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Divami Design Labs

Revolutionizing the Future of UX/UI Design

“Our mission is to drive change in the world through technology to build a better future.”

Naveen Puttagunta, Founder & CEO, Divami Design Labs.

Technology is becoming a lifetime experience. UX Design is moving from ‘nice-to-have’ to ‘need-to-have’. Ordinary user experience is no longer tolerable. User Experience design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability and accessibility of the user interface. Achieving a good user experience takes much iteration with constant engagement with the customers. Divami Design Labs is one successful company, serving the UX design industry and understanding customers’ problems.

Divami Design Labs, one of the first & best UX/UI Design firms in India, has been doing their part to make a difference in this space. The journey of Divami Design Labs started around 10 years back in 2008. It is a UX Design Company providing UX Strategy, Interaction Design, UI Design, and UI Development services for Web and Mobile platforms. The company’s desire is to build a top-notch Design Studio and their determination is to be recognized as one of the best globally. The sweat, the exertion, the devotion, the desire, and their hard work paid off.

Today, they are recognized as one of the leading UX/UI design solution provider at the global level. They have been focussing on Digital Transformation, SaaS platforms, Mobile Apps, Enterprise Products and are eager to take on more. They have delivered hundreds of projects, primarily in the US and India, now expanding their horizons to other countries. They are domain agnostic and have delivered user experiences in Finance & Banking, Hospitality, Logistics, Healthcare to name a few. Also, In today’s world, UX/UI development involves several technologies and frameworks across the web and mobile application development space. The company also helps some of their clients, especially the early stage startups, with logos and branding work. They have a development team that focuses exclusively on UI development – for web apps and mobile apps.

Meet the visionary

Mr. Naveen Puttagunta, CEO, Divami Design Labs,

Naveen has 24+ years of experience in the software industry spanning across User Experience and Databases. Before co-founding Divami, he spent several years at Sybase and GoldenGate Software (now Oracle) in senior roles in Product Management and Development. He has a business degree from Indian School of Business (ISB), Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Houston and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from BITS, Pilani.

When Naveen and his team started the company 10 years ago, UX/UI Design was a lesser known space in India. They knew what was coming along… over the last few years, the tech industry has realized the importance of UX/UI Design and it has become paramount to the web and mobile app users. With this huge drift in the market, Divami is looking forward to pioneering Human-Technology Interaction Domain.

Naveen believes that there are a number of technologies on the horizon at different stages of hype cycles that have the potential to fundamentally alter our lives and the industry. He also believes that AR/VR, IoT, and AI are especially worth thinking about from a design perspective, as they will mean a major shift in the way the company approaches interaction with technology.

They also represent significant opportunities for the small-sized companies to go up against industry giants and win. It creates avenues for Divami to establish themselves as a recognized leader early in the cycle with long term benefits. At Divami, they have identified technologies to invest R&D resources, and are actively pursuing towards being geared up and ready. They also believe that sometimes it needs to create opportunities, especially in a new space; therefore, Divami is also working on the ideas that could be the torch-bearers.

Excellence is self-sold

They believe that their work speaks for them, their efforts towards being a part of the clients’ product success story is what brings in faith in them. As quoted by one of their clients, Divamians go beyond the finishing line to deliver conscious designs. They bring life to digital transformation, mobile & web applications, e-commerce, SaaS & Cloud-based platforms & Enterprise Software platforms. Divami’s success comes wholly from the commitment, dedication, and ownership. Most of the company’s hiring is based on fresh grads, and they do get the opportunity to mould youngsters into a culture and work ethics that they value. Whether it is persevering through the 14th iteration of a design or arguing with a client until there is a consensus about what is right for the product, it is this attitude amongst Divami’s team members that impress their clients and makes them respect the company.

Divami’s experience has helped them to lay a successful project execution model with mutual trust and respect amongst the team, willingness to walk the extra mile and to take every step, staying updated with the trends and foreseeing the future” added Naveen Puttagunta.

Race, Research and Development

The cornerstone of UX/UI design lies in the Research & Development, the research for individual projects to understand the needs of the end users, in depth.  Also, to stay ahead in human interaction technology, it is imperative to stay updated with the trends and new insights both in terms of changing technology and evolving consumer behavior.

Naveen Puttagunta further added “Values come first; we own our customers’ problems. We do not believe in doing conventional designs, we aim for out of the box. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we do not mind back and forth iteration to provide the best to the customers. We have a very strong design & development team that allows us to take up design projects (for mobile or web applications) independent of who develops the application. While our development team can build great mobile or web applications based on specifications, our strength in UX design allows us to work with the customer from concept stage and take the app through its full lifecycle.”

They also collaborate with customer development teams whose core competency is server-side to bring out complete mobile or web applications that have a fantastic UI/UX to them. Divami is a pioneer in Enterprise Software Design & UI Development, and most of their portfolio comprises of Enterprise Software and products for SAAS & cloud platforms.

Divami’s success comes wholly from the commitment, dedication and ownership of their key driver; employees. It is this attitude amongst Divami’s team members that impress their clients and makes them respect the company.


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