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Marg Business Transformation Pvt. Ltd.

Marg Business Transformation Pvt. Ltd.


Companies are in a ceaseless quest to get innovative solutions to stay ahead. To offer the best possible solutions to improve the overall business operations of the modern day businesses, Marg emerges as a promising player poised to revolutionize the consulting landscape.

This company has carved a niche for itself as a trusted partner in driving impactful change and fostering organizational excellence that has gained countrywide acclaim. This whole narrative is based on a conversation held with the ‘founder and CEO of the company, Sudeshna Basu Roy.

She established Marg in view of bringing her extensive knowledge and experience of working in consulting space to those in dire need of relevant solutions for business growth. Let’s dive into the pool of meaningful excerpts shared by Sudeshna in the exclusive interview session held with us.

The spark

Marg has been a prominent player in the industry for over 16 years. In this fantastic journey, it is rendering tailored solutions to a diverse range of sectors spanning 28 industries.

This market presence is rooted in a proper understanding of business intricacies, individual departmental needs, and the overarching goal of providing relevant solutions that align with client requirements. This expertise is underscored by their ability to customize offerings, ensuring that each solution is finely tuned to meet specific business objectives and payment preferences.

The name “Marg” is unique in itself. When questioned about this name’s inspiration, Sudeshna shared her personal story. It began with a pivotal moment in her life— the birth of her beloved daughter. This joyous event sparked a newfound sense of purpose and direction. Eventually, her daughter’s birth led Sudeshna to consider her entrepreneurial journey.

In Hindi, the word “Marg” translates to path or direction. Sudeshna adds that it encapsulates the guiding philosophy behind the venture where there is a commitment to navigating the paths of business with clarity, purpose, and determination. Her zeal to establish a business entity is fueled by passion, vision, and meaningful connections.

The corporate profile

Marg is a distinguished B2B entity that provides training, coaching and consulting services. Majorly, the business proves its fortes in comprehensive learning solutions. With a primary focus on enhancing organizational performance, Marg provides top-notch training programs in key verticals such as leadership development, finance training, and change management across all levels of management.

Change management solutions is Marg’s flagship offering where it provides certification, training, and advisory services. Marg is the authorised affiliate of Prosci in the Indian sub continent. They rely on the ADKAR methodology.

The certification programs of ProSci, the global leader in change management solutions adds immense value to what the clients expect from them. This collaboration ensures that Marg’s clients receive cutting-edge strategies and tools to navigate and implement successful organizational change initiatives.

Moreover, Marg is accredited for its expertise in Emergenetics which is well acclaimed for its approach to employee profiling. It delves into individual thinking and behavioral preferences. This accreditation enables Marg to tailor training and coaching programs that resonate with the unique cognitive styles and personalities of its clients’ teams, leading to enhanced collaboration, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Furthermore, Marg excels in cultural transformation initiatives, leveraging the proven methodologies of Human Synergistics. By focusing on cultural dynamics and fostering positive organizational behaviors, Marg assists companies in achieving lasting cultural transformations that drive performance, engagement, and overall success.

What makes Marg stand out in the market?

Marg’s unique selling propositions (USPs) are centered around their exceptional team and customer experience. From the initial contact with the business development managers to the training sessions conducted by skilled trainers and the seamless coordination by the operations team, Marg ensures that every interaction is professional and upholds their high standards, which they refer to as the “Marg standard.”

Clients consistently praise Marg for delivering an unparalleled experience from start to finish, highlighting the company’s commitment to prioritizing customer satisfaction at every step of the process. This dedication to excellence and the acknowledgment of having the best team in the industry are key factors that set Marg apart and contribute to their success in the market.

 Case study

Sudeshna and her team at Marg worked with a big industry giant in solving a major issue with its management. But, this time the focus of the company shifted from traditional manager training to a comprehensive assessment aimed at diagnosing underlying issues within the client’s organization. Owing to diagnostic assessments of the culture, it became evident that a recurring problem was disrupting employee satisfaction and performance was a lack of role clarity among managers.

