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Businesses have been taken by storm in the wave of digitization. The scenario has been accompanied by the introduction of several inventive technologies that have improved the overall operational efficiency. With businesses currently looking for a way to standardise their essential business processes to increase productivity and return on investment (ROI), custom software development has become the standard for businesses of all sizes while focusing on scalable solutions that can handle front-to-back procedures frequently preferred by enterprises.

One of the unrivalled players in the software development market, Coherent Pixels Systems Pvt. Ltd., is delivering secure and innovative IT Solutions to make a difference in the world of information technology. Incorporated in 2017 as a concept to enable constant enterprise transformation at speed and scale, Coherent has built an impressive track record of offering various innovative solutions to enterprises across industries in the last 5 years.

Today Coherent is synonymous with the multifaceted enterprise solution provider for companies and their employees to make their lives easy with minimal effort. Coherent focuses on developing mobile apps, custom software, test automation, robotic process automation, and providing support and maintenance for all its clients while they undergo digital transformation.

The company has been flourishing daily with the support of its highly professional and talented team working with great zeal. The group includes 120 industry experts with extensive knowledge and experience across high end technology stack. The company is headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and has a solid national presence. Its vision to be a one-stop destination for enterprises to build their software applications and help them in every stage of their success and transform how organisations attract, engage, and serve their customers, coupled with its diverse group of professionals in the leading team are the primary driving force behind its success.

One of India’s leading IT consulting, services, and business solution providers, Coherent stands unique in its offerings. It strives to deliver cutting-edge, high-quality, and reasonably priced solutions.

  • Enterprise Software Development: Whether you need quicker product development, an e-commerce strategy, or business information, Coherent designs excellent enterprise software solutions. Their logical solutions boost output as they expertly and quickly adapt the design.
  • Web/Mobile Application Development: Today, data is a gold mine, a jackpot for every business. The web creation services by Coherent help you increase the stakes and monitor website statistics and traffic as you gain an advantage in the competition. Also, they offer mobile application development solutions tailored to your unique business need.
  • Robotic Process Development: The RPA services support you in streamlining, automating, enhancing, and completing many tasks more efficiently.
  • Testing Services: They provide software testing services tailored to product and service teams, utilising the best testing techniques with measurable outcomes.
  • Smart Sourcing: Their staffing services division offers more benefits to businesses, including cost effectiveness, recruitment agility, and quick access to personnel that will produce on time. Their talented team members guarantee a fair selection process.

Coherent is committed to facilitating continuous enterprise transformation at speed and scale through its services. To be more explicit, they create platforms for customer engagement, automated solutions to track vehicle movement, straightforward sales order administration, solutions for office management duties, and digital loan origination and management solutions.

The story of Coherent was started in 2017 with just three people, and today it stands with 100+ employees, 30+ clients across India, Singapore, and the USA, and 100+ successful projects. It becomes possible because its solutions comprehensively align with the growth of clients’ businesses. For those seeking to delve into a futuristic technology-backed business, the team is up for it. Coherent’s Services framework is just the right destination, with a whole gamut of products waiting to be delivered for every business case.

Their drive comes from achieving the objectives that the clients have given the team. They credit the productive collaborations in every project they come across because they lay the groundwork for you to contribute to society and do something through you.

Coherent aims to provide solutions that address complex issues in an easy-to-understand manner, fostering brand loyalty and boosting end-user commitment. In other words, they are more of an experience than a business.

Arunkumar Gopinath V, Founder & Managing Director of Coherent Pixels Systems, is a dynamic and versatile IT Thought leader with over twenty-four years of experience in enterprise technology planning, support, roadmap and organizational development. Arun is passionate to build strong business relationships based on trust, integrity, and professionalism, which makes Coherent tailor deals to meet their clients’ specific needs, delivering real value and driving loyalty

As a people leader, have a proven record of developing and sustaining high-performing teams, this extends more broadly to empowering and supporting the people who are part of Coherent, to succeed. Coherent team is Well versed in managing and directing human resources across multiple initiatives leveraging industry best practices

“Today, if things are static, you are not moving fast! We help you break the jinx by developing enterprise applications, empowering your organisation in every angle to stay connected because mobility is the success mantra!” asserted Arunkumar Gopinath V.

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