associates: Tapping Potential Legal Desks

Lawyers in our country have historically contributed immensely towards the effective dispensation of justice -Be it, the struggle for Independence, the framing of our Constitution, governance, or for fighting for the socio-economic rights of the poor and the downtrodden. Even as on date, we have some outstanding lawyers, inter alia, who are doing excellent work in this noble legal profession.

One such lawyer is Mr. Yudhvir Singh Chauhan, who has an impeccable record of giving genuine valuable advice to his clients. Mr. Yudhvir Singh Chauhan also happens to be a quick learner, who acclimatizes to the changing situations with ease and communicates patiently and effectively with fellow legal professionals and with the members of the general public. Currently, Mr. Yudhvir Singh Chauhan primarily practises at the Delhi High Court and is also running his own law firm i.e. “Chauhan Law Associates”. After the inception of his own law firm, Mr. Yudhvir Singh Chauhan has successfully undertaken multiple matters pertaining to various Laws, be it civil/ criminal/Quasi-Criminal/Quasi-Civil and more in nature.

“What makes us approachable to our clients, are the bright and talented lawyers who possess vast wealth of knowledge and have a proven record of providing indispensable advice to clients.”

-Yudhvir Singh Chauhan, Advocate


Incepted in the year 1999, “Chauhan Law Associates” possesses a huge network of advocates spread across the country i.e. From the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India to almost at all the Hon’ble High Courts situated throughout the country. The firm from its very inception has been working with a professional/honest approach and has been striving to achieve excellence in order to provide effective relief to the clients in the matters assigned. The firm is fairly well equipped and committed to providing practical/sound/genuine advice/solutions to the clients throughout the country. The firm even though is based in Delhi, however enjoys the distinction of being one of the firms, which has a presence throughout the country.


What Mr. Yudhvir Singh Chauhan is today, it is only because of the sheer hard after work, dedication and passion that he has for this noble legal profession. Prior to establishment of the firm, Mr. Yudhvir Singh Chauhan, joined the Chamber of Mr. M. M. Sudan, the then Senior Standing Counsel for the Union of India and as such acquired good knowledge and exposure in different fields of law under his guidance and it is only after his consistent efforts he was able to setup his firm. Till today, Mr. Chauhan strives with equal enthusiasm and zeal to live up to the expectations of his clients that includes;

  1. Providing accurate, timely and effective legal advice to the clients and fellow advocates practising in this noble profession;
  2. Detailed analysis of the relevant documents in order to make the case of his clients effective;
  3. Ensuring speedy delivery of justice/relief to his clients;
  4. Effective drafting and pleading of the cases handled by him;

“Being a first generation Lawyer, I have evolved from the grass roots and can understand the hardships of the legal profession. One should be a quick learner who can easily absorb new situations and can communicate patently and effectively with both legal professionals and public. The legal professionals should constantly be focused on resolving legal issues and always looking for ways to improve and evolve processes. He/she should be skilled with the ability to assess the legal issues and produce professional results while adhering to rigid guidelines.”  – Mr. Yudhvir Singh Chauhan, Advocate


After his enrolment in the year 1999, Mr. Yudhvir Singh Chauhan commenced his career in the field of litigation under the blessings and guidance of senior members of the Bar. and has appeared in Courts throughout the country. The seniors and colleagues with whom he practiced together, inter alia, infused within him, the strict/high standards/norms of ethics of the Bar, which he cherishes and practices till date.

That in the year 2007, Mr. Yudhvir Singh Chauhan contested his first ever elections at the Delhi High Court Bar Association and was elected with thumping majority to the post of Executive Member. Being the elected member of the Delhi High Court Bar Association he got an opportunity to comprehend and solve various issues concerning the members of the Bar and the legal profession.


  1. Empanelled as Counsel for ‘Union of India’ for High Court of Delhi;
  2. Empanelled as Counsel for ‘Govt. of NCT of Delhi’;
  3. Empanelled as Counsel for the ‘United India Insurance Co. ’;
  4. Empanelled as Counsel for the ‘GAIL (India) Limited’;
  5. Empanelled as Legal Adviser/Consultant for the ‘Office of the Controller General of Defence Accounts’;
  6. Empanelled as Counsel for ‘Land & Building Department of of NCT of Delhi at Delhi High Court;
  7. Empanelled on the panel of ‘Ministry of Railways’ ;
  8. Empanelled as Counsel for ‘Delhi SC/SC/OBC/Minority & Handicapped Financial & Development Corporation’;


  1. Standing Counsel for ‘Directorate of Panchayat/ Goan Sabha’.;
  2. Empanelled as Counsel for ‘Delhi Jal Board’;
  3. Empanelled as ‘Mediator’ by the Delhi High Court Mediation & Conciliation ;
  4. Empanelled as ‘Arbitrator’ by the Delhi High Court at The Delhi International Arbitration Centre (DAC).;


Mr. Yudhvir Singh Chauhan being resourceful advocate when it comes to providing effective day-to-day advice to clients on legal matters is also actively and sincerely devoted to the cause of Bar and has been tirelessly striving for the dignity and welfare of the Bar and the people. Mr. Yudhvir Singh Chauhan, inter alia, has never hesitated in opposing/raising concern if any wrong or unethical steps are undertaken, which are detrimental to the members of the legal profession and for the public at large. Mr. Yudhvir Singh Chauhan has in the past and is currently persuading the Executive Body of the Delhi High Court Bar Association to implement, the decisions for the welfare of the members in most transparent manner and also in accordance with the Bye-laws of the Association.

Mr. Yudhvir Singh Chauhan is also constantly thriving to introduce and implement certain welfare schemes for the members of the Bar i.e. medical reimbursement facility, family pension and group housing schemes for advocates. He is also taking up the said issues with the Bar Council of Delhi, Bar Council of India and other appropriate authorities constantly on a regular basis.

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