Conqueror of the Business World – A Woman Entrepreneur


Written By: Rashi Saral

Conqueror of the Business World – A Woman Entrepreneur

A nation where the roots of a patriarchal culture have the strongest hold, on the contrary; in the same country, women are emerging as potent entrepreneurs, and embarking the journey of success in an entrepreneurial world. A woman of India has covered a difficult excursion to reach at the heights; facing all the obscurities which are prevailing in the society. Gender inequality, female feticide, early marriage, domestic violence, and all sorts of irrelevant discrimination, she has endured with the greatest determination, wisdom, and patience.

Fortunately, there is a multitude of changes which can be visible in the country favoring the females. The positive changes on the periphery happen due to numerous factors like standardization of education in cities has drastically changed the rigidity in beliefs. Eventually, girls are acquiring necessary skills, and attitude to lead their lives independently. Henceforth, women feel empowered, and their contribution to various sectors like sports, politics, business, industries, and designing, etc. cannot be overlooked.

One of the factors in the progression of girls is a phenomenal support of government. An incredible encouragement, it is providing to them by allocating fixed number of seats as woman’s quota in each sphere. Consequently, more girls are coming out of their domestic zones, and working strenuously in the corporate world, isn’t it amazing?

Our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, worked extremely hard on the project ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padao’ to curb the feticides, and encouraged parents to make their daughters educated. This has worked tremendously in the favor of young females. Other contributing factors are the awareness programs which are run by different NGO’s, prominent female personalities, and youth of this country to support women empowerment. This has brought a positive change in the thought process of the individuals; thereby, motivating the young pioneers to reach to a crescendo.

In an entrepreneurial world, with astounding creative ideas, women are leaving the footprints of growth and success. Being bold and strong, they are starting  their own ventures to leave an influential impact on the business world. Encouraging the folks of their own gender; they are inspiring the world with innovative ideas. Female you tubers like Prajakta Kohli, and Lily Singh are spreading the waves of laughter through their funny and creative videos; millions of subscribers are adding to their accounts. At this young age, they went offbeat from the usual 9 to5 job, and started their own you tube channels. Making a lot of money and earning a jaw-dropping fame, are fantabulous achievements.

Many housewives use their skill of delicious food making, and starting their own ventures. Gradually, with the right vision and attitude, they are making large. In technical realms, with intelligence and knowledge, young women are creating unimaginable products and software. Women are ruling every corner of the globe. In fashion designing and handicrafts, women possess autonomy; they have monopolized the respective spheres by their artistic skills. In film industries, actresses like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, and Alia Bhatt have conquered the box office, and are reported to earn more than their male counterparts. Directors like Meghna Gulzaar and Zoya Akhtar are the stupors of feminism and courage; with the success of their directorial movies, they are quadrupling the business. Sania Mirza opened a Tennis Academy for the talented youth who are lacking adequate resources.

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An epitome of beauty and grace, Deepika founded ‘Love and Laugh’ organization for spreading awareness about mental illness, and eradicating the stigma related to this sensitive issue. Superlative women of the contemporary era have vigorously conquered the world with their supreme talents, attitude, courage, and unshakeable confidence.

In the spiritual section of a renowned Newspaper, a saint quotes “A woman is the goddess of wisdom, power, endurance, patience and compassion.”

Still, there are people, with negative beliefs, who discourage girls, and carry the process of an absurd discrimination. There are innumerable cases of domestic violence, rape, physical assault for dowry, etc. which are demeaning their spark. Even in an educated society, parents want to marry their daughters at early age, without caring for their dreams.

On the positive side, women are realizing their worth, and incredibly progressing in their fields. They are ruling an entrepreneurial world.


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