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Artificial Intelligence – Top Five Myths about Artificial Intelligence that newbies have

Written by: Avishek Singh

Artificial Intelligence – Top Five Myths about Artificial Intelligence that newbies have

We hear myth all around us. Take for example ‘bulls hate red’ or ‘bats are blind’. These are just two out of thousands of myth which we hear in our daily life. As and when things become popular topic of discussion, its bound to be interpreted differently by different people. Thus myths originate.

The pace of technological advancements is seemingly at the speed of light. Artificial Intelligence  or more commonly called as AI is knowledge developed in technology to perform work which humans do. Isn’t it truly fascinating? With such a fascinating thing around it is bound to be one of the hottest topic which demands global attention. Facebook and Google for example aim at becoming our personal assistant.

So as the entire world is debating the outcome of AI and how these technological advancements will shape our future, rule of the world welcomes AI in the family of myth.

In this article we talk about 5 common myth associated with Artificial Intelligence.

Myth # 1

Artificial Intelligence will replace human jobs

AI is supposed to be working in addition to and not in substitution of what we humans bring to the table.History has witnessed that with any revolutionary technological advancements people have always feared that AI will eventually replace them at workplace. Many years ago when ATM machine was invented, many feared that it would result in so many being unemployed. However, we later realised that such advancements create more jobs and improve quality of life.

Myth # 2

Artificial Intelligence has all human features including its ability to learn on its own

AI’s are wired to perform certain tasks.There are number of times where AI has proved to be really clever but it would be wrong to say that it’s an exact parallel human brain What it lacks is emotion.Life would be dull without happiness, laughter, sorrow and disappointment. Emotions certainly adds spice to life. Moreover artificial intelligence certainly can not learn on its own.

Myth # 3

Artificial Intelligence is only for big companies with huge investments

AI has a lot of potential to transform any organisation. Since the technology used for AI is complex, there is a common myth that it is only meant for big companies. If you have ever received a bank notification of fraud transaction, or purchase predication shown while online shopping or clear navigation which directs you to your destination while travelling, everything is a result of AI monitoring activity. Thus it plays a vital role in the development of all companies.

Myth # 4

Artificial Intelligence is bias free

Computer systems are developed by humans. If the creator has biases, the product is bound to have the same. There are no ways that AI can be free of biases. Only thing we can do is make a system with minimum biases. If the data collected and loaded into the system has bias, the end result would certainly not be bias free.

Myth # 5

Artificial Intelligence will take over humans one day

Humans tend to be afraid of what they don’t understand. Human catastrophe in a Hollywood style is unlikely. We have programmed a machine by feeding in enormous amount of data yet we are nowhere close to developing a computer model of human brain.

Stephen Hawking in one of the interviews with BBC told – “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of human race. It would take off on its own, and redesign itself at an ever increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.”

There is lot to debate on what artificial intelligence has in store for us. Only time will reveal the truth. Its going to be very interesting how the world deals with it.

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