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ClickZep is one of the leading online Payment Gateway providers serving domestic payment transactions to all over Indian based merchants. The company strives to offer safe and reliable payment gateway services to merchants. ClickZep is the online payment aggregator or gateway provider who is offering credit card, debit card, net banking, e-wallets, UPI, and the payments through NEFT and IMPS by virtual bank accounts. They are offering their services to every merchant or business that are doing business legitimately.

Arun Kumar is a Strategic Planner and Product Innovator. He plays a key role in merchant’s acquisition, underwriting, risk review, web compliance and alliancing with Banks & 3rd party acquirers. He is currently serving as a commercialization strategist.

By offering almost every processing solution available in the Indian market, the Company synchronizes with the latest needs of the market. ClickZep is all in one processing solution for the merchant need. Merchant has the flexibility to offer the various payment options to their customers so that any payment method which the customer wants to use they can choose it.

They are a highly provocative team of professionals who drive the merchants seeking the solution through initialization, document Processing, back end management, resource allocation and assurance stages. They follow strong work ethics in order to maintain the synchronization internally within the company. They promote the work culture by providing workshops, seminars and activities that encourage happiness within the work environment and at the same time allow them to hone up their skills.


  • Most of the competitors are offering the processing on the credit card from ranging 1.85 % to 2%. ClickZep is just 1.75% which is the lowest credit card processing rate in the market.
  • The second difference is that in the market according to the RBI regulation, the transactions under Rs. 2000 are free. However, people or merchants are being charged the same for those transactions. They are offering free. No charge for a transaction under Rs. 2000.
  • The third difference is that the people who are offering payments by UPI are still charging the old rates, which are .65 or .75. However, according to the recent new notice issued by NPCI, the transaction fee has been changed to 0.3%. They are charging 0.35% to their merchants.
  • All other companies which are offering wallets are charging very high MDR for the selected wallet, including Paytm. Now, they have the payment solution where they are offering the Paytm at the lowest price @1.75%, which is even lower than if you go directly with PayTm.


They are offering the advanced technology of integration with various available plugins so that any merchant who wants to accept the payment can simply integrate their payment gateway to their website. It is quite easy also that they have paperless KYC, which means merchants do not need to send any hard copy of the documents; they can do everything paperless. Any merchant can start accepting the payments within 24 hours from the time they have to send them the KYC as per the regulatory requirements.

Unbreakable faith is being defined on whether they are processing the settlements on time. Now according to the Payment Gateway regulation in India as issued by RBI, the settlement is being received and settled through the nodal account which is a settlement account owned by the third party bank. And the bank is fully flash bank approved by the RBI so the money is not controlled by the aggregator, but it is controlled by the bank. The money of the client is always safe. Thanks to the regulation of RBI.


Research and Development is the key to business growth and development. They have a separate business development team that is used to do the market research as they interact with the client directly. They interact with the other companies directly and they come up with the suggestion which is being implemented by the back end management team to ensure that they are offering the best of the services which don’t create a problem that is being used by the user from some other company.

Technology has always helped the business to grow at a faster pace. These technologies have significantly changed the way when it comes to setting up the production line, maintaining business resources and everything that businesses can expect how things should be in line. With Fintech, they have witnessed revolutionary changes within a short span of time in terms of efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and ease of doing business.


There are challenges that there are already bigger players in the market who are offering the services at a very high rate, which include PayUmoney, CC Avenue and the local banks. The customer is going to the bank to opt the payment gateway however, the bank is charging up to 2.3% on credit card which is .5 % higher what they are offering. But the customer doesn’t search online, they don’t look here and there, but they trust or rely on the banking. On the other hand, the bank is killing them by charging a heavy fee. The maxim traffic of the payment gateway is powered by the banks and the average rate charge by the bank is over 2% of a credit card. ClickZep is considering this as its biggest challenge.


A few of their future goals for the next few years include becoming a leading fintech/payment aggregator company in the Indian market by offering seamless successful end-to-end payment processing to their merchants as industry experts. As they look to grow into a more niche market of government processing, it’s exciting that the Company has a strong focus on hands-on experience and continued learning opportunities.

In addition, they have been raising their hands for more public investment, since they know that adding more investors will establish their company as a leader in this industry.


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