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Eagle Technology, Inc.

Eagle Technology, Inc.

Steering to a radiant future with its tech-penchant

This inside story depicts the innovative streak of Eagle Technology, Inc. under the stewardship of its Founder-President— Harshad Shah and VP of Business Development — Harry Kohal. Business Connect got an opportunity to arrange a virtual meet with the two leading figures, we came across some exemplary business as well as technical insights, steering the operations of the company efficaciously. Harshad established his venture in 1987 after attaining extensive experience in manufacturing automation while working with industry giants like Honeywell and Ford Motor Company.

Whereas Harry joined Harshad’s endeavour in 2006 to bring his 35 years of IT expertise into play. Undeniably, in the conversation, the duo unveils several aspects of the organisation that gave us some food for thought which we believe will also fascinate our readers!

Having been working for over 30 years in several industries, Eagle has developed as well as improved a Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions “Proteus MMX”. This flagship product can easily boost productivity, reduce cost while maintaining compliance all across the web and mobileenabled software. As a cloudhosted, NextGen computerized maintenance management solution, Proteus MMX is laced with all the conventional solutions, preventive maintenance scheduling, work orders and asset management that are perfectly blended with the latest digital trends like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Artificial Intelligence Integration, and IoT system connectivity.

Keeping innovation, support and partnerships at the core of its business values, Eagle is ceaselessly evolving the manner of maintenance for the organisations. “By turning data into insight we help customers maximize return on investment,” claim the luminaries. All of their web-based enterprise Asset Management and Computerized Maintenance Management Software as a Service (SaaS) are the results of their innovative zeal whereas their business philosophy is fixated on customers attaining best practices, while experiencing better services that will stimulate building better communities, eventually. Moreover, the company’s robust partnerships with its customers as well as organisation at the global level have allowed it to recognize the latest industry trends and add substance to this direction via multi-cloud strategies.

As per the VP of Business Development, Covid has made the supply of procuring parts a nightmare due to a sudden boom in the cost, disrupting the whole supply chain. In this direction, the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) within Proteus MMX that forecasts Preventive Maintenance (PM) part usage has proved to be quite beneficial for many of its clients. This feature enables forecasting of the required parts every 90, 180, or 365 days. Within their multi-facility view, seeking the equipment parts and procurement can be seen in facilities as well as when they were last used.

Apart from this, nowadays organisations are facing some complicated challenges such as equipment sophistication, parts lead times, regulatory and competitive standards, decreasing labour and skill availability leading to equipment failures, missing supplies, and tighter margins. But, utilizing Proteus MMX, they can seamlessly move from fire-fighting to predictive maintenance using inspection data capturing capabilities along with establishing a real-time connection with the factory facility or building management system.

Proteus MMX is incorporated with traditional as well as new-age features that can support its clients of all sizes. What ensures its leading edge in the market is that it has in- built ability to integrate with edge devices, building management systems, accounting, and ERP solutions, and other best-of-breed solutions based on specific client needs.

The fundamental pointers that allow the product stand out are Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), Service Requests, ArcGIS, Inspections, Machine Ledger, AI Chatbot. It also syncs with the rising demand of Internet of Things (IoT) services and help businesses harness the power of data source. Moreover, their in house engineering/ development team helps in cost optimization alongside bringing the great variety of features to the products in line with their customizable services. And putting major focus on aggressive innovation, they intend to develop new strategies that revamp the industry for good.

Owing to the R&D and analytics, the company has realized never to underestimate project complexity and overestimate team productivity. Depending on its incessant R&D process, the company is able to evaluate as well as benchmark the productivity achieved on completed projects alongside laying a solid performance baseline, generating more accurate plans, and allocating the appropriate resources for new projects.

In conjunction with R&D, technology penchant of the company has allowed it to address major pain points across the space. From building a robust shield against high risk security breaches or malicious human errors, technology can allow any company navigate through any hardship in best possible manner. And when it comes to real- time Data Analytics Reporting, Eagle heavily depends on statistical modelling and machine learning to supervise every business operation or formulate any strategic decision for future happenings. It also realizes the fact that every industry has different requirements, ergo, it provides consulting services to bring out the best practices, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) requirements review, and custom KPI’s.

Throughout its phenomenal journey, the company has wellrecognized the prominence of an adept and dedicated workforce for it continues success. And the major credit for its success goes to its unique ideology that openly accepts the strengths as well as weaknesses in terms of skill- sets of the employees. The management endorses their best of the capabilities while improving their weak points. In this regard, the leader quotes, “Steve Jobs once said— it doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

And one of the best aspects of Eagle’s business model is its remote working ideology that is not new to any of its employees, partners or contractors. Being an eminent SaaS provider, Eagle has to establish a steadfast customer- management system that can allow its growth from different geographic locations, hence, work from home has been part of their culture way before the pandemic hit the world. That is why they’ve always ensured to hire employees that have strong time management skills and the ability to follow written procedures while sitting miles away, cites Harry.

IIoT has become a revolutionary technology that portrays perfect example of how swiftly technology can transform any business model. Though year 2020 lagged in utilizing it to its fullest, the upcoming years can speak its magnitude as it allows to promote preventive and predictive maintenance, providing repair information based on predetermined situations and criteria.

“When most of the manufacturing plants rely on programmable controllers from Rockwell, Siemens, etc. this information can be automatically and instantly fed into Proteus MMX to be monitored, analyzed and reacted to,” quotes Harshad

Today, Eagle takes immense pride to be in sync with the tech trends as a SaaS provider with three decades of experience. And now, they will be focused on IIoT to excel in meeting customer demands.

When asked to reveal the organizational efficiency techniques for perfect workflows, the founder states that it is a continual process. Here, the team constantly analyse “what” is being done well and “what” opportunities are available. Based on it, they evaluate their market position and accordingly prioritize their daily agendas, while making sound decisions.

This exceptional organisational flow has allowed Eagle to build prolonged relationships and partnerships with industry leaders like Johnson Controls who utilize the company’s products infused with their in-house solutions to make a difference. Hence, Proteus MMX has been rewarded as well as recognized by several software reference agencies, since its inception.

While businesses are thriving on so many 3rd Party Software and turning towards streamlined integrated processes, the company has a gateway of opportunities to facilitate the digital transformation for the businesses. For which the team strives to offer a comprehensive as well as powerful platform that is cloud-hosted and can integrate with in-house processes effortlessly, affirms the Vice President.

“Knowledge is the source of all sustainable competitive advantages. There will always be competitors, but using the knowledge gained through research, experience and our customers we are able to make sure our product and service meet the demand.”

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