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A Propelling Routine – Empowering Healthy Lifestyle in Entrepreneur

A Propelling Routine – Empowering Healthy Lifestyle in Entrepreneur

By: Ashwathy Nair

With the year coming to an end, let’s go back to the starting of the year when we made resolutions to be followed this year. Thinking about our resolutions, from promises regarding the engagement in lifestyle alteration to following a healthy living, there is always something that we miss out. So, now that the New Year is knocking the door! You can plan to come up with some new resolution that you can follow on a daily basis in order to open your path towards a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s hope that 2021 brings a new beginning in our lives. You never know what does the future holds for you, but what you can hold for yourself is to follow a healthy schedule that will definitely drive resolutions for the upcoming year.

So here is a list of some propelling routines that would empower a healthy lifestyle in you:

  • Start the day with a Glass of Water

Well! this is something that should be added up in our daily routine. Water is known as a natural detoxifier that does wonders, it does more than just satisfying your thirst. A huge role is being played by water in the physiological and enzymatic reactions in our body. It helps to regulate body temperature and serves as the best solution for weight loss along with that, it works as a stress reliever too.

Try to start your day with the consumption of a large glass of water on an empty stomach. If you wish to add up some flavour to it, squeeze half a lemon to it and you are good to go.

  • An Early Bird sparkles through the day

It is the most common saying that most of the successful leaders tend to have a habit of waking up early. An early rise doesn’t only keep you ahead professionally but it does benefit your health as well. Waking up early improves learning and memory as well as it helps to ward away depression. Start your day with some stretching and squatting that would keep you active for a whole day.

  • Practice Yoga

If you are planning to follow a healthy lifestyle, yoga must be on top of your daily routine. Doing Surya Namaskar in the morning would give a kickstart to your day. Practising yoga on a regular base will calm you down and reward you for a lifetime.

  • Have Breakfast like a King

The most important meal of the day is your breakfast, skipping up your breakfast would be the worst mistake for the start of your day. The perfect time for having your breakfast is within an hour of waking up. Start your day with a high-energy filled diet that can help you to keep your productivity at the best. The better way is to choose complex carbs that keep you full rather than other simple carbs. With long travel hours in cities, having a heavy breakfast is definitely a necessary part for entrepreneurs to cope with their long stressful day.

  • Add a new hobby

Start the coming year with some new things like learning a new hobby. For every working people, the only time to get some relaxation is on weekends. So why not choosing to learn some new things like painting, any musical instrument or even you can dip your hands into experimenting to cook some new dishes. If being indoors doesn’t suit you then choose a location to go on a trek with your friends.

  • Spend time with family

Always be successful in maintaining a balance between your work and family, never let your work come between family time. While coming back home after work, leave your work stress at the doorstep and enter your home with a happy and stress-free mind. Make a routine to spend some quality time with your loved ones that would give you a peaceful state of mind.


Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of benefits but it can also impact negatively on your health. Try opting these healthy lifestyles in your daily routine that would boost your productivity as sometimes it is necessary to add some changes to your lifestyle and keep a balance between your work-life.

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