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Easebuzz Pvt. Ltd.

Easebuzz Pvt. Ltd.

Redefining the Digital World with Tech-Driven Payment Solutions

Business Connect Magazine has a marvelous history of featuring top-notch business ventures of the commercial realm in its portfolio. Here again, we welcome our global readership panel with an inspiring tale of one of the leading payment platforms of the digital world-Easebuzz Pvt. Ltd. Our leadership team had a joyful interacting session with the CEO and MD Rohit Prasad, who shared some interesting facts about the journey till here. He also provided us with some valuable nuggets that we are excited to share through this fascinating read. We truly hope and desire that this read will add some value to our readers’ lives and will motivate the upcoming business enthusiasts.

Easebuzz is a payment platform introduced by the founders to solve all the digital payment-related issues with the most accurate solutions. The software-enabled platform is accurately designed created to solve problems revolving around the “collection mechanism” keeping in mind the needs and wants of both small and emerging businesses. Highlighting some excellent features of the platform, Rohit affirms, “Easebuzz as a complete word has “Ease” which is aimed to ease collections and “Buzz” as a verb means to move quickly.

We have directed our focus towards growing businesses in India where Easebuzz acts as a “technology partner” for digital payment collections available at one single place. Easebuzz has solved growing businesses’ problems by building a software platform embedded with payments infrastructure.”

Moreover, there is a wide range of top-notch features the platform possess, but Rohit explained that the premium architecture of the platform has been defined as:

  • BridgeBuzz – Marketplaces or businesses in the franchisee model need to split payments into multiple parts to pay vendors from customers’ transactions. BridgeBuzz will automatically track split configuration, batch earnings to payouts and will have an autoreconciliation for both vendors and marketplace.
  • Smart Billing – It is an “easy to use” invoicing solution, where businesses can add any number of line items, send emails and SMS from the console and manage metered usage of products through customized subscription plans. Subscription-based businesses use this software to manage recurring collections and have reconciliations at the same place. Manage split payments, coupons, offers, all in the same software.

The CEO further adds, “Distributors alongside manufacturers and retailers can reach our platform and avail the benefits of collections through invoices and make payouts through our virtual account set-up. Collections, corresponding to the invoices from retailer to distributor, can be adjusted for products that are being used as batch processing on bulk invoices with discount features is available. Easebuzz is a platform created to bring workflows for the collection economy. We have enabled a payables mechanism to allow businesses to make payouts through virtual accounts so that vendors, drivers, or manufacturers can get funds on time with reconciliation automated on each product over the platform.”

Rohit has completed his Engineering from ITM, Gurugram in 2005 and further studies from the Maharshi Dayanand (MDU) in the same year. He started his career by joining Tata Consultancy Services as an Assistant Engineer and continued in the financial realm. Enlightening us with his entrepreneurship journey, He asserted,

“I was working on a middleware technology called “TIBCO” that was aimed to establish data consistency between varied ERP systems of one of the world’s largest private sector banks. I also worked in TCS for 3.5 years from Dec 2005 till May 2009 and went full time for my Masters in Business Administration from Symbiosis International University in 2011. My major subjects were Finance, Marketing, and Information Technology”

In the year 2017, Rohit with his team launched Easebuss with a single product in its portfolio and gradually scaled with multiple acquiring banks and merchants. At present, the venture is among the largest payment aggregates in India, supporting over 50k merchants, and is equipped with an industrialist team of 140+ members.

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