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Digifish3: Delving into the intricacies of branding

Delving into the intricacies of branding

Nowadays, we find ourselves intensely intrigued by the attractive and irresistible advertisements often displayed on our PC or mobile phones. While surfing internet we tend to be inclined towards something which seems catchy and in vogue. It may have various forms such as images, GIFs, videos and memes etc. The purpose of these online contents is pure marketing. By virtue of its presence on internet, mobile phones and display, it is best known as Digital Marketing. This mode of marketing has given a breeding water to many digital marketing companies. This has become a strong weapon for many advertising companies in recent years. Digital marketing’s development since the 1990s and 2000s has transformed the way brands and businesses utilize technology for marketing. These digital platforms are increasingly integrated into marketing plans and people use digital devices rather than visiting physical shops. This intensifies digital marketing campaigns to become more widespread and dynamic.

Digital marketing means that marketers need to be current, versatile and most importantly, accountable. Digital marketing is no longer just a buzzword, it’s the answer to consumers who are turning their attention away from glossy magazines to their shiny cell phone screens. These are the consumers who think TV is no longer swanky and are now fact checking TV advertisements with a quick Google search. Simply put, digital marketing consists of a range of tools (SMS, Email and SEO, affiliate marketing and social media, just to name a few) that are designed to communicate with modern consumers in a more personal way. To make full use of this burgeoning domain, a plethora of Digital marketing companies have emerged on the Indian turf. But only a few of them are able to make a space in the heart of their clients. One such company is Gurgaon based Digifish3.

Digifish3 is a powerhouse of energy catering to brands across Digital, Mobile marketing and Consumer engagement solutions. It was created in the year 2014, with a major aim to provide brands with a better end-user experience. Encompassing the three core pillars -‘Presence, Promotion, Engagement’, the company helps a brand to be recognized and reach its target. It promotes brand through social media networking and engaging sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and also through mobile advertising, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Ad words, etc.

The customized ideation and campaigning makes it unique
The company helps brands connect with consumers in a way which resonates to common man in the best way possible. Moreover, it also provides practical training in the digital domain. The purpose being its craving for preparing people to become job ready. Majorly, it works on building strong Brand Connection digitally with consumers. Along with that, it trains people on Digital marketing so that they could independently handle their job roles or their start-ups. Before making a brand plan it does rigorous research, execute the strategic plans and measure the outcomes of the strategies implemented. The client base is built organically. The Content for any brand is planned post understanding consumer behavior and the brand uniqueness. The targeted audience is analyzed thoroughly.

Battle with challenges
Few years back, people were not aware about digital mode of marketing, and to persuade brands for the utilization of this methodology was a gigantic risk. Digifish3 wanted to prove its worth in this domain and by means of its perseverance & knack, it showcased results to the brands. And when the results were there, only then could it get the payments. The company fought bravely with the initial challenges which include financial crunches, time-management, processes, and to make people understand the new marketing domain.
Currently, the company faces a few hiccups because of the small vendors in the market, catering to digital services on cheaper cost and also lower quality. It is difficult for people to understand that cheaper is not always good, and it can also hamper their brand existence. Taking into consideration the fact that digital is relatively still new for people, they prefer cheaper packages and tend to go towards people, servicing them with low quality deliverable. After getting duped by these so-called cheap providers, they realise their mistake and return back to an established company like Digifish3.
Transforming into a Product & Service based agency

The deep knowledge of digital marketing has helped the company foray into product segment also. Along with its Digital Marketing Services and Mobile Marketing, it has started creating various product ranges to connect with users directly. It has already launched a few products while some are in the launching phase. The products include GogoTrip (E-com Travel Industry), DivaStyleFile1 5(E-com Fashion Industry) Nutritva (Health Industry), Digifish3 Training (Education Industry). It istrying to reach out to the right people engaging them with lots of brands. Moreover, to carve a niche it is bringing in new products.
The company has bagged up huge client base across various sectors. They are partners with Hungama, UC Web, and many other brands across various genres. Its expertise has nurtured relation with leading clients from different verticals including Health, Fitness, Retail Store, E-commerce, Celebrities, Banks, Hospitality, Entertainment, School & Colleges and much more.

Milestones and Achievements
Interview Featured in the Co-founder Magazine in 2017.
Bagged the Title of “Start Up of the Year 2017” by a business magazine.
Bagged the Title of “The Top 10 Most Promising Social Media Marketing Service Providers” by another business magazine in 2017.
Ranked Amongst “Top 25 Fastest Growing Marketing & Research Companies in India 2017”
Managing Director- Mrs. AshmitaDhingra was awarded as “Entrepreneur of the Year 2018”, in The Future Woman Leader Summit and Awards-2018, by UBS Transformance.

Future Plan
Digifish3 is looking to train people in the Digital domain, and help them choose the right career path. Training programs would be customized and will be different for Job Seekers, Professionals and Entrepreneurs. Similarly it will be different for people studying B. Tech, Graduates & MBA holders. It aims to make a strong e-com base for fashion and travel this year for our relevant products. Along with that, farmer connect is something we would be working towards the end of the year or early next year.

Key Officials
The Organization is led by Mr. Sandeep Banger and Ms.AshmitaDhingra. Both share a common motto which is to be positive and become doers rather than being followers. They have 12+ and 7+ experience respectively in diverse fields of marketing, client servicing, products, communication, PR, digital media,etc.Both of them are the strong pillars behind there amazing team who has been handpicked and individually nurtured to cater the best.


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