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Google layoffs: ‘Core’ employees fired, Sundar Pichai moving positions to India and Mexico

By Anurag Tiwari

Google layoffs: ‘Core’ employees fired, Sundar Pichai moving positions to India and Mexico

Google made big changes in how it works, which affected around 200 employees in its main teams. They’re moving some jobs to India and Mexico. The main team, which handles the important technical stuff for Google’s main products and keeps users safe online, got reorganized. this affected teams working on information technology, Python development, technical setup, security, app platforms, core development, and other engineering jobs.

Around 50 engineering jobs in Sunnyvale, California, were cut, and it seems many roles from important teams will be moved to Mexico and India.

Asim Husain, at Google, told his team about the job cuts through email. He said it’s the biggest cut planned for his team this year. He talked about Google wanting to stay global but also grow in places where there’s a lot of potential for business, like Mexico and India.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has been reducing its workforce since last year because online advertising isn’t doing so well. Even though things are getting better with online ads, Alphabet is still cutting jobs, including in different parts of the company this year.

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In the middle of April, the finance department at the company got changed around. They let some people go and moved others to Bangalore and Mexico City, according to Ruth Porat, who’s in charge of money stuff. Prabhakar Raghavan, who’s the boss of Google’s search team, said they’re planning to put teams closer to where users are, especially in countries like India and Brazil where it’s cheaper to hire people.

Even though some people lost their jobs, Google made a lot of money in the first few months of the year. they said it’s the fastest they’ve grown since early 2022, and they’re making more profit. They even said they’ll give some of their profits back to the shareholders for the first time ever and they’re going to buy back $70 billion worth of their own shares.

Husain, who’s a big shot at Google, told developers that the changes are all part of the company’s bigger plans.  the changes mostly affect teams that work on tools for developers because Google is putting more artificial intelligence into its products. Google’s big developer conference, Google I/O, will, in all probability, show off some new products and tools for developers.

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