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Digital Democracy

Digital Democracy: Projecting a Customer Centric Business

As technology becomes cheaper and more accessible, we believe it can and should be used to bring more voices to the table. So we have on board the new entrant into this system of pledging to take “Our firm started off as a Software Development and Digital Marketing Agency where we were trying to pitch in clients using the experience of our team members. Over a period of two years, we have transformed into a managed incubator for growing startups, where we swap equity against a varied range of technology & marketing solutions and minor financial investments, says Founder and CEO Saurabh Pathak.

Digital Democracy is a customer centric software company, which tends to become a reliable partner for efficient of your projects. The company is best known is market for competence in performance and endurance of business solutions. Well, the best part is that they haven’t jumped the market with an agenda of exceeding the present giants of this industry. They just wish to focus providing the best. In words of Pathak, “We do not compete with the giants in our domain, it will take time and a vast amount of experience to reach that stage, I believe our strength lies in the detailed day to day involvement in the startups we do handholding with and developing a comfort level up to the extent of being allowed to take the smaller grassroots level decisions for the startup’s better.”

Bring it on!

Things have been difficult during our initial years, especially when both the pillars of the company (co-founders) were still in college and they already had on board 8-10 employees working for them. They always used to indulge in fights for distributing salaries on time and covering up basic costs, but the early start allowed both the partners a lot of time to make mistakes and gather experiences.

Today, a lot of interesting domains have opened up for startups which were initially accessible only to the giants having deep pockets, the telecom sector for example. “We have recently had the privilege to shake hands with a Blockchain-based product delivering a solution to make the life of the big telecom operators easier,” asserts Pathak.

Early stage founders are usually very passionate and protective about their product or idea; hence it takes time and merit to build trust between the two. Both the founder havenever pushed anyone who is not comfortable with the offering, and always made sure the founders are leading from the front. Usually the right push involves providing access to a good network and opportunities to save cash-flow in the early stages of the company, while not compromising with the quality.In their case, they had aligned themselves with ideation and seed level startups, usually having a team size of 4-6 when a handshake takes place.

A Platter of Delicacies

In the startup atmosphere, it’s important that the team sticks together, also while not at work. “We have seen enough refurnishing costs, thanks to cricket, table tennis and what not in our office premises,” counts Pathak.

Alongside, it’s always important to know about new technologies and platforms entering the market which might be a threat or a better solution to the problems you’ve been trying to solve with your product over time. Pathak is of the view that, “I feel one should always know who else has identified the same market problem as you and if he’s using a simpler and more scalable way to solve it. The zeal is especially helpful whenever a new idea or problem hits your way. Thinking with the first day at office mindset always guides best.”

To the amazement of many, this entrepreneurs also tends to shell time from his busy schedule in learning sailing. Also, he is on the verge of getting his sailor’s license as well. He is truly proving to be an inspiration for many who claim that entrepreneurship involves you to be at work 24*7 and forget to practice your hobbies. Further, he says that, “I wish the future keeps giving us opportunities to experience and align with some interesting ideas and ventures.”

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