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Ditch your job and work for yourself

Ditch your job and work for yourself

Does Boss’s sound make you feel uncomfortable? Or do you dream to work for yourself? In both situations, you have to think out of the box otherwise you could become unemployed.  Also, in a crummy economy, where few jobs have left and people are fighting to get them. What I want to say that if you really want to secure employment or financial future, you have to start a small company. I know our society has taught us. Go to school work so hard then get a degree from college, you will get the job, and be ok. Well, it sounds like putting the question in formula and getting the result. But do you know? this old tradition is killing your creativity and your ability. if you really want to see yourself as a successful person, you need to work for yourself. You might know Tony Gaskins quote

“if you don’t build your dream some will hire you to builds theirs.” ~ Tony Gaskins

This is why I encourage you to be an entrepreneur to create jobs to keep a job. Working for someone else means you are a Robot that is made by humans to make life easier. And I am sure you don’t want a life like this. As you know that when the economy gets down, people get fired from the job. It sounds so horrible, isn’t it? you are the owner of your life why would you let other people ruin your life.

What should I know before starting a business?

Are you excited to create a company? if yes, then let’s talk more about the bossiness. We all know, to build a business it requires so many things such as time, energy priorities and many others. Also, you need some basic skills so that you can understand what is going on in the market. You need some research it ‘means, you have to figure out what kinds of problems you can solve. Starting a business means you are filling a gap. Let’s take the example of a company called uber.

“In early time, we had to wait for a taxi. People used to call taxi agencies for booking. Also, they would not give good service. after uber, our life has become easier. Because we don’t need to wait for the taxi.” This was a very unique idea at the time. Now you should think first, then start the company. Now I am going to talk about three things which you need when you are starting a business. On the internet, you see very few articles. Now we are going to discuss them.

10 ways to make the time, energy and priorities to start a business

Let’s first thing to know what are the best ways to make priorities for the business. Because, we know that starting a business means, taking a giant step in the dark. Sometimes you feel scary, exciting, and confuse. However, it’s our responsibility to give the business top priorities. Otherwise, our business no longer survives.

Talk it out with trusties Allies

When you think that your business idea has real potential. You have the first priority to discuss the idea with associates. In this way, you can refresh the idea and clear the vision. Try to find out those people who have gone through the path. It doesn’t matter he has the best achievement or big failure. Now you may little confuse about it. but think if you are talking with failure, they will tell the story about it. that means, you are not going to do the same mistake again, what he did in the past. On the other hand, the successful business person can help you to modify your idea. Founder of “We work” Adam Neumann, he writes a quote.

“People are the most important thing. Business model and product will follow if you have the right people.” ~ Adam Neumann

Research the market

After developing the business core idea, you need to research what you are going to offer to the customer. Because your idea could be unique or it may not. If your idea already exists in the market. How can you deal with it? first ask yourself, what can do differently than others. As you can see there are a lot of telecom companies out there. Why all companies are surviving because they are providing different features.

The more important thing, try to figure out potential patterns during this process. For example, you are launching a company like McDonald (you can see every corner in America or other countries.) how will you arrange the retail locations. So that your customer can buy your product easily. Apple company never make the phone. Uber doesn’t have a car. There are a lot of examples, I can show you. Here what I want to say, research about the company. is there any company out there that may value your idea?This means, they can help you to build a product and all you have do is marketing or designing the products.

During the process, you will learn a lot of things which college or school never teach you. You will know how real-world work and more than that. I would like to tell you the most famous quote.

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has taught.”
~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Build a prototype and draft business plan

Suppose that you have a great business planning. But how can you sure your vision feasible or not. This is why you need prototyping. Prototyping is a very vital beginning step of business planning that allows us to test out the vision feasibility. A lot of people have a different opinion about prototyping. They think that it is for an outfit that makes physical products. It is true, but here I want to add one more thing that does for your future business. it can be a useful website that can be used to collect emails from interested clients. Prototyping means, taking business vision and making it real.

