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Dermarex HealthCare India Pvt. Ltd

Dermarex Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd: Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products

The dire need for medicines due to increasing illnesses and sickness across the globe has upsurged the success graph of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Dermarex HealthCare India Pvt. Ltd has engraved its distinguished place in the Pharma Industry. Incubated in the year 2006, Dermarex Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company with more than 13 years of excellence in the Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products. Dermarex HealthCare is one of the fastest growing Pharmaceutical companies in India, focusing primarily on Dermatology, Cosmetology, Trichology, General illnesses, Cardio-Diabetic & Other Specialties. They have 4 divisions namely Dermarex, Mikkun Yokko, ,Cosmirex HealthCare & Diacarex. Presently operating with 70 innovative products across India, Dermarex Healthcare offers a wide range of products focusing on various therapeutics segments such as Steroid, Antibiotic, Antifungal, Antihistamine, Anti-allergic, Moisturizer, Skin Lightening, Sunscreen, Antidandruff, Hair Care, Hair Color, Anti-acne, Keratolytic, Multivitamin, Antioxidant, Gastrointestinal, Anti-diabetic, Antihypertensive, Antilipidemic, Anti-neuropathic and several other categories. They have launched a multitude of successful and first to India brands like Cosmiskin cream, Liquin cream, etc.


The idea to incept a company came into Girish’s mind and soul when he started his career as a Medical Representative in one of the fastest-growing Pharmaceutical companies of those days. “The pharma sector has been growing very rapidly in the past 20 years & I was passionate to start the business since then”, said Girish V. Nair. Passion leads to success and a lot of entrepreneurs do not have this for the business, but Girish is quite passionate about Pharmaceutical trading; this is what drives him forward since the inception of the company.


Dermarex HealthCare believes that keeping employees content is pivotal to be successful in business, and it is ensured by an immediate acknowledgment of the employees for their individual efforts & being receptive to the employees on their preferences. Also, they have developed an employee friendly & transparent work environment to express their thoughts, ideas & innovations. Dermarex HealthCare ensures the sense of job security to its employees and also motivates them by giving consistent rewards. They also offer a sense of comfort & recognition to the employees by being flexible at the workplace as they understand the employee’s life outside work. On the whole, they offer a sense of family like ambiance to employees wherein each one gives their best contribution to the growth & development of the company.

Going deeper into the process of Research and Development is directly proportional to the growth and success of the Company. It plays an essential role by helping the business to have a competitive advantage over the competitors & also helps to develop strategic planning. R & D enables to identify the market needs and helps in the continual development of the company.

Synchronizing with the trends of the market, Dermarex does policy revisions of the marketing practice according to the changing trends and demands of the market. They understand the requirements of healthcare providers & consumers. Moreover, they update & upgrade the products & services according to the technical advancements.

Girish says, “Technology is evolving rapidly, so we keep abreast of the latest technological advancements of the market at all the levels.”Accordingly, they update their database tools in order to strengthen productivity. They take the utmost care in executing the latest technology in their products & services for better acceptance by the employees. Also, they provide adequate training & coaching to the employees in order to build the skill sets to adhere to the new technology. Thus, they ensure efficient implementation of the latest technology. And eventually, they ensure that the latest technology has a good impact on their business activity through periodic assessment.


Dermarex HealthCare has earned a behemoth appreciation and a number of accolades due to phenomenal work in the Pharma Industry. A list of its achievements can be summarized into points below:

  • An ISO 9001: 2015 Certified company
  • WHO-GMP Certified manufacturing facilities
  • Recognized as “Top 20 most promising Pharmaceutical Products & Services in 2018” by Silicone India Magazine.
  • A popular range of Brands such as:-

1st in Market 100% PPD Free & Ammonia Free Hair Color,

India’s 1st pH 5.5 moisturizer,

Tablets for  Hair loss

No.1 Health Supplement for Fatigue in Diabetes & other associated Chronic illness.


For future, the Company has designed great plans to work for, which are enlisted below: To reach a 100 Crore Company in the near future. To accomplish the vision of PAN India operation in the coming years. To create a monopoly status in the Hair Color market with the help of Yes I Can Hair Color, flagship brand.

Dermarex HealthCare is also aware of its societal responsibility, thereby their vision emphasizes the production of quality medicines at an affordable price. On this Nair states, “As a result, we consider quality medicines produced by us are an integral part of the delivery of an effective health service to the community.”


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