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Coronavirus: 6 Ways to Strengthen Your Immunity Naturally

Coronavirus: 6 Ways to Strengthen Your Immunity Naturally

The Coronavirus outbreak has brought a nightmare for all of us. People around the world are suffering. This major threat is testing humankind and its survival potential. The number of cases is rising every single hour even minute across the world. Since there isn’t any medicine available to cure this pandemic, the concern about health has taken the center stage.

There are a lot of studies have found out that strong immunity in the body can fight against any infection. So, if you want to boost your body’s natural defenses, then this article may help you.

Here are 6 tips to boost the immunity system

#1 Get enough sleep
People who do business or work somewhere, they feel so much stress out, which causes them poor sleeping quality. Not sleeping well is linked to a bigger susceptibility to sickness. According to, people who sleep less than 6 hours every night they get caught by cold than those sleep well 6 hours or more.

Having an adequate amount of rest may strengthen your natural immunity. you may have noticed that doctor gives suggestions to their patients rest more and sleep so that your immunity system can heal your illness. An adult should sleep 6 to 7 hours per day. While teen requires 8 to 10 hours.

If you have trouble not sleep well, then you must be watching TV, or spending time with a mobile phone a lot. Try limiting screen time for an hour before going to sleep. Blue light (come from smartphone, TV, computer) may interrupt our circadian rhythm or our body wake-sleep cycle. One more hygiene tip, choose a dark room to sleep.

 #2 Eat more Whole plant foods
Fruits, Vegetables, nuts, and seeds contain a rich amount of nutrients and antioxidants that may offer you a higher hand against harmful pathogens. Having antioxidants in foods can reduce inflammation by preventing unstable compounds knowns as free radicals, which make inflammation when they create in our body at a high level.

Fruits and vegetables have several different nutrients like Vitamin, minerals, fiber, and many more, which can decrease the duration of the common cold. Here are some vegetables and fruits you should take like Broccoli, Red Bell pepper, Citrus Fruits like lemon, orange, tangerines, and others.

#3 Eat More Healthy fats
Olive oil and salmon such kind of healthy fat can develop your body’s immune response to pathogens by improving inflammation. Olive oil is very anti-inflammatory, can a lesser risk of chronic diseases such as type 2, diabetes, and many more. Foods like those found anti-inflammatory properties can aid your body fight against harmful bacteria, and viruses. Omega-3 fatty acid which found in salmon and chia seeds help you as well.

#4 Eat more fermented foods
Kefir, Tempeh, natto, Kombucha, Miso, Kimchi, Probiotic Yogurt and many others are fermented foods which are rich in good bacteria known as probiotics, it can populate your digestive tract. As per, Gut health and immunity are deeply likened. Fermented food and probiotics may support immunity by aiding it recognize and target harmful pathogens.

#5 Limit added sugars
According to WHO, around 1.9 billion adults (18 or more) are obese. Having an unhealthy amount of sugar in the body can increase your weight over the time you face an obesity issue. Obesity increases your risk of getting sick. It means it better to consume a healthy amount of sugars.

Restarting sugar intake can eliminate inflammation and aid weight loss, thus lesser your risk of chronic health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and many more. These issues can make weak your immune system.

You should add l2 tablespoon (less than 5% of daily calories) regularly.

#6 Do exercise
Exercise is more crucial for our body which can burn our unwanted and makes us feel fresh. It can aid you to flush harmful bacteria out of the lungs and airways. It decreases the chance of catching flu, a cold, and many others. Since we are in self insolation, we can do physical exercise without equipment. Like moving body, cardio workout, many others.

Also, if you have a pool or garden on your flour, you do moderate exercise like swimming, jumping, jogging, and many others. These physical activities can decrease inflammation and improve immune cells as well.

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