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OffsetGo: Enabling Businesses to Manage their Entire Carbon Journey Efficiently and Transparently on a Single Platform

“We harness the willpower to overcome challenges, inspire change, and pave the way towards a more sustainable future.” Viresh Keshri

Blockchain is a revolutionary breakthrough in the rapidly evolving realm of technology, with the potential to completely transform industries. Offset Global, the first domestic blockchain-enabled carbon trading platform in India, stands out among the multitude of blockchain-based platforms as a forerunner of innovation in the carbon credit space.

OffsetGo creates the ideal environment for companies to identify innovative market-based solutions that help them accomplish the ultimate objective of zero carbon.

Their mission is to create a tech-based, nature-based, and market-based infrastructure of the highest integrity to promote and inspire global climate action in line with global climate goals. The company’s experience across various industries translates into a differentiated value proposition and stimulates timeto-market for clients.

With a robust online presence and testimonials from delighted customers, OffsetGo has solidified its market reputation. Through these endeavours, they not only distinguish themselves but also build a path toward success.

The Man of the Hour

The leading man behind the idea “Viresh Keshri” is an entrepreneur by profession and an environmentalist by heart. He is a seasoned professional with a track record of success across several industries. He is widely renowned for his process-oriented approach and has spent most of his career in waste management and sustainability.

With his strategic acumen and 16 years of expertise, the inspiring man is successfully spearheading OffsetGo’s direction, ensuring alignment with the core values and goals.

Comprehensive Service Portfolio

OffsetGo offers a comprehensive range of services for accounting, auditing and mitigating all scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions by creating decarbonization strategy. Furthermore, as a marketplace, Offsetgo offers a range of additional services to buyers and sellers of credits.

For buyers of credit, Offsetgo provides a tool (Carburn) that helps in:

1. Accounting
2. Auditing
3. Decarbonization
4. The setting up of SBTi
5. The setting up of the Internal Carbon Pricing Policy (ICPP)
6. ESG reporting in the prescribed formats like GRI, CDP, BRSR, SASB, and others.
7. ESG reporting in Offsetgo format
8. Creation of an offsetting portfolio

For sellers of credit,

1. Identification of a potential project
2. Project development
3. Protocol development
4. Registration
5. Validation
6. Verification
7. Continuous monitoring
8. Issuance and Sales

An Edge Over the Peers

OffsetGo stands out from its competitors owing to its end-to-end technological integration. Their marketplace leverages blockchain technology to generate non-fungible tokens (NFTs), convertible to ITMO tokens for international trading, ensuring transparency and security in transactions.

Furthermore, the formulation of science-based targets (SBTs) and accurate carbon footprint assessments are made possible by their extensive emission database and AI-ML tools. The company stands out as a pioneer in the field of carbon management due to its comprehensive strategy and emphasis on innovation, transparency, and accuracy.

The Genesis of OffsetGo

One effective method to incentivize the waste management industry is the EPR that the government imposes on producers. In 2020, the founding team began their research in the Ye Prayas Innovation Lab with about ten participants from India’s top universities. Due to the concept and their noble cause for the environment, they didn’t face any difficulty in adding new members to their team.

Within six months of research, they came up with a workable product in the field of carbon credits. It was during the ideation period that they presented the idea to the Harvard Projects of Asian and International Relations (HPAIR).

Their confidence in OffsetGo as a blockchain marketplace was bolstered by their unexpected victory at the conference, where the team presented the idea to several investment and incubator companies and received positive feedback. This led to numerous opportunities for both incubation and expansion. At present, the company entails a team of professionals from all domains, including technology, design, research, execution, and others.

The strength of OffsetGo’s team lies not only in their technical skills but also in their unwavering determination and passion for the mission. Each member is deeply committed to the cause of sustainability and is driven by a strong sense of purpose. This shared dedication fuels their collective efforts to push the boundaries of innovation in carbon management and environmental stewardship.

OffsetGo’s Focal Area: Quality

“At OffsetGo, quality isn’t just a goal; it’s a mantra. Like artists creating a work of art, they painstakingly hone their processes, fusing knowledge with creativity and an unwavering drive for achievement.

The OffsetGo team ensures each service is a masterpiece of precision and excellence. They work hard to not only meet but also exceed client expectations with each interaction, painting a portrait of reliability and trust. At OffsetGo, quality is not only what they do; it is who they are.

Clientele and Corporate Ethos -At a Glance

Offset Go has been serving a wide range of clients, from big Navratan companies like Steel Authority of India (SAIL), NTPC, Royal Enfield, Bokaro Steel Plant, Thomson Digital, Nitto Denko, and Brillio Technologies to universities like Shiv Nadar University, IILM University, and a lot more, like IKEA, among others.

They have established their brand loyalty by offering tailored and creative solutions, knowledge, and honest dialogue. They customize their services for each customer, ensuring that their sustainability goals are met, much like a conductor leads an orchestra. At OffsetGo, building trust is what drives the team forward.

R&D: Taking the Company to Higher Latitude

R&D is an essential part of OffsetGo’s operation. They are striving to create something that has never been built in the world before, like the way they are building. It requires continuous research. The domain they are into is very nascent, and it requires complete attention in the R&D department.

This becomes the driving force, propelling the company forward into the future. Through R&D, they constantly innovate and improve, ensuring that they stay at the forefront of the industry. It’s the key to unlocking new opportunities, expanding their offerings, and delivering even greater value to their clients. With R&D serving as the cornerstone, the possibilities for OffsetGo are endless.

Awards and Accomplishments

Since its inception, OffsetGo has been at the forefront of providing remarkable offerings. For its revolutionary solutions and creative approach, the company has been honoured with numerous awards. A few of them are listed below –

1. 1st prize in HPAIR (Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations) for the idea of a carbon trade platform using blockchain technology in 2020.

2. Mission Award from CELO International for product development on the CELO platform for the buying and selling of carbon credits.

3. Featured in the UNDP Asia Youth Conference (Thailand).

4. A special mention in the C-40 city survey for the calculation of carbon footprints for the Bhalsava landfill in Delhi.

5. The SIDBI Young Environmental Champions Challenge launched on Rashtriya Swachhta Diwas 2024.

In addition, the company successfully established “Ye Prayas Innovation Lab” to provide fellowships to students from prestigious universities and train them as future thought leaders in the market for technology-based environmental solutions.

The Future Outlook of OffsetGo

As the blockchain landscape continues to evolve, OffsetGo remains at the forefront of innovation, constantly pushing boundaries to meet evergrowing demands. The company’s roadmap includes launching all the ESG reporting frameworks on technology, which will make all of your international and national ESG standards format reports available to you with the click of a button.

Further, the company and the other industry giants are also in the process of initiating the discussion on having an indigenous registry so that farmers and credit sellers won’t have to travel to other countries to register their projects. This initiative aims to boost India’s economy in addition to improving the quality of life for its citizens.

Pearls of Wisdom

Success isn’t just about reaching your goals; it’s about the journey you take to get there. Embrace challenges as opportunities to learn, stay resilient in the face of adversity, and never lose sight of your vision. Trust in your ideas, follow your instincts, and don’t shy away from hard work.

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