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Moving Ahead as An Endpoint Protection Champion

“The knock-on effect of a data breach can be devastating for a company. When customers start taking their business and their money-elsewhere, that can be a real body blow”, states Christopher Graham, ELT consultant, trainer, writer, and speaker. He is UKbased but operates globally.

Of the same opinion, Britney Hommertzheim, asserts, “As cyber security leaders, we have to create our message of influence because security is a culture and you need the business to take place and be part of that security culture.” Britney could be said to be associated with cyber operations.

Yes, cyber security is a hot topic for years.

Founded in 1999 and currently headed by Anton Kreuzer and Axel Kettenring, the company calls itself ‘The Endpoint Protection Champion’. As said, DriveLock deals in Cloud-based endpoint and data security.

This expertise of its has made it eligible for our upcoming edition 10 Most Cutting-Edge Digital Transformation Solutions Provider 2021.

Started in Munich, Germany in 1999, DriveLock has developed itself as one of the leading international specialists for Cloud-based endpoint and data security with its offices and representatives in Germany, Australia, Singapore, the Middle East, and the USA. DriveLock markets its solutions through channels in the Asia-Pacific and has a strong partner base in India.

In the digital transformation era, the success of businesses depends on how reliably people, businesses, and services are protected against cyber attacks and the loss of valuable data. DriveLock’s mission is to protect the company’s data, devices, and systems. To achieve this, it utilizes state-of-the-art technology, works with experienced security experts, and devises solutions based on the Zero Trust model. In today’s security architecture, Zero Trust means a paradigm shift according to the maxim “Never trust, always verify”. This way, data can be reliably protected even in modern business models.

DriveLock, an IT security company formed in Germany, aims at protecting against cyber attacks and the loss of valuable data.

According to Kreuzer, DriveLock in five words is Zero Trust for Endpoint Protection or Cloud-based End Point Protection.

Kreuzer believes, “Digital transformation now affects all companies, e.g. healthcare sector, hospitals, public authorities, industrial production. This results in great opportunities like telemedicine, digital government processes, and also completely new value creation models. It is a really exciting space to be in. However, in times of digital transformation, the success of companies depends to a large extent on how reliably people, companies, and services are protected against cyber attacks and the loss of valuable data. After all, threats and attacks are no longer physical in nature but take place digitally. IT security measures are especially needed to guard against this.”

The customers are accompanied in the implementation of their IT security strategy. Digitalization and IT security go hand-in-hand, as digitalized processes are also threatened by digital attack vectors.

Cyber Criminals are Targeting Businesses of All Sizes – That’s Why DriveLock also Caters to Small as well as Large Ventures. Companies of different sizes also have different challenges. As per DriveLock, “Medium-sized companies often do not have the resources and skilled workers to implement IT security measures holistically. In particular, they often have problems finding and employing skilled security specialists as these people are rare. This shortage means that mediumsized companies have to compete with large enterprises in trying to acquire the limited talent available.”

DriveLock makes a difference by offering security as a service with its endpoint protection solutions as managed security from the Cloud. Companies can have their IT solutions managed by a service provider. DriveLock offers multi-layered security that is immediately available and economically efficient with low investment costs.

“We get you started by providing a standard safety profile to allow production companies to start protecting their endpoint devices with immediate effect. Later on, we can then upgrade this to a comprehensive, fully configured security profile based on the respective solution modules.”

DriveLock provides a holistic security service:

  • Hosting of the complete solution
  • Management by experienced security experts
  • Security standards tailored to individual requirements

Alternatively, if you have a large number of terminal devices, operation at your premises is possible.

The ready-to-go security service allows you to work efficiently and economically:

  • Low investment costs
  • No need for your infrastructure or 3rd party software
  • Subscription model based on the number of devices


  • DriveLock’s solutions support required guidelines and requirements including EUDSGVO, BSI requirements, ISO 2700x, and HIPAA
  • The EAL3+ certificate also means DriveLock is able to work with government and education bodies


  • With DriveLock, all your security elements can be managed from a singular, central point, where only a single agent is required on the end devices. This saves a tremendous number of resources and avoids any incompatibility issues.

With most people working from home now, there has been an even greater need for cyber security as the pandemic has seen a dramatic rise in cyber attacks. However, mid-sized companies typically don’t have the infrastructure and/or resources required in this transition to a work-from-home setup. So, DriveLock has stepped in by offering special prices on its cloud-based managed services to help these companies with their cyber security. DriveLock has also helped to educate and support new and existing customers through hosting many new virtual events like webinars, virtual “coffee talks”, as well as a virtual wine tasting event.

The product managers lead the pace by always keeping an ear in the market, and listening to the problems and challenges that the customers have been experiencing. Once, a customer wanted a feature where security awareness was to be available to his users in the long term; Then, the company came up with a security awareness library. This feature has benefitted the customer tremendously throughout the pandemic.

Additionally, the position of Head of Strategy & Vision has been created recently to ensure innovation.

The experienced founder is of the thinking that the employees are their biggest asset and therefore, they value every contribution they make to the team. They recruit great minds with the right attitude and let them do their work without micro-managing their actions. With this, everyone in the team is free to unleash their creative potential and bring unique perspectives and ideas to the table, which is what allows DriveLock to stay innovative and ahead of its competitors.

Kreuzer proudly says, “We have a very cohesive team with a friendly environment that allows team members to support each other at all times. Leadership is also relaxed enough to allow anyone to raise new ideas and suggestions. Everyone is treated equally and with respect, from the CEO to the intern. I believe there should be no barriers at all on individual expression – this is what sparks creativity.

The DriveLock Device Control and Application Control solutions are Common Criteria EAL3+ certified. This internationally recognized certification attests to the high trustworthiness and security standard of the DriveLock Agent 2019.2 based on a specified set of configurations.

‘Cyber Security – Solutions & Services Germany 2021’ market survey by a technology consulting company ISG named DriveLock as the Leader in the ‘Data Leakage/Loss Prevention and Data Security’ segment.

‘Professional User Rating Security Solutions 2021 (PUR-S)’, a user survey by an analyst firm, techconsult, positioned DriveLock as the Champion in the category endpoint protection among 32 IT solution providers and their solutions in Germany, based on votes of 2000 user companies.

Awarded in TOP 100 Innovators three times from 2008 to 2018; most recently in 2017 and 2018.


  • Several million managed endpoints in 30 different countries
  • Customer environments with over 180,000 managed endpoints

The visionary wants to witness the company as one of the leading international IT Solutions providers in DACH, EMEA, Nordics, APAC, and the USA.

Kreuzer is quite confident to convey the message, “Don’t skimp on IT security. The question is not whether you will be attacked, but only when? Take action now before it’s too late.” This is meant for the readers and young entrepreneurs.

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