Let’s talk about the draft business plan, it is also an essential step for launching a new business plan. What kind of business plan you are launching? it is totally up to you; it could be informal or formal. Whatsoever, it allows us to crystallize the core components of our business.

Raise funds

it is one of the most important steps without the funds you are can’t even think to do business. So now you have to consider money. To start a business, we need to arrange money. So how would you like to fund the new business plan? However, you can start a business with very little money like bootstrap. This business was developed with no or very little money. It depends upon you what is your business strategy? You could find funding in a different way such as:

  1. You can take lone from Bank or go for SBA (Small Business Administration), it allows you to pay back with interest.
  2. Many new companies approach outside investors who like to invest money in exchange for a stake in the new enterprise’s revenue.
  3. You can use crowdfunding like Kickstarter, in this way you can collect micro-donation to grow business.

Now, you have a question that how to make time to start the business. Because you are already working somewhere and don’t want to mess up with it. well, here I am going to give four tips that will help you to start the business.

Divide your time

I was reading an article about Elion Musk on independent. According to independent, his assistant divides the daily schedule into five slots. If you are organizing your schedule like this, you can keep the focus on time. Suppose that you have only 2 hours to think about the business plan, I would say give first priority. Ignore all those crape like chit chat and getting the side-track. In this way, you will have a very strict daily schedule and can focus on those things, what needs to get done.

You can use the Pomodoro technique to divide time. this technique has a huge impact on people. First, you need to prioritize daily tasks. Then, set the timer for 25 minutes. Always take a 5-minute break during the 25 minutes. After completing 100 minutes, you can take 20 minutes. In this way, you have to focus less and you do work very easily

Don’t waste time on social media

People are getting abdicated by social media. Now you have to get away with it if you really want to make time for business. I know you want to see the news so that you can know what is going on in the market. Well, here you can do what I do. I have downloaded chrome extension news feed Eradicator. It prevents you from getting distracted. Also, if you have a useful website. Try to save the link so that when you get time, you can check them. Suppose that you have found some interesting business tips on the internet. You can take the screenshot and you can see wherever you want. Now you have to figure out, what is the best way you can make time to start the business.

Now you might have a question that what if I am doing internet business. Well, you have to keep in mind this quote

“Social media: don’t use it to impress people, use it to impact on people.”

Get business partner

You can make time by getting a business partner. Having a business partner, you will have two benefits. First, it helps you to delegate some of the workloads to get the all task done. Second, your business partner will make you accountable by forcing you. Because your business partner will assume you to deliver as an equal. Now you may have a question how can I find a business partner. You can find a business partner in a very different way like, you can ask your husband or wife. Or You can ask your colleague to be part of it. again, my advice for everyone, do not think quickly that this man or woman can be my business partner. Otherwise, you won’t make time to start a business. I have read a lot of Robert T Kiyosaki books, here I want to share the quotes.

“Finding business partners is key to success in anything: in business, in marriage especially, in investing.”~ Robert T Kiyosaki

Use your weekends to create a business plan

I know you want to spend quality time with your family that is important for everyone. But you have to manage time like try to relax long hours on Friday night if you want to go dinner with your family. Make the night Friday schedule. I don’t want to say don’t spend time with family. What I want to say try to manage the time. wake up in the morning with new energy and excitement and spend full time on business plan wisely. Your weekend could be boon by the end of the day. Suppose that you are starting an internet business. If this entire weekend you are doing like creating content, posting blogs and ads and automating. that means, you only have a job to process the order and answer the question’s customer. Time management is one of the great skills if you have. You can do so anything you want.

Feel energetic all the time

We have to follow the strategy very strictly, which means, it requires a big effort but without energy. You are not going to give any effort. So, make a healthy daily routine every day as much as possible. Always try to wake in the morning so that you will have time to do meditation. Mediation fills energy in the body. And you can think business plan very easily. Also, find some great speeches that help you stay motivated.

Few more words

I know the majority of people think that all this process super tough. How can we do that here I want to say without taking action you cannot do anything at all. a quote was written by Pablo Picasso.

“Action is the foundation key to all success.”~ Pablo Picasso


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