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Coronavirus Outbreak: A new strain of Coronavirus is even more dangerous; the victim shows no symptoms or signs of infection

Coronavirus Outbreak: A new strain of Coronavirus is even more dangerous; the victim shows no symptoms or signs of infection

 Key highlights

  • The new virus has mutated into a more disastrous strain
  • An infected person will reflect no sign of being affected

The whole world is tackling with the adversities imposed by the outbreak of deadly Coronavirus that has claimed approximately 109,790 lives on  the planet so far. Around 1,792,801 people are still infected from the disease; that has worsened the situation globally.

When the whole world is trying hard to combat this deadly Virus; another yet a more dangerous strain of Coronavirus has been identified in some patients in Huawei, China. What makes this strain a global threat is a fact that a person affected by this Virus may not be even in the know of being infected with this incurable disease.

This case has been provided with the term – Asymptomatic Corona as there are no symptoms observed in victims with the infection. By far, most of the cases that came into the observation were symptomatic cases only as, the person suffering from an infestation of the new Virus revealed no signs or symptoms of being infected. This will make the current situation even more dreadful than before; not only for China but for the whole world as well.

A person may not be aware of him being infected without the proper blood test, as the temperature checking machine can only reflect the fever which makes the person a major threat to his family, friends and society.

In a country like India, where it is a major challenge to even find people with Coronavirus symptoms, how will the authority identify the asymptomatic patients? We cannot even imagine the ill-fated consequences of India being hit by this new deadly strain of Coronavirus as, the Country lacks the adequate resources to combat this disease in an efficient way.

When countries like the USA, Italy, France, and Spain couldn’t make it up with their highly equipped and efficient healthcare systems in dealing with this Pandemic, then how do we expect India to deal with this asymptomatic Infection?

It needs to be acknowledged that how the world will deal with this evolved Coronavirus when the older strain has caused the irreproachable loss at the global level. The medical expert teams around the globe has proposed two solutions to tackle this newly imposed calamity. One is not to hasten the procedure of lifting the lockdown before ensuring the significant decline in the number of infected people.

Second is to avoid introducing the recovered patients into the community; soon after they are discharged from the hospitals or isolation centres. Such patients should also be tested for the infection every second day to ensure the absolute non-infectious stage in them.

Around 1541 asymptomatic cases have come in the knowledge of the medical experts in China so far; who were infected with the symptomatic Coronavirus cases earlier.

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