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Chiranjeev Community Health Services Pvt Ltd




The Company based at Indore, is planning to expand its wing at National and globally across countries in establishing, maintaining, operating, running, managing and administering healthcare, diagnostic, health aids and research centres for updating health records globally.

Health facilities in India has been restricted by centre to vertical successful National  Health  Programmes viz, small Pox eradication, Polio eradication, Mission Indradhanush, National Ayush Mission, to name a few. But the ultimate goal of sustainable healthcare will be attained only when the best of healthcare will be available to all, in particular to rural areas and below poverty lines families and other eligible sections.

The adverse situation of healthcare services in rural areas of India as well as Madhya Pradesh, and the predominant exploitation of poor due to the absence of qualified doctors, health monitoring system & equipments also high medical expenses incited Mr. Sharma, the concept of initiating a business in healthcare sector about 10 years ago, with an aim to develop a generosity among people about their health to diagnose, trace & track the diseases, with a mission to develop a new model using latest technologies for taking care of individual’s health life-long as well as perform the monitoring of health by regularly performing basic tests of the individual, this initiative could prove boon to the society.

The company is decided to prepare the “NATIONAL HEALTH CARD”( NHC ) in Rs.1100 and will manage the lead for the basic 72 tests including BP monitoring, Blood sugar test, CBC, Urine Test, ECG, TMT, Full Lipid Profile, full Liver Profile, Bone Density Test etc. at gross route,  to monitor & maintain the health record of every citizen. The main motive of the concept is to diagnose disease at primary level & eradicate that disease at that level, which can cut the loss of health, wealth & time. The group have a very concrete & viable planning to establish international standard labs like  AIIMS,   MEDANATA,   FORTIES  & BREACH CANDY, in which they will provide the world-class basic test facilitites on economical cost. The company will maintain the test records and history of each registered individual card holder’s health.” which will be maintained by trained technician and there will be no need to carry any test reports by the patients.

Samudayik vikas evam paryavaran samvardhan parishad, an integrated emerging healthcare delivery service provider section 8 company which will be the implementing agency, is founded, after a long research & development by Mukesh Sharma, a knowledgeable, hardworking and visionary personality who is committed to provide quality world class health services of regular health monitoring to the citizen of Madhya Pradesh.

Mr. Sharma, on behalf of the company, holding solely, “Trade Mark & Copyright “of name & also of execution plan of NATIONAL HEALTH CARD (NHC) with the tag line – “Health in Your Pocket.” Along with this Copyright Department of India has awarded Mr. Sharma copyright for 294 different ideas & concepts, in Literary & Dramatic Work which are unique in its kind. Company will recruit 367 District / Tehsil Coordinators, 3150 Technicians and 22000 Jan Swasthya Workers for Madhya Pradesh only. At present they have targeted Madhya Pradesh, & the budget of the project is around 603 crores. After completing the network in MP, they will be expanding their network to execute the programme at National Level. Also, they are having overwhelming response and positive dialogue with overseas government authorities. The group will utilise the manpower to monitor the registered patients health to trace & track the people suffer- ing from diseases. In particular, they want to target the people who cannot afford the expenses on diseases. They have organised successfulily Health Check Up, Blood Group Camps” and “Cancer & TB Screening” in various villages in Indore and nearby regions.

In 2015, Mr. Sharma registered the NGO services named “Naya Daur”. After a long struggle he came up with another company service “samudayik vikas evam paryavaran samvardhan parishad “. “Samudayik” named with this pious thought of “Sarv Kalyan ” or”Work for All. “The concept of health checkup & monitoring health has been acknowledged and admired by WHO, many govt. authorities, political representatives & pvt. Companies also.

Mr. Sharma, a passionate writer, an IAS aspirant up till 2003, had involved himself in different R&D programs for the last 18 years and had contributed to many articles in Hindi on Humanity, Culture, in particular, Indian culture and European culture, before entering into Entrepreneurship. Mr. Sharma, a triple postgraduate in English Literature, Sanskrit Literature and History from Devi Ahilya University, Indore in 1994, 1996 & 1998 respectively. He also placed in order of merit of university, also completed Diploma in Comparative Languages & Mass Communication from Hyderabad and Bhopal in 2000 and 2003 respectively.

Mr. Sharma gives full credit of his successful journey to his “Mother” who although had no formal education, but she always inspired him to prove himself and do something useful for the society.

Although he was not born Entrepreneur, but his leadership quality was inherent in him from school days, which he developed and focussed heading towards this Entrepreneurial Journey. Even before the idea of launching the company, he always used to lead among his circle in creative& other activities, which was inculcated by the blessings of parents and his relatives, friends and admirers. Ultimately, he was always focused to prove his qualities.

The group is focussing to create a “SELF DEPEND SOCIETY”. They are trying to modernise a system prevalent in India called “Barter System” or “Vastu Vinimay” with the new technologies. The barter system is a system of trade in which there is no involvement of currency, one good of value is traded with another good of equal value. Barter systems have been in place for thousands of years throughout human history. The group will keep monitoring of health of individuals with minimum cost and in service they will provide international standard healthcare with National Healthv Card. They have planned to divide the health monitoring system at four levels, Panchyat, Tehsil, Zila and Sambagh (Division) This project will minimise the cost for every individual’s health care.

At present, The major issue being faced by the group in running the service is lack of funds. At initials, they’re in search of, Angel Funders, to avail fund, some of Rs. 10 crore, to execute the project.

Company Milestones and Achievements

The milestones of the company has been in the form of leads or response from people of Indore and nearby regions. People are welcoming the idea with great hands. Some of them, shake hands with handsome investments. They have praised the plan and have advised to plan properly like prepare presentations and utilize budget for proper execution. The company has called Investors from different sectors.

Company’s Uniqueness Regular  Health  Monitoring System (RHMS) is the main theme of this concept. Once the person get registered by paying the requisite amount & get a National Health Card, they will be monitored for lifetime for any sort of health issue.

The uniqueness about their service is that they are going to track the health regularly of every individual and they are going to maintain data of those. They are going to make panels for different Doctors in every District and Sambagh and they are going to take service from Doctors by our own contacts and networks. For medicines also they are going to make networks and make the availability of the medicines of contagious diseases like Tuberculosis, leprosy etc. and even for dreadful diseases like Cancer, Diabetes etc. in addition to Psychology disorders and immunisation programmes at minimum cost. Their main motto is to reduce the burden of medical expense on individual suffering from diseases.


Presently although the group is targeting to villagers and the places where there is lack of medical facility but people from every section of society may it be from urban or rural are going to be targeted in the near future. They have launched at Indore and nearby villages of Madhya Pradesh. But very soon they are planning to expand this project at National level.

They will manage the Instruments manufacturing company through CSR activities or donations. They are going to diagnose the disease of enrolled patient’s and make a network of Doctors in the coming 6 months according to different sectors like Heart Specialist, Kidney, Oncologist etc. They are going to implement the method Ayurvedic or Allopathic according to suggestions made by the specialist Doctors.

With a pious concept of a”Healthy Citizen- Healthy Nation”, SAMUDAYIK VIKAS EVAM PARYAVARAN SAMVARDHAN PARISHAD, has taken a right approach and is heading towards a successful business for a valuable service to humanity. They are marching ahead to achieve the goal,”MISSION HEALTHY BHARAT Up To 2025”.


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