Rather than simply addressing the symptom of managerial shortcomings through training programs, Marg wanted to dig the roots for a deeper understanding of the underlying issue. And owing to her dedication, it was revealed that the organization’s job descriptions and competency profiling were not well defined. And this one error led to a great deal of confusion and dissatisfaction among managers and their teams.

After addressing and resolving this root cause, Marg engaged into the organization’s collective understanding of the issue. The company was able to proceed with a successful cultural transformation. The team was aligning as per the leadership practices, job roles, and organizational culture to cultivate better clarity and effectiveness across all levels.

It is truly remarkable that the team delves beyond surface-level symptoms and addresses systemic challenges to drive meaningful change and organizational improvement.

In sync with market trends

Marg’s operational model relies on staying ahead of the market trends. Their business approach is research-driven with a ceaseless focus on updating and refreshing their knowledge base every two years through collaboration with ProSci. This research efficacy ensures that the company remains well-informed about the evolving reasons and dynamics behind organizational change.

In the wake of global shifts like the pandemic, the reasons driving organizational change have undergone significant transformation. Marg recognizes the importance of understanding the day-to-day challenges faced by organizations and individuals in various sectors, such as the impact of emerging technologies like AI, changing economic scenarios, and sector-specific challenges like those faced by aviation, hospitality, and retail industries.

By keeping their “ears and eyes open” to industry developments and actively seeking out information, Marg stays abreast of macroeconomic trends, industry shifts, and evolving challenges faced by different sectors.

This comprehensive understanding allows them to tailor solutions that address the specific needs and pain points of their clients, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in an ever-changing business landscape.

Insights on women entrepreneurship

As a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, Sudeshna is deeply interested in discussing women’s entrepreneurship in today’s business world. But she is also concerned that despite the phenomenal progress, women still face challenges in securing equal leadership roles, considering the fact that women make up half of humanity.

She believes that organizations should view their workforce as human resources, not gender-specific ones, to create inclusive environments that support everyone. Family responsibilities often hinder women’s professional growth, and female leaders need to overcome these barriers collectively, she added.

For the future ahead, she envisions a world where men and women share equal responsibilities at home and work. Also, she is focused on eliminating the need to categorize success by gender. Hence, she emphasizes focusing on capabilities rather than gender to recognize leaders in an effective manner.

The leadership mantra

When asked to share her mantra as a leader, Sudeshna advocates that a true leader is someone who not only achieves results and growth for the organization but also mobilizes and empowers people to deliver those results. She emphasizes that effective leaders are those who cultivate and develop other leaders within the organization.

In founder-driven organizations like Marg, the leadership quality is often tied to the capabilities of the founders, which can sometimes limit the growth potential of the organization.

However, Sudeshna is pleased to note that at Marg, the next level of leadership has been well-developed, with individuals exhibiting similar qualities and actions as the founders. This focus on nurturing leadership at all levels is seen as crucial for sustained success and growth.

Geographical expansion

As shared by Sudeshna, Marg is all set to expand its services by delving deeper into diagnostics, assessments, problem statement identification, solutioning, and deployment. Under her guidance, the brand would scale up its consulting strives majorly in the coming years. The efforts would be focused on areas such as change management and cultural transformation.

The major alignment of the futuristic operations would be to provide end-to-end solutions, from pinpointing issues through diagnostics and assessments to implementing solutions and rolling out comprehensive plans. Marg aims to enhance its consulting capabilities to cater to the evolving needs of organizations undergoing transformations and seeking assistance in navigating the people-centric aspects of change.

Headquartered in Bangalore with an office wing in New Delhi, Marg’s trainers operate pan-India. In the coming years, they would strengthen their presence further across India. Adapting to the trends of virtual and face-to-face offerings in a technologically advanced manner.

On top of that, Marg is also developing tailored programs for key roles such as chief of staffs, HR business partners (HRBPs), non-finance professionals needing financial expertise, and auditors for fintech purposes. Also, Sudeshna is creating a roadmap to strategically expand its operations to penetrate markets in Mexico and Qatar. By targeting these markets, she said they are aiming for continued growth and impact in the consulting landscape.

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