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Illuminating Solutions: Cosmic PV Power Pvt. Ltd

Illuminating Solutions: Cosmic PV Power Pvt. Ltd

Addressing Power Challenges with Cosmic Innovation

In an era marked by environmental concerns and a pressing need for sustainable solutions, Cosmic PV Power Pvt. Ltd. emerges as a beacon of innovation in the solar energy sector. Founder and Managing Director, Shravan Gupta, sat down with Business Connect magazine to shed light on the journey of Cosmic Power and how it is illuminating the future of renewable energy.

Powering Up: The Cosmic Portfolio

Cosmic Power, nestled in the solar-rich region of Surat, Gujarat, boasts not one but two manufacturing units dedicated to cuttingedge solar technology. With a cumulative capacity of 850 megawatts, the company has positioned itself as a formidable player in the solar module manufacturing industry. Gupta proudly states, “We are more focused on manufacturing, and our customer base includes big brands who consider us their preferred OEM partner.”

Guided by Values: Cosmic’s Core Principles

At the core of Cosmic Power’s success lies a set of values and principles that have guided its operations since day one. Gupta emphasizes, “Our vision was simple—to provide employment to a thousand people.

We believe in our people, and our guiding principle is to retain experienced manpower for better yield.” This commitment to human capital, coupled with a relentless pursuit of expansion, forms the backbone of Cosmic’s ethos.

Mantras for Success: Dare to Dream and Care to Achieve

Mr. Gupta, A visionary leader, shares his personal mantra, “Dare to dream and Care to Achieve,” a philosophy he has instilled in the organization. This mantra, adopted since 2010, has become the driving force behind Cosmic Power’s success. “Dreaming big leads to significant achievements,” Mr. Gupta asserts, emphasizing the importance of setting ambitious goals in both personal and professional realms.

Distinctive in Design: Cosmic’s Unique Selling Proposition

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Cosmic Power stands out with its unique proposition. Mr. Gupta explains, “Our USP is simple—we want to be the preferred OEM partner for all brands in the solar segment.”

What sets them apart is their ability to seamlessly transition between different brand designs, a feat achieved through meticulous training of their quality and production teams. Mr. Gupta proudly notes, “Our team can switch from one brand to another within hours, maintaining quality for diverse products.”

Client Approach: Solutions First, Business Later

When it comes to client interaction, Mr. Gupta adopts a refreshing approach. “I don’t talk business initially. I focus on understanding their requirements and providing solutions,” he shares. With a reputation for maintaining top-notch quality, Cosmic Power’s factory tours become the clincher. Mr. Gupta says, “Once clients witness our global infrastructure, it becomes evident why we are the preferred choice.”

Impactful Numbers: Cosmic’s Rise in the Solar Horizon

Numbers tell the tale of Cosmic Power’s impact on the solar energy landscape. Gupta proudly reveals, “In just three and a half years, we’ve grown from a 100-megawatt production line to 800 megawatts, with plans for a 600-megawatt expansion.” This meteoric rise positions Cosmic Power on the brink of transitioning from megawatts to gigawatts, symbolizing not just growth but also a commitment to a sustainable future.

As Cosmic Power prepares to sign a 600-megawatt production line, Gupta emphasizes, “Our growth is self-explanatory.” With an increase in production comes an increase in employment, with the company growing from 20 to over 400 direct employees in this short span.

Innovating with Technology: Cosmic’s TechForward Approach

When asked about leveraging technology, Gupta emphasizes the fast-paced nature of the solar industry, where technological advancements occur every two years. Cosmic Power ensures it stays abreast of these changes, with Gupta proudly mentioning the establishment of a government-backed technology module factory.

“We always move forward with the market, adopting new technologies to meet the demands on the ground,” he states. The company’s recent foray into Topcon solar panels is a testament to their commitment to staying ahead in the technological curve.

Building Client Relationships: Beyond Business, It’s About Solutions

Gupta sheds light on the brand’s approach to client relationships, emphasizing the importance of solutions over immediate business discussions. “We focus on understanding their requirements and providing solutions.

Once clients witness our global infrastructure during factory tours, it becomes evident why we are the preferred choice,” Gupta remarks. Cosmic Power’s commitment to client satisfaction is evident in their willingness to collaborate closely, offering solutions tailored to the client’s needs.

Diversity and Inclusion: A Harmonious Blend in the Workplace

Addressing the aspect of diversity and inclusion, Gupta acknowledges the challenges posed by diverse manpower but also underscores its benefits. Cosmic Power’s workforce reflects diversity not only in terms of geographical origins but also in skill sets. “It gives us balance,” Gupta notes, highlighting the mutual support between employees during festivals and crucial times.

Looking to the Future: Cosmic’s Vision for the Next Five Years

When asked about the future, Gupta envisions a remarkable transformation for Cosmic Power. “Our first step is to transition from a megawatt to a gigawatt factory in the next financial year,” he declares. Gupta expresses the desire to diversify into promising sectors while continuing to expand their capacity and serve a global clientele. With a hint of cautious optimism, he projects a growth that could make Cosmic Power 20 times bigger in just five years.

Accomplishments and Accolades: Cosmic’s Meteoric Rise

Reflecting on Cosmic Power’s achievements, Gupta proudly points out the impressive eight-fold growth in capacity within just three years. While acknowledging the financial growth, he remains realistic about the challenges faced during the initial phase. Gupta’s commitment to setting and achieving targets is evident, as he assures that the company has met every goal they’ve set so far.

A Message from Cosmic: Quality, Technology, and Partnership

As the interview concludes, Gupta leaves readers with a compelling message. Cosmic Pv Power Pvt Ltd is not just a solar energy company; it’s a quality and technology-driven production powerhouse. For those seeking quality modules with their own brand name, Cosmic Power invites them to visit the plant and witness firsthand the commitment to becoming India’s most preferred OEM company.

In the ever-evolving landscape of renewable energy, Cosmic Pv Power Pvt Ltd stands as a shining star, navigating the solar galaxy toward a future illuminated by innovation and sustainability.

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