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Dubai Home Maintenance Company Shares Expert Energy-Saving Advice

Dubai Home Maintenance Company Shares Expert Energy-Saving Advice

A Dubai home maintenance company is helping Dubai householders save money on their air conditioning and energy bills this summer.  A series of expert tips by We Will Fix It explains how electricity usage can be cut without any compromise to living standards, even in the hottest of weather conditions.

We Will Fix It is well known in the Dubai area for its air conditioning expertise. Their latest advice is meant to help homeowners and renters reduce their energy expenditure.

This series of tips is inspired by the latest campaign from the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).

DEWA recently launched their ‘Make Smart Summer Choices Your Habit’ promotion which aims to arm Dubai citizens with money-saving tips and encourage everyone to save energy. We Will Fix It’s expert tips reflect the maintenance company’s industry knowledge on how people can get even greater savings on anything air conditioning related.

Combatting the summer heat can be costly

With the sweltering temperatures of summer in the Middle East, air conditioning units are a must-have appliance in Dubai. Most households in the city use AC units to maintain a comfortable temperature in their homes so that activities like sleeping, relaxing and working from home can be as pleasant as possible, no matter the temperature outside.

Using an AC can come with costly energy bills which may be hard-hitting given the current cost of living crisis.

A report by Mercer recently identified several aspects of life in Dubai that have become significantly more expensive in the last year. These include supermarket goods and food, transportation and leisure costs, so keeping energy costs low has never been more important.

Dubai householders should take time to optimise temperatures

With smart or programmable thermostats, it’s easy to reduce the energy bills in every home, according to We Will Fix It.

Maintaining a temperature of around 24℃ when people are home is recommended as the most energy efficient number within a comfortable temperature range for the human body. As a general rule, energy costs increase by 5% every time the AC temperature is reduced by 1℃, says the provider of home maintenance services in Dubai.

When the property is unoccupied during the day or when residents are away on a trip, this temperature can be increased to around 27-28℃. This will ensure that humidity levels stay low enough so mould, odours and stagnant air do not become a problem.

Tips to cut Dubai AC bills

If you’re ready to enjoy savings on your energy consumption, consider these tips focused on air conditioning this summer.

First of all, the company recommends replacing any AC units that are in disrepair or older than ten years. In Dubai, many buildings have been around for more than a decade and may never have had a replacement AC fitted.

A representative of We Will Fix It said, ‘We happen to know that high numbers of these properties are currently experiencing issues, not only with breakdowns but also combatting higher-than-necessary energy bills. It is no coincidence that requests for full property AC replacements have been increasing steadily in the last couple of years, and we have seen pretty much everything there is to see when it comes to these ageing systems.’

Secondly, We Will Fix It suggests that AC units be kept in the best possible condition. These should be cleaned and serviced regularly. Doing so will mean that the AC always operates as effectively as possible. For example, the compressor will operate efficiently and, therefore, run for shorter periods, saving money.

Maximum airflow and dehumidification are achieved by a clean AC operator coil.  A dirty filter can add 15% to the cost of running an AC and there are a whole host of other parts which also need to be cleaned and serviced to achieve operational efficiency.

How to maintain cooler temperatures

Once a property is cooled to the preferred temperature, some steps can be taken to lengthen the periods before the AC is needed again.

According to We Will Fix It, taking some simple precautions like using blackout curtains and blinds and using cheaper-to-run ceiling and pedestal fans alongside an AC will minimise the load on the more expensive-to-run air conditioning unit.

It is also recommended that any air gaps around windows, doors, or other openings are filled with an appropriate sealant to prevent cool air from escaping and warm air from entering.

We Will Fix It’s representative said, ‘These measures are simple, yet they can be well worth implementing, as anything that keeps your indoor areas cooler will assist in reducing the load on your AC and, in turn, your spending on electricity’.

About We Will Fix It

Aside from providing AC cleaning and servicing, We Will Fix It offers a range of essential maintenance, home renovation, and handyman services in Dubai, including electrical and plumbing work, painting and decorating, and water tank cleaning. The company was launched by British expats in 2008 and is now Dubai’s largest independent maintenance company. It has now completed more than 180,000 jobs for over 40,000 satisfied customers.